How to eat dates with or without skin

The fruit of the datile palm is better known as dry dates. This nutritious product of rich composition constitutes the basis of the diet of the Longes, as well as those who exclude industrial sweets from their food. Datiles can be eaten alone as dessert and also add to porridge, cakes or salads. These fruits can be consumed by all in moderation.


The dates have a very rich composition. They contain K vitamins, A, folic acid, as well as large amounts of potassium (696 mg per 100 g of product), calcium (64 mg), phosphorus (62 mg) and magnesium (54 mg).

Such composition determines the benefits of fruit:

  1. Beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Guarantees the proper functioning of the heart muscle. Clean the blood vessels of cholesterol plates. Eliminates excess liquid from the body, relieves swelling. It contributes to the prevention of myocardial infarctions and strokes.
  2. Beneficial effect on the work of the intestines. They soften the feces, contribute to a soft purification of the intestines. They are a natural remedy against constipation. They contribute to prevention of intestinal cancer.
  3. They contribute to the strengthening of teeth and bones.
  4. Normalize the operation of the nervous system. They reduce muscle spasms and cramps. They reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue, eliminate insomnia.

Dates successfully replace sugar and products that contain sugar in the diet of those who lose weight. However, although the consumption of nuts is healthier than that of industrial sweets, it is necessary to observe moderation due to the high caloric content of the dates.

Reference. The consumption of 5-7 nuts by women every day for 2 weeks before menstruation can relieve menstrual pain.

How to eat dates correctly

The fruit of the dates is traditionally used in the kitchen for dietary recipes. The high sugar content and the viscous and fibrous consistency of the dates allow to replace not only sugar, but even flour and eggs in recipes.

Dry dates are also used in traditional medicine to treat constipation, anemia, hypertension and cough.

Should we wash the dates before eating them?

Any dried fruit should always be washed before eating it. When transported from warm countries, the fruit is usually treated with a special gas, which prevents it from spoiling early. In addition, the consumer ignores the conditions in which the fruit was collected and where it was stored before reaching the supermarket counter.

Here’s how to wash dates correctly:

  1. Take out the fruit from the bag, put it in a strainer and first submers it in warm running water.
  2. Put some fruit cleaner or baby soap in a sponge and slightly rub the fruit.
  3. Clarify the soap with warm running water.
  4. Finally, rinse the dry fruit again with clean or filtered clean water.
  5. Extend the dates on a dry towel and let them dry.

How to choose dates

The first thing to pay attention to choosing these nuts in the store is its appearance.

It is worth giving preference to this type of fruits:

  • They have no damage or cracks on the surface;
  • The skin is matte and not sticky, of medium brown (which means they have dried without any chemical treatment);
  • They have a seed (in this case they have suffered a minimum treatment).

Note. It is better not to buy dates without bone, since during their production they are usually kept in sweet syrup, which considerably increases the caloric value of this product already sweet and decreases its usefulness.

How to keep dates at home?

The best conservation conditions:

  • A transparent glass container, such as a jar or a cup with lid;
  • A dark and fresh place (refrigerator).

It is not advisable to save the dehydrated fruit in plastic bags, plastic containers or containers purchased in the store. In this case, its useful life will be reduced considerably.

Do the dates look or loosen up?

Due to its high dietary fiber content (6. 7 g per 100 g of product) dates are laxatives. They are used successfully as laxative for constipation.

Information sometimes it is enough to eat 4-5 fruits to deal with constipation, so it does not eat dates in excess, otherwise you can have diarrhea.

Caloric content of dates

Dates, like all nuts, are very caloric products due to the large amount of carbohydrates in their composition. Its caloric value is, on average, about 250 kcal per 100 grams, but can reach 280 kcal. Such nutritious food is included in diets for people with low weight.

Those who follow a low carbohydrate diet or control the sugar intake level should remember that this fruit contains many carbohydrates: 75 g per 100 grams of product.

Important: dates have a high glycemic index, which means that their consumption can cause a strong increase in blood sugar levels.

Number of dates, which can be eaten by healthy adults physical person is no more than 10 dates per day.

Who are dates for which they are contraindicated

Dates, especially in large quantities, should not be consumed if the following diseases are suffered

  • Obesity;
  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases in acute phase (especially colitis, diarrhea, flatulence)
  • kidney diseases;
  • presence of inflammation in the mouth (caries, periodontitis).

Dates should be used with caution:

  1. Infant mothers. Products high in fiber can cause colic in babies and sweet nuts can cause allergies.
  2. Pregnant women, especially in the 1st quarter. Meteorism due to the consumption of nuts can cause an increase in tone. However, moderate dates consumption is very useful because of its high folic acid content.

Can children get dates?

The dates, like any other dry fruit, must be introduced into a child’s diet gradually:

  1. Give him dates from 1 year old. Starting dates is better with dates puree (pure fresh fruit maccated with a fork) or compote (pouring warm water over the chopped pulp and letting stand for approximately one hour).
  2. As soon as the child has at least 8-10 teeth, he can chew the soft fruit.
  3. From the age of 2 you can add pieces of dates to oatmeal or to baker products.

IMPORTANT: When you enter your child dry fruit for the first time, take the necessary precautions:

  1. Do not give fruit with bones.
  2. Give your child only fresh and well washed fruit.
  3. When it feeds a small child, give preference to the soft fruit of matte surface.
  4. It does not give more than 1-2 teaspoons of dates pulp for the first time, since any new product can cause an allergic reaction or other individual body reaction.
  5. Do not let your son eat too much dry fruit. This can cause cramps and liquid depositions.
  6. After eating dates you have to brush the child’s teeth, since the viscous sweet pulp, being a long time in the enamel of the teeth, can cause decoys.

Thus, dates are a universal healthy food, which relieves many diseases: strengthens the heart and blood vessels, improves immunity, strengthens teeth and bones, normalizes blood pressure and eliminates constipation. The main rule is moderation when eating dates. If they eat in small portions, nuts will only provide benefits to the body.

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