How to choose the appropriate dates when buying them?

There are many varieties of popular dates in most countries in the world. The dates are also very popular in Russia.

The application of dates in the kitchen is very diverse: the nuts are used in food as prepared sweets, while frescoes are used to prepare second dishes, salads, jams, jams, juices, sugar, flour, pastry and desserts.

Description of dates

The dates are the small fruits of the datile palm, bone compounds, pulp and hard skin. Apparently, dates resemble berries, although officially they are treated as fruit, dates pulp is soft and sweet.

In the Russian Federation, dates are usually supplied in the form of dried fruit, but even dried retain all their useful properties at the same level as fresh fruits.

Useful dates properties

The dates are extremely rich in essential amino acids, vitamins of group B, C, E, K, PP, Macroelements (Magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus) and oligoelements (iron, copper, selenium, fluoride), omega 3 and omega6.

Due to their rich composition, dates have many beneficial properties:

Health benefits stand out, such as:

  • They eliminate stomach acidity thanks to their glutamic acid content;
  • They have antioxidant and carcinogenic properties
  • reinforce the immune system
  • reduce the risk of heart attack;
  • normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, improves mental performance;
  • They have an antiparasitic effect and are included in the diet in the treatment of amebiasis and giardiasis;
  • Reduce the risk of stomach and intestine cancer;
  • Contribute to the purification of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Improve vision, relieve eye fatigue;
  • Increase blood circulation, normalize arterial hypertension
  • Normalize blood cholesterol levels
  • increase hemoglobin;
  • Strengthen hair and nails;
  • give elasticity and smoothness to the skin
  • increase power;
  • strengthen uterine muscles, facilitating childbirth;
  • Improve psych o-emotional wel l-being after childbirth.

The dates are essential for overweight people: a handful of dates can easily replace a complete meal without damaging the silhouette.

Where do dates come from?

The dates grow in the tropical and subtropical regions of Western Asia and North Africa, from where they are exported to everyone.

In the Russian Federation, the dates are imported from Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Israel, South Africa and Algeria.

How are dates to keep more time?

Unfortunately, due to the distance from cultivation areas, dates are usually treated to increase their useful life:

  • Soak in sugar or glucose syrup: dates treated in this way are not harmful to the body, but their caloric content and sweetness increase considerably;
  • fat or glycerin treatment;
  • Sulfur dioxide – it is used more often to treat other nuts, but some producers are also wrong with dates.

Datiles without treatment and matured by themselves are rare in our counters, and are usually a higher price category.

How to choose the right dates to obtain the greatest benefit?

You can know if the dates are ripe and have been slightly treated by the following indications:

  • The color of dates should be uniform dark brown;
  • They must have a matte surface and be whole and not rigid;
  • Datiles dried naturally have smooth and cracks; If they have been dried in an oven, the skin emerges and the dates are very dark, they have a roasted and sticky flavor: they stick to the teeth when chewing them;
  • Wrinkled and fermented fruits: these are poorly drying dates that have remained outdoors for quite some time;
  • The sticky and sugar crystals indicate that they have been processed with syrup;
  • Datiles treated with fat have a bright surface and fat can easily feel with the fingers;
  • Never buy dates with mold remains on the skin.

It is believed that boneless dates are treated less frequently and contain more nutrients than dates without pepites. The same theory applies to all other nuts with seeds.

How to make sure that dates have not been prosecuted?

The dates that have not been treated will have a smooth surface, not sticky and without brightness. Dry dates must be wrinkled but without cracks.

Should we wash dates?

Before consuming them, dates should be washed thoroughly, since during transport some dust and dirt are deposited in them. Especially processed dates should be washed to eliminate chemical substances and sticky sugar layer, which is an ideal crop broth for pathogenic bacteria.

You have to know how to wash dates correctly because they are very absorbent and this can give them a very unpleasant appearance and flavor.

Important: dates should not be washed in hot water; The boiling water cracks the thick skin of the fruit and boils the pulp. These dates are not suitable for consumption.

  1. The first thing to do when you buy dates is to classify them and remove spoiled fruit.
  2. Wash the dates in a strainer under a jet of cold water. It is better to wash the fruit in small batches, paying special attention to bright dates.
  3. Clarify dates with ice water after washing them.
  4. It is better to dry the dates on a paper towel and cover them with another layer of towel. The longer they dry, the better.

Once dry, you can remove the nuggets.

What is the correct way to eat dates?

Despite the rich composition and the many useful properties of dates, it is necessary to know how to eat them correctly, not to damage the body.

For example, we must not eat dates and citrus (oranges, lemons, etc.) at the same time: carbohydrates, which are rich in dates, in combination with acidic fruits can cause serious stomach discomfort.

In addition, the dates take a long time to digest in the stomach, so it is not advisable to eat them at night. You also have to eat them in excessive quantities: their excessive consumption can slow down the gastrointestinal tract, which can cause constipation.

Important: fructose intolerance, kidney disease and urolithiasis are contraindications for the use of dates; With caution, diabetes, peptic ulcer and other inflammatory processes of the digestive system.

Even in the absence of contraindications in one day it is recommended to eat no more than 10 dates – this amount is sufficient for adults and children to obtain maximum benefit.

The best way to store them

If they are going to be stored for a long time, it is advisable to put the dates in a wel l-closed container and store them in the refrigerator to avoid absorbing strange odors.

If the dates are going to be stored for a short time, it is enough to put them in a hermetic container/container and save them in a dark and fresh place.

Important: dates must be rinsed and cleared before saving them.


Many people refuse to buy nuts due to their processing. Knowing how to choose dates and how to wash them and keep them correctly, you can surely enjoy these wonderful fruits without fear of damaging the body.

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