In what benefits pineapple to the human body?

Despite its large size, pineapple is considered a berry. Many people make the mistake of assuming that it grows in palm trees or trees. It grows in the beds of vast tropical plantations. The plant has a spiny stem and quite long leaves. After a flowering period, the fruit itself appears, that we like so much.

The chemical composition of pineapple

The product itself is virtually composed of water and sugar. Water represents 85% of the weight of the berry; The remaining 15% is the sugar, fructose and glucose content. The berry is rich in various acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The vitamin composition of pineapple consists of: vitamin A, B, B2, B12, PP, C, E. All of them play a very important role for the human body and make this delicacy not only be tasty, but also useful.

Vitamin C

Pineapple, in large quantities, contains vitamin C. up to 20 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of product. The rest of the product vitamins are found in much lower quantities. This is very rare and paradoxical for the berry. Reinforces the immune system and maintains the body’s defenses at the right level. It helps deal with flu and colds in any of its forms. It helps relieve cough and expel the pathem of the patient.


In addition to vitamins, the berry contains fiber. It helps eliminate toxins from the body. It has a purifying effect. If you use the product for this purpose, you should know that the fibers are closer to the product core.

And for a purifying effect, it is better to look for it on dry berries. Fresh berries have a high concentration of acids, which irritate the stomach every time they enter it. It is a very unpleasant quality and, if consumed frequently, quite harmful.


Pineapple is especially useful for women who have plans to become pregnant in the near future. This is due to the fact that it is a good antioxidant and actively participates in the elimination of free radicals. In addition, it helps recover male sexual power and treat infertility in women.


The presence of potassium in the pineapple is of immense benefit to the organism:

  • Improves the brain enrichment process with oxygen, thus improving memory and thought;
  • Normalizes the work of the intestines;
  • Maintains the proper functioning of the kidneys;
  • It provides ammonia to the kidneys for their excretion;
  • Participates in protein synthesis;
  • Interacts with sodium and participates in the strengthening of teeth and bones;
  • Maintains the organism’s acids at safe levels;
  • Reinforces the cardiovascular system.


Bromeline is a high molecular weight glycoprotein. In its composition, it has the function of decomposing proteins. A large part of this enzyme is found in pineapple. Hence its medicinal use.

The enzyme is good to eliminate inflammatory processes. It is an antiviral agent. In some situations it is used for cancer prevention. It is believed that bromelin is able to stop the formation of cancer cells, by destruction of the protein structure.

The enzyme is also useful for blood. It prevents platelets from agglutinating and clogging the veins. Improves the general chemistry of blood.


The presence of bet a-carotene confers even more beneficial and healing properties. Betacarotene is a substance similar to an antioxidant. Prevents flu and colds, reduces the risk of contracting infectious diseases and protects free radical cells.

In addition, bet a-carotene has positive effects such as:

  • Improve vision, nourish the cornea of the eye;
  • Normalizes cell division;
  • Accelerates the healing and regeneration of the organism;
  • Positively affects pregnancy and fetus.


Pineapple has a soothing effect and improves sleep. This is due to the large amount of tryptophan in its composition. In addition, it produces serratonin, which improves mood and has a positive effect.

Tryptophan helps get rid of sugar addiction. Reduces carbohydrates eagerness, thus helping to lose excess weight. It is an integral part of any “success” diet.

It is an essential part of any “successful” diet. For dietary purposes, pineapple should be used with caution. It reacts aggressively in the stomach and can cause damage to the body in case of overdose.

Nutritional value and calories per 100 grams

Pineapple contains 49 kcal per 100 grams of product. It is a relatively low value among fruits. Due to its composition, and the huge amount of water contained in pineapple, it is not a product of high energy value, and it is impossible to consume it in sufficient quantity.

In addition, for every 100 grams of product there are

  • 1 gram of fat;
  • 5 g of proteins;
  • 13 grams of carbohydrates.

Canned foods have less fat, proteins and carbohydrates per 100 grams of product. The same goes for total calories.

Fruit properties

Because of its composition, it is a very useful product. But at the same time, the berry is highly criticized for its medicinal uses. Without a doubt, there are. But pineapple damages can be as serious as its benefits, so it must be consumed with caution and moderation.

The benefits of

Pineapple has many useful properties. Just take a look at the list of healthy substances that it contains to understand how great its benefits are:

  • It is a good prophylactic against the appearance of cancer cells;
  • It has a strong ant i-inflammatory effect and effectively faces infectious diseases;
  • It makes blood more fluid, thus improving its flow through veins and arteries;
  • Improves the oxygen enrichment process of the brain;
  • Accelerates wound healing;
  • Improves power;
  • Heals infertility;
  • Normalizes metabolism, in a short time it returns it to normal;
  • It helps relieve strong muscle aches;
  • Helps lose weight;
  • It is a dietary product.

And this is not at all a complete list. Vitamins do many other good things for the body. For example: they improve the view, reinforce the immune system, clean the stomach and eliminate inflammation.

