Injudices and benefits of Guaraná: Properties, vitamins

Many people know drinks to lose weight and products containing Guaraná. However, not everyone knows what it is. This herb has a large number of beneficial properties and is used in sport, cosmetology and popular medicine. It is important to know how to use Guaraná correctly to obtain maximum benefits and avoid possible damage.

What is Guaraná

The Guaraná is a perennial and huttering bush. It is located in Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. It has inflorescences with red flowers and fruits with seeds similar to the human eye. Only seeds are used. The seeds are peeled, they are tan, they are ground with water and make a paste. Subsequently, the pasta becomes powder that is used to prepare medicines and drinks.

Note. Guaraná contains a lot of caffeine. It also contains tannins and Guaranol. Vitamins A, E, pp, group B, zinc, sodium, manganese, magnesium, amida, saponine, theophylline, theobromine.


The caffeine present in the plant is absorbed by the organism more slowly than in its pure form, acts gently and does not irritate the stomach walls. The fruit of Guaraná is a strong stimulant, whose effect is several times higher than that of coffee. Unlike coffee, it does not cause palpitations or overexcitation.

Tannins help normalize the gastrointestinal tract and prevent intestinal disorders. Guaranina acts similar to the tianine contained in tea.

Guaraná seeds are used as a treatment against migraine, arthritis, fever and dysentery. They also help fight cramps and sexual dysfunctions.

The plant normalizes the nervous system, helps improve memory and concentration and improves performance.

Guaraná is often used to lose weight, since it tends to normalize metabolism, eliminate waste products and excess fluids, combat fat deposits and moderate the feeling of hunger.

If taken correctly, Guaraná normalizes blood circulation and cholesterol levels and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. The plant allows to eliminate depression and chronic fatigue, improve resistance, helps to deal with irritability and normalize the emotional state.

Guaraná’s damages for the agency

This plant can be harmful if its contraindications are not followed or if it abuses it. An excess of Guaraná can cause disorders of the heart and nervous system, hypertension, sleep disorders, tachycardia and increased nervous excitation.

Guaraná is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding period, or people with heart problems, due to their strong tonic effect.

The approximate daily dose of Guaraná is 200-800 mg. It does not consume more than three grams of extract from the plant a day, otherwise side effects can occur.


It is known that Guaraná improves brain activity without affecting the heart rate. It also helps reduce appetite, fights fatigue and improves mood. The extract is useful for fatigue, headaches, neuralgia, hangover and painful menstruation.

The following properties of the plant are also known:

  • Guaraná acts as aphrodisiac
  • Helps fight diarrhea
  • Prevents dysentery
  • reduces appetite;
  • prevents malaria;
  • fights cutaneous disorders;
  • Stimulates the nervous system.

The Guaraná was first used by the Indians. It was used to calm, recover strength, tone and vigor. After a while, he became popular worldwide. Nowadays it is used to manufacture food and food supplements. Guaraná’s energy drinks are popular to give energy and calm thirst. It is used in medicine, cosmetology, sports industry, to lose weight.

How to take the Guaraná

Guaraná can be taken in several ways. The most popular are extract and dust. The seeds can also be used to prepare infusions and other drinks.

Guaraná tea

The tea based on this plant is as vigorizing and reconstituent as coffee. It is recommended for sleep disorders, insomnia and depression. To prepare it, half a liter of water is boiled and cooled at 85 degrees. Next, it is infused in the kettle with water, let the tea be ready.

Next, tea can be prepared in the teapot for a few minutes. When preparing the drink, leave the Guaraná in the water when it has cooled a little; This will help conserve its pleasant aroma. The kettle must be preheated and cleaned before infusion.

Guaraná drink

This drink stimulates the organism and gives it vitality. It also helps with intestinal disorders and diarrhea. Two teaspoons of dry extract are poured into 150 grams of boiling water and let stand for 10-15 minutes. You have to cool it at 5-8 degrees.

Guaraná extract

The Guaraná extract is available purely, in tablets or capsules. The capsules are usually taken in an amount of 2 to 4 capsules per day to lose weight. Drink a lot of water or get it with a meal.

Important: The total daily dose should not exceed 2 grams of product.

Guaraná tablets and capsules are also used in cases of chronic asthenia and fatigue. They are taken from 3 to 6 doses a day for two weeks.

The pure extract can be taken in alcohol, but in that case you have to consult the doctor and study the instructions carefully. The dose should not exceed 10 drops. They are diluted in water and drink. The extract or tablets can be purchased in pharmacies and specialized stores.

Guaraná Vitamin Complexes

Vitamin complexes that contain the extract of the plant can be found in pharmacies. They have all the properties of Guaraná and can replace the pills. They must be taken following the instructions. There may even be candies that contain the product.

Guaraná to lose weight

The Guaraná is taken with the purpose of burning fat. It should be noted that it does not produce an instant result. The product gradually eliminates toxins, excess cholesterol and other harmful substances of the body naturally. To achieve the effect, the supplement must be combined with an adequate diet and exercise.

The supplement has an effect similar to that of caffeine: stimulates and vigorizes the body and improves performance. The effect is more pronounced than with coffee, because Guaraná contains beneficial alkaloids.

The dose to lose weight is determined by the weight. People up to 50 kg of weight should not exceed a dose of 0. 5 g. With higher weights, 1 to 2 grams must be taken. But physical activity time is also taken into account. At night, it is convenient to reduce the dose not to cause insomnia.

Guaraná in sports nutrition

The Guaraná is one of the most popular sports supplements. Vigorize the body and provide energy. A single treatment with Guaraná does not always have a pronounced effect; To achieve this, you must take the supplement continuously. The seeds help athletes improve their resistance performance, accelerate their metabolism and improve nutrient absorption by the body.

In sports nutrition, Guaraná is used in dust or tablets. There are also special energy drinks containing Guaraná.

It is taken above all men during weight gain or scarcity periods. To calculate the dose, it is recommended to consult a specialist. It must not exceed 2 grams a day.

The excellent product effect is observed in case of serious and prolonged efforts, for example, long distance races. Athletes usually take it immediately before competitions, approximately 30 minutes before.

Guaraná in Cosmetology

Guaraná is used as cosmetic supplement mainly because it contains caffeine. It helps to burn fat and fight cellulite. It is often added to creams and sera to reaffirm the skin. It also contains catechins, which help eliminate dark circles. Guaraná fights swelling and helps improve metabolic processes under the skin. It also favors exfoliation, stimulating and toning the epidermis even more.

Side effects and contraindications

The Guaraná is beneficial, but it is a strong herb, so it is necessary to take into account contraindications and side effects. Taking more than 1 gram of caffeine a day can cause irritation, cramps and tremors. Frequent and prolonged consumption of Guaraná can cause addiction, while its abrupt withdrawal can cause headaches and emotional depression.

The side effects that the product can cause include

  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • sleep disorders
  • hyperexcitability;
  • agitation
  • tremors;
  • palpitations;
  • arrhythmia;
  • seizures;
  • Headaches and migraines.

If these symptoms appear, you must reduce Guaraná’s intake and consult a specialist.

You also have to take into account the contraindications of use:

  • The medicine is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Guaraná should not be used in case of stomach ulcer, chronic migraines, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, without medical advice.
  • Cardiac disorders and arrhythmias can worsen the picture and cause adverse reactions.
  • It is not recommended in case of hypertension, acid reflux, esophageal hernia.

If adverse reactions occur, the medication must not suspend abruptly, but gradually reduce it. Otherwise, they can get worse. It is also important to follow dosage. You must start with the lowest dose and observe how your body reacts to it.

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