Is blackberry juice useful?

Blackberry juice: benefits and harms, possible contraindications, chemical composition. Is blackberry juice useful?

Chemical composition and caloric value of blackberry juice.

The fruits of chokeberry Michurin in botanical terms do not apply to berries, in fact, it is small apples with seeds inside, charcoal in color, reduced to brush straw. The chemical and mineral composition of these berries is well studied. They contain

Protein 1. 5 grams 1. 83%
fats 0. 2 grams 0. 31%
carbohydrates 10. 9 grams 8. 52%
Dietary fiber 4. 1 grams 20. 5%

The second column indicates the content in 100 grams of fruit. The third column is the percentage of the daily amount needed. Black chokeberry fruits have a very sweet taste, but their caloric content is not high, it is 55 kcal/100g.

Benefits for the human body

The healing properties of any plant depend on its content of minerals, vitamins, pectins, anthocyanins, etc. Michurina chokeberry has an adequate proportion of vitamins P and C, which allows the person who consumes it to maintain the necessary content of hyaluronic acid in the body.

Said acid has many indications, not only medical, but also cosmetic. Black chokeberry contains malic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant and helps to maintain youth for a long time. Inside the berries are tiny pips that can be used to make natural scrubs.

  • Regulates blood sugar levels, stabilizes insulin;
  • reduces the content of harmful cholesterol;
  • prevents clot formation and strengthens blood vessels;
  • anemia prophylactic agent;
  • Reduces stomach acidity;
  • Fights disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • neutralizes gases;
  • It has a diuretic effect, reduces swelling;
  • renews the composition of the blood;
  • helps improve vision;
  • natural immunomodulator;
  • it is a sedative for disorders
  • relaxes muscles in case of cramps.

One of the main properties of the chokeberry is to stabilize blood pressure; it is actively used by pharmaceutical companies around the world. When taking chokeberry, the blood thickens, excess fluid is removed from the body, the blood volume decreases, and, as a consequence, the walls of the vessels receive less pressure.

If you suffer from hypertension, both the berries and a decoction made from dried or fresh berries can be used as a medicine. The decoction should be done without bringing to a boil. cooking recipe

  • 300 g of berries;
  • 5 liters of water;

Put the casserole to the fire. Do not bring to a boil, reduce the heat to a minimum and simmer for about 60-80 minutes with the lid closed. Take half a glass 2-4 times a day before meals.

In case of hypotension, you can also take a decoction of Chokeberry, but not in large quantities, since in any case it regulates blood pressure. You can also take a liquor or dye of Chokeberry’s fruit, 30 ml each time. Recipe:

  • 100 g of juice;
  • 30 ml of vodka.

Put the juice on the fire, boil until it becomes a thick dough. Then add the vodka, see it in a bottle and cover it with a hermetic lid. Let the liquor stand for 30-40 days in a dark room.

If you have anemia and hypovitaminosis it is recommended to use a black chokeberry berry puree. It is excellent to restore blood after surgeries or a great blood loss, saturating blood with all the necessary vitamins. The recipe is very simple: grate the berries, add sugar and pour hot water on them. Once the drink is infused, stop it by a strainer and take it 20 minutes before meals for a week.

The black chokeberry is a good remedy to reinforce the immune system, especially in winter, when many infections and colds are propagated. The berry contains numerous nutrients, the most important of which is vitamin C. La Bayas de Aronia jam in combination with a tisana will protect the cake organism.

Black Aronia is a natural remedy to prevent hypertension and atherosclerosis. The berry contains flavonoids that help clean and strengthen blood vessels. The walls of the blood vessels become elastic, which is beneficial for the general state of the cardiovascular system. Phytotherapists claim that if you consume 50 gr of berries a day, your health will significantly improve and myocardial infarctions and stroke will never appear in your life.

Many problems related to digestion and gastrointestinal tract in general can solve with a decoction of black default. Depending on the density of the drink, various diseases can be prevented. For example, a thick and dense decoction is prepared to combat diarrhea. It is made with 500 ml. of water and 200 grams of berries. In case of stomach discomfort, a weak decoction composed of 100 g of berries is prepared, infusion for half an hour. In addition, a bite of Serbal Bayas, improves the state of the gastrointestinal tract, has a soft chohertic effect, gives strength.


To conserve the beneficial properties of the Chokeberry, it is better to dry it, in this way it is more appropriate for medicinal purposes. Everyone knows about Chokeberry’s beneficial properties, but few people think about their contraindications, it is very important to study before starting to take it, since it can have a harmful effect on health. The use of black chokeberry fruit is not desirable in the presence of the following conditions:

  • Gastritis;
  • Peptic ulcers;
  • High gastric acidity;
  • Hypotension;
  • Thrombophlebitis.

Michurin’s Chokeberry is excellent for lowering blood pressure and can be used to treat hypertension. During low blood pressure periods, it is better not to use these berries, since tension can lower even more and reach critical levels.

Nor are they recommended for constipation, since they can help with diarrhea and make it feel worse.

How to choose a black chokeberry

Every year, in mi d-August, Serbal seedlings are sold. Each season appears new varieties, but don’t be the first to take them. These varieties may not be adequate to grow in the local climate and get sick due to temperature changes, etc. It is better to choose proven varieties and adapted to the local climate. This will be easier to take care of the bushes and reap more.