Possible damage and contraindications

The main reasons why pineapple can be very harmful to the body are: the destruction of protein by bromelin and the presence of high acidity in the berry. All this, first of all, is very harmful to the stomach and digestive tract. Especially in the presence of digestive diseases. It can also have a negative impact on the enamel of the teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse your mouth and clean your teeth after consuming pineapple.

Important: pregnant women should not consume pineapple without medical authorization. If the product is not mature, a spontaneous abortion or a failure of pregnancy may occur. To avoid these cases, it is enough to pay attention to medicine and not commit nonsense.

How to choose when buying

When choosing and buying a pineapple, the following nuances must be taken into account:

  • A mature pineapple has a peduncle that easily follows from foliage and is completely green, possibly withered;
  • It has a slightly pleasant and sweet smell;
  • The ripe fruit is heavy;
  • Quality pineapples are not cheap.

How to peel and consume it correctly

To peel a pineapple correctly, you have to peel the upper part of the pineapple, removing the leaves and the skin of the fruit. Then, the berry is placed with the side cut down on a hard surface and the skin of the pineapple sides begins to be cut with a knife. Once peeled, cut into pieces and is ready for consumption.

Special uses

Pineapple has broad medical, cosmetics and culinary uses. It is very useful in all applications. It is added to homemade cakes previously soaking them in pineapple juice. It is added to salads. It is served at the natural or canned table.

In the kitchen

The pineapple is added to homemade cakes previously soaking the bark in pineapple juice. It is added to salads. It is served at the natural or canned table. It is used as a muffle filling. It is a very sweet product, so it is suitable for berry salads. Sometimes it is added to Christmas salads, as a decoration or as a main product.

In popular medicine

In popular medicine, pineapple has found its application. It is used to cure many diseases. It is used for preventive and health purposes.

Pineapple with vodka to lose weight

Pineapple with vodka is famous for its properties to burn fat. Preparing such a dye is easy. You will need vodka and a pineapple. Pour the vodka on the pineapple and leave it in infusion for a few days.

Attention. It is not allowed to abuse this product. It has a sweet taste, but in some cases it can damage the stomach and digestive system.

Pineapple tea

This tea is prepared with 1 whole pineapple and water. First peel the pineapple. 2 liters of water are poured on the skin of the pineapple and cook. It is taken to boiling and removes every 5 minutes. It is boiled for 30 minutes for pineapple to release its healthy properties.

Tea can drink both hot and cold. It is recommended to drink from 3 cups a day to obtain all the preventive effect.

Piña beaten

This product is good to lose weight, eliminates toxins and harmful substances from the body, has an ant i-inflammatory effect, strengthens the body’s immune system.

To prepare the product you will need

  • 400 grams of pineapple;
  • 2 cups of yogurt;
  • Vainillina;
  • Banana.

All ingredients mix and beat in a blender. The recipe is not complicated, but very effective.

Pineapple extract

To prepare this drink, vodka, sugar and pineapple is used. First, rinse. Without taking your skin, cut it into pieces. Crush it in a blender. Let infuse the mixture for 10 minutes and add the vodka. Leave infusion for 2 weeks. Once time has elapsed, strain the drink and add sugar to taste.

This tincture is used very well to lose weight and drink 1 tablespoon before meals.

Pineapple capsules

The slimming capsules contain 60 tablets and cost about 500 rubles. A tablet 3 times a day before meals must be taken. After taking the slimming capsules, there are usually side effects: nausea, dry throat, vomiting.

In cases of skin and connective tissue diseases

In cases of skin disorders it is necessary to apply pineapple tincture in the affected areas of the skin tissue. The effect is noticeable to the second day after application. In dermatitis the decoction of the shell helps. The dermatitis zone must be smeared 4 times a day with decoction. Pineapple is a good remedy for calluses. The pulp should be binded to the lesion for 12 hours, after which the effect will be noticed immediately.

In cosmetology

The berry is used in many creams. It is famous for its properties. Flexible and cool the skin. It is used to exfoliate dry skin. In homemade medicine, the product is also popular. It is used to prepare homemade refreshing masks. The skin reacts well to them. These masks are capable of:

  • Exfoliate dead skin;
  • Eliminates skin acne;
  • Clarify the dark areas of the skin.

How and how long can pineapple be kept?

Guard it in its original form at 8 degrees in the refrigerator. If the conditions are adequate, it can endure up to two weeks. The second conservation method is freezing. You have to wash it, peel and cut it into slices. Put it in a bag and put it in the freezer. Thus it can last up to 3 months.

Pineapple is an indispensable product in our lives. It is a very useful product that is actively used in kitchen, medicine and cosmetology. Baya is a cure for many diseases. Its properties are admissible in all sectors. But behind all this we must not forget their negative qualities. You should not abuse pineapple in large quantities or eat it if you are sick or pregnant.

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