Is hazelnut for pregnancy good?

When pregnancy reaches a woman’s life, her perspective changes radically. Now, in the first place their own desires do not do it, and the healthy health and development of the future baby. Every mother knows that for good growth and the full growth of the child to get rid of bad habits, more outdoors, to protect themselves from stress, if possible, and most importantly, start eating well.

From a daily diet to go fried potatoes, fried potatoes, soft drinks, fast food and alcohol. Fresh fruits and vegetables and cooked meat can replace them.

There is a list of foods that cause diverse opinions. Hazelnuts, for example. Some future mothers believe that the consumption of these nuts is necessary in pregnancy, others prefer to reject them, justifying it by the fact that hazelnuts are a fairly heavy food for the stomach.

The benefits of hazelnuts during pregnancy

Without a doubt, this type of dry fruit has many health benefits, not only for pregnant women, but also for ordinary people. Hazelnuts contain vitamins and substances that help normalize the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to being an excellent preventive agent of ulcers and diabetes.

Do not forget that hazelnut is a very caloric product. The daily rate for a person is not more than 300 grams, an average of 600 calories.

A woman who carries a child under her heart, should undoubtedly include hazelnut diet. Avellanas are very useful and have medical indications for pregnancy. Many gynecologists prescribe him to his patients in position as a medicine.

  1. The hazelnuts are very rich in phosphorus. Its consumption is recommended when a pregnant woman is diagnosed with anemia. Anemia is a lack of oxygen in the fetus. If the pathology progresses throughout pregnancy, there is a high probability that the child is born with a weakened immune system.
  2. The calcium and potassium content of the product will guarantee the normal development of the cardiovascular system. Calcium helps reinforce the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels. Micronutrients are beneficial not only for the baby’s health, but also for that of the mother.
  3. Hazelnuts contain a lot of vitamin and useful. It is necessary for the female organism to cope with external viral infections and eliminate poisoning. This vitamin helps to reinforce the immunity of the mother and protects it from unwanted diseases during pregnancy. It is also beneficial to the extent that vitamin E reduces the probability of spontaneous abortion in the early stages of pregnancy. The consumption of hazelnuts is recommended at the end of pregnancy due to the production of prolactin by the body, which will guarantee the normalization of breastfeeding after childbirth.
  4. Avellanas have a very important property – bactericide. It allows the absorption of useful substances in the stomach walls, and the harmful components are eliminated from the body. The consumption of nuts during pregnancy has a beneficial effect on intestinal function, preventing the fermentation process.
  5. The energy value is the main product indicator. Due to its high caloric value, a woman only needs to eat a handful of hazelnuts in the morning. From then on, he will be alert and active throughout the day.
  6. Paclitaxel is a substance found in all nuts. Its benefits are difficult to underestimate. This element prevents the development of cancer in both the mother and the fetus. Block the division of cancer cells in the organism of the pregnant woman and slows the pathological processes.
  7. One of the most useful properties of hazelnut is the presence of folic acid. That helps the future child to develop correctly and harmoniously in the uterus.

The hazelnut in the early stages

Despite all useful properties, hazelnuts have a series of inconveniences. For example, this type of nut is considered to be very allergic. Enter the hazelnut diet A woman in the position, you can only consult with her gynecologist.

However, a small amount of hazelnuts is necessary for the female body in the early stages. First, this is due to the high content of vitamin E in nuts. Thanks to the usefulness of this vitamin, pregnancy will take without complications.

Hazelnuts are also useful in case of excessive toxicosis.

Toxicosis is the most unpleasant part of pregnancy. It is characteristic of the first quarter and is also a safe sign of the beginning of the “interesting pregnancy.”Its essence is that the future mother vomits a lot and sometimes even vomits. The body is completely reorganized for the acceptance and formation of a new life. During toxicosis, there is usually aversion to any food. Eating 5-6 hazelnuts with an empty stomach will help relieve the unpleasant condition.

Also in the early stages of hazelnut it contributes to the healthy development of the liver and the biliary gallbladder of the future baby.

Hazelnuts are useful only in moderation. If they are used in excessive amounts at an early stage, hazelnuts can cause not only serious allergies, but also uterine tensions. This threatens to cause the loss of pregnancy.

After the conception, the woman must go to the doctor and enroll in the maternity clinic. The doctor who attends can be competently advised on the elaboration of a diet for pregnant women, and professionally explain the benefits of eating hazelnuts in the early stages.

Hazelnuts in the second quarter

The second trimester of pregnancy is the quieter time for the mother and the baby. The risk of spontaneous abortion is very low at this time, so the future mother can enjoy her situation to the fullest and receive compliant with family and friends. However, you should not forget the diet.