It is advisable to buy the seedlings in a trusted nursery. Although a plant in the market can be more commercial with abundant foliage, this does not indicate that it is high quality. According to Gost, the presence of a large number of leaves is inadmissible, a seedling with a minimum amount of leaves will root better.

It is better to buy Aronia in autumn and store yourself, since it is possible that suppliers do not properly maintain seedlings during winter. The main characteristics that must be taken into account when selecting the blackberries:

  • The roots must be smooth, without damage or breakage;
  • The outbreaks must be in good condition, without breakage or cuts;
  • The roots should not be too dry and must be soft;
  • The roots tips must be soft and lively when pressing them;

It is better to choose tw o-year seedlings, since the annuals still need many care and food, while the three years will take a long time to get sick and take root. A tw o-yea r-old plant has a large outbreak of approximately 1 meter in length and about five small shoots of 20 cm each. It has a base of approximately 1. 5 cm and a small root with several offspring.

Medicinal recipes

The black thorn reached the local climate from North America, where it was grown long before the white population arrived. The American native tribes used it to treat burns and make flour. In the nineteenth century it was introduced in Europe and became very popular. In Russia, the use of black Chokeberry began with investigations in 1961, after which the use of fruit and juice was authorized.

General tonic decoction: 20 g of nuts of black chokeberry are poured over 200 ml of boiling water, they put themselves on the fire and are slowly cooked for 10 minutes. The decoction is allowed to cool, sneaks and takes 0. 5 cup 4 times a day before meals.

In hypertension: 50 g of freshly squeezed juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey. The 10-15 days treatment course, take half an hour before a meal 3 times a day. You can also use fresh berries for 100 gr, or 50 ml of juice for 10 days, 3 times a day.

When high blood pressure: recently squeezed juice to drink 0. 25 cup 3-4 times a day before a meal for half an hour. This juice is also useful for gastritis with low acidity and hemorrhoids.

Multivitamin tea: Half tablespoon of berries pour two glasses of boiling water, keep in the fire for 10 minutes and infusion for 5-6 hours. If you wish, you can add some sugar to aromatize before taking infusion. It is recommended to drink half a glass 3-4 times a day before meals.

In case of anemia and avitaminosis: it is recommended to use 250 grams of fresh berries along with the decoction of skirmish, black ruleter and ascorbine.

Chokeberry juice: To make chokeberries juice, a chokeberry, water, sugar and citric acid or lemon juice is needed. Trouble berries must be collected at the end of autumn, so that they have obscured enough. The berries are collected in clusters and their twigs are removed before cooking them. To start, you have to wash a berry, dry it a little and squeeze the juice (you will need about 2 kg of berries), then cover it with a hermetic lid and put it in the fridge. The cake, which remained after squeezing the juice, pouring boiling water and covering with a cloth and leaving infusion for 3 hours. After three hours, strain the infusion and add it to the juice.

Then put the container to the fire and add sugar at a rate of 100 g of sugar per liter of juice, as well as 0. 25 teaspoons of citric acid. Take it to a boil for 5 minutes and then see it hot in a sterilized bottle and cover it with a lid.

Endrino wine: The Endrino is a good fortified and sweet wine. Dry wines are very sour, so they are rarely made. Ingredients:

  • Serbal Maduro 5 kg;
  • 1 kg sugar;
  • 50g Sultanas raisins;
  • Water 1 liter.

Start to crush all berries with your hands or with a special tool. Mix the puree of berries with 500 g of sugar in a no n-metallic container. Without sugar, the wine will be weak and rancid. Then, add sultanas to accelerate the fermentation process. Remove until you get a homogeneous mass.

Cover it with gauze and leave it in a dark and warm place for a week. Remove several times a day. The fermentation process lasts about 25-30 days, once the bubbles have disappeared from the top, it can be considered finished. The maturation lasts 3 to 6 months under a wel l-closed lid.

Black Aronia Jam

  • Aronia 1 kg;
  • 1. 3 kg of sugar;
  • Water 2 cups;
  • Juice 1 cup;
  • Ron 1 tablespoon;
  • Lemon juice 0. 5 cups.

For the jam, it is recommended to collect Chokeberry’s fruits immediately after the start of frost. They are washed, they are incubated in a slightly heated oven of two to five hours. A syrup is made with sugar, water and juice, the berries and rum to the syrup are added and they are slowly stuck until the berries are translucent. When done, add citric acid.

Recipe for the exfoliant of blackberries: we need ½ cup of berries, which must be crushed into a meat chopper or blender. Remove the resulting mixture with fine salt until you get a thick mixture. As the fruit of the blackberry has tiny seeds, they are excellent for exfoliating and cleaning the skin.

Serbal milk facial mask: take 2 tablespoons of Serbal berries, crush them in a blender. Add a teaspoon of honey and 1. 5 tablespoons of milk to the resulting mask. Put the resulting mixture in a gauze mask and apply on the face for 15-20 minutes.

Chokeberry storage

In order to store the fruit throughout the winter and did not lose its medicinal qualities, which are cut along with the brush, hung on a thread or wire to dry. In this way, the berries will retain all their useful properties until spring. If fresh berries are frozen, they will lose 50% of their medicinal properties. You can also buy dry berries in a pharmacy.

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