Light water and its benefits for the organism

Light water (https://clarte. ru/) is water with few or no heavy hydrogen atom. Scientists have shown that heavy hydrogen, or deuterium, is harmful to the body. It is bad for our health and our psych o-emotional state.

For example, in the United States, scientists have discovered a correlation between the water quality of the region and the level of depression. In the states in which water had a high deuterium content, it was observed that there were more clinically depressed people.

The stress tolerance study was carried out in mice. The control group consumed light water and the second group consumed normal drinking water. The first group of animals showed high stress tolerance when confronting a predator.

Light water: What is it?

Light water, as we have written before, is