In the second quarter, the baby has already gone from being an embryo to a fetus made and right. The most important body systems have already been formed. At this time, the baby is gaining weight actively and the mother’s belly is getting bigger and round. It is not surprising that for the baby’s health, special attention should be paid not only to the diet, but also to the amount of food consumed.

For nuts to be really useful, you have to know how to choose them:

  • You have to give preference to unreasonable hazelnuts, whose grains contain more beneficial properties.
  • Buy only young nuts and pay special attention to your expiration date. The product in poor condition will smell mold.
  • The expiration of good nuts does not exceed 6 months from the date of collection.

Hazelnuts in the third quarter

This quarter begins from the 27th of pregnancy and lasts until the same childbirth. The baby in the womb has been completely formed and grown. His main task is now to gain subcutaneous fat to emerge to this strong and robust world. The mother and the baby are still united by a strong umbilical cord that allows the baby to obtain all the nutrients of the food that the mother ingests.

In the third quarter, many women prefer hazelnuts. These nuts are full of vitamins and health benefits. However, it should be remembered that in the last quarter many moms are prone to suffer edema. The pregnancy edema is manifested by the accumulation of an excess of liquid in the body. If the mother drinks too much water or eats something too salty, it is likely to suffer an edema, which is very dangerous for the baby. Unfortunately, hazelnuts at the end of pregnancy can also cause fluid retention in the pregnant woman. Therefore, if a woman is overweight or is simply prone to edema, it is better to refrain from hazelnuts in the third quarter.

Options for consuming hazelnuts during pregnancy

There are several ways to prepare this type of nuts. The main rule when a woman plans to eat hazelnuts while “in position” is to make sure that the dry fruit does not lose its beneficial properties.

To do this, it is necessary to know some rules:

  1. RawHazelnuts can be raw. Many women buy precooked peeled hazelnuts and eat some raw nuts. In this option, the good quality of the nuts must be taken into account and also pay attention to their expiration date.
  2. Salty. It is increasingly common to see in the packets of salty and peeled hazelnuts. Those women who like the salt variant must remember the possibility of edema in case of excessive consumption.
  3. Toasts. This method is quite simple: you can toast the hazelnut grains in a pan or put them in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. The product has a bright and very rich flavor.
  4. Confited. This type is the opposite of salty hazelnuts. Experts do not recommend this variant. First, dry fruit itself is a strong allergen, and secondly, in combination with sugar it can cause many complications for the future child.


There are women who have strictly forbidden to eat hazelnut due to the individual intolerance of gynecologists.

And it is also not desirable to eat it “in the body.”If there is a strong desire to eat nuts, it should be done in the morning and with an empty stomach. It is not advisable to eat nuts at night.

There are precautions to eat hazelnuts during pregnancy:

  1. It is not recommended in case of liver diseases.
  2. Not excessively eating, since an excessive amount can cause gastrointestinal malfunction and cause heaviness sensation.
  3. In some cases it can cause a strong headache.


Each woman has her own preferences during pregnancy. There are times when a woman feels an extreme aversion for nuts, and this aversion doubles during pregnancy. The doctor has prescribed a mandatory consumption of nuts. How to force each other to eat a bite?

Most of the time, nutritionists recommend mixing hazelnuts with other healthy products. So the taste will not feel, but the baby will get all the necessary useful elements.

There are many interesting recipes that will help the future mother in this difficult matter:

  • Fruit shake. This shake is recommended to drink in the morning. In the first quarter it will help relieve nausea, and in the following quarter it will give energy and strength for the affairs of the day. To prepare it, you need: banana (1), kiwi (2), hazelnut (5), raspberry (6). The recipe is very simple. Mix everything in the blender.
  • Cheese curd casserole. It is a very healthy and rich dish in calcium. This substance will help form the baby’s bone system, as well as strengthen the mother’s nails, teeth and hair. To prepare the dish you will need 300 g of cottage cheese, an egg (1), semolina (5 tablespoons), vanilla, gasifying, hazelnuts (7-8 units). To prepare it, mix the cottage cheese and the egg in a dough, add the vanilla, the chemical yeast and the semolina. Chop the hazelnuts with the blender and add them to the curd. Cook in the preheated oven at 45 degrees.
  • Sweets of praying and nuts if a woman is craving for sweets, this recipe is ideal for preparing a healthy whim. It is known that raisins are an important product. It is necessary in the diet of a pregnant woman, if there is no individual intolerance to it. Pasas plums contribute to a rapid digestion of food, as well as a rapid intestinal work. To prepare the sweet, racies (100 g) are needed, sultanas raisins (100 g), a little jam and hazelnuts (10 nuts). In a blender mix the nuts separately. Spread the sultanas raisins and grooved glums with jam and form balls. Pass them through nuts.

Hazelnuts are very useful and nutritious. During pregnancy, many experts recommend their use. However, we must not forget that good must also be in moderation.

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