How water helps to lose

Overweight is a very current problem today and there are many ways to fight it. Probably, all those who have studied this issue know that one of the ways of getting rid of the extra kilos is simply drinking water!

It is another modern trend among those who wish to lose weight, which has been collected quite actively by nutritionists. And although many people know this other beneficial property of this resource, not all are familiar with the exact way of drinking water, what amounts and how it contributes to weight loss.

How water loss affects

Many have probably wondered if water really helps us lose weight. The explanation of this unusual property is quite simple: 4 water molecules are needed to decompose 1 fat molecule.

If water is missing, weight loss slows considerably. In addition, there are many other properties of this substance that make it so effective to lose weight

Increased calorie consumption

Even small regular water sips can significantly accelerate metabolic reactions in the body. Protein synthesis and fat decomposition take place in an aqueous environment. It has been proven that the less water is drinking, the more the metabolism slows down, which leads to a greater accumulation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Reduce calorie intake

There are statistics that show that a person who drinks a glass of water before meals consumes less calories. Water also fills the stomach and can significantly prolong the feeling of satiety after eating.


Often, when a person has a little hunger, he immediately tries to eat an abundant snack. Sometimes, however, even appetite swelling may be due to lack of water. Therefore, after drinking a glass of water, disappears immediately.

Clean the body of toxins

The whole world has probably heard of the days of detoxification, during which it is advisable to drink above all water. It is not surprising, because this substance is an excellent absorbent, that is, it eliminates toxins.

Do not drink enough water affects the proper functioning of the kidneys and, consequently, to the way in which the body gets rid of metabolic waste products.

Normalization of the digestive process

Water is excellent support for the natural functioning of digestion. As already said, in the absence of water there is no chemical reaction, as well as the digestion process.

It is no secret that the stomach more easily digest liquid foods than solids, so many of us instinctively seek water for a copious meal.

Increased skin tone

Irregular alcohol consumption patterns can cause a very unpleasant problem with stretch marks and flaccid skin. The tense structure of the main components of the skin, collagen and elastin, requires a certain amount of humidity.

Do not forget that creams and masks hydrate the skin only up to 20%; The rest is done from inside drinking regularly.

How to consume water correctly

If you decide to lose weight with water, you should only use pure water without impurities. This means that the different types of lemonades, juices, milk, yogurts, kvas and compotes will only increase the appetite of the person due to the sugar content they contain. You must use bottled water that does not need to be boiled or filtered.

Do not drink a liter of water once and wait to have begun to definitely lose weight. It is better to drink water to little sips throughout the day than at once. The most pleasant temperature for drinking water is between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius. Water too cold can hinder metabolism and have unpleasant side effects in the form of throat pain. Water too hot irritates the stomach and can cause gastritis or ulcers.

Lose weight

Let’s look at all the ways in which water can help you get rid of those extra kilos. Its composition and added state allow many nutritionists and aestheticists to use water as a tool to lose weight, since the range of consumers of relevant services is simply huge

Water diet

To be fair, it is impossible not to mention the ingestion of water to lose weight. However, let’s consider a water diet now, that is, when the water is not simply drink intuitively throughout the day, but its consumption is strictly specified by the appropriate amount and time of intake.

You should not make this diet for a long time. It can last 3, 5 or 7 days when you feel you want to lose more kilos or clean your body. The essence of the diet is that the consumption of caloric foods is minimized and water consumption is increased to 3 liters per day.

Keep in mind that each organism is also specific and you must calculate the amount of water necessary for your body depending on your weight, physiological characteristics, lifestyle and the like to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Water diet for 3 days does not include virtually no food. It can help you quickly eliminate the extra kilos if, for example, you are preparing for an important event. Diet for 5 days or more already implies eating some foods, but you have to take into account the following:

  • Excludes sweet, flour and salty foods, soft drinks and alcohol.
  • Menus should consist of three meals: breakfast, food and dinner.
  • Take a glass of water when getting up and half a glass before each meal and before bedtime.
  • If you are hungry between meals, drink water.
  • It is better not to perform strenuous physical activities in those days.


Water is not the only thing that can help you lose weight if you drink it orally. If you want to lose weight, it’s easy: go swimming. It is known that in 40 minutes of swimming, a person burns about 350 kcal.

If it is not known to swim, calories are burned equally, since the mere fact of being in the water, maintaining balance, even trying to swim, makes our body spend energy. In addition, swimming helps fight cellulite, improves posture, stylizes the figure and, finally, relieves nerve tension and helps order thoughts.

Aquatic treatments

Water, with its warmth and fluidity, is in close contact with the human body, which makes it the perfect environment for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments.

Thus, the rapid change in water temperature submits the body to a slight stress, which activates blood circulation, improves body tone and strengthens tissues, especially skin. This treatment is called a contrast shower and has long been a secret of beauty and body reaffirmation for some girls.

Another beneficial use of water is the shower, specifically the Charcot shower. A high pressure water jet is aimed at a part of the body that needs an active massage. The proven Charcot shower is a magical combination that will activate the lymphatic system and work on those areas that have suffered laxity and cellulite.

Taking therapeutic baths can have a beneficial effect on the body.

  • Aromatic baths with various essential oils are excellent for tone, stimulate metabolism and rejuvenate the skin.
  • A bath in natural salts or artificially produced is called mineral bath. They soften and soften the skin instantly, normalize metabolism and have a soothing effect on the skin
  • A pearl or hydromassage bath works as follows: oxygen bubbles rise from the bathtub bottom and provide a soft hydromassage effect.


You have to be cautious with drinking water inside and applying its physical properties abroad. For example, drinking water too frequently, much more than the daily human norm, can be as dangerous as dehydration. This overloads the kidneys, eliminates salts and minerals from the body and causes swelling.

High temperature in contrast showers and therapeutic baths is contraindicated for people with alterations of cardiovascular, nervous and thermoregulator systems. It does not immediately start the shower procedure with a high temperature, since it can seriously increase blood pressure or burn body skin. Before carrying out such procedures, you must ensure that there are no contraindications for you


Statistically, in most cases, people trying to lose weight with water are satisfied. The disadvantage of drinking water is that you have to go to the bathroom too often. However, the desired thinness and wel l-being is worth it.

Among those who do not achieve the desired results, many simply do not follow the pertinent norms. No one has said that it is enough to sit on the couch twent y-four hours a day, drink liters of water at the same time and expect a magical weight loss. Do not forget an active lifestyle, drink water to small sips but regularly, drink clean and filtered water instead of soft and lemonade drinks.

Swimming as a method to lose weight is unquestionable for a long time. It really is a very effective and quite interesting method that will bring firmness to your muscles and a beautiful posture.

In summary, water can really help you lose weight, but only your will to act and follow your regime and lifestyle together will trigger the desired process!

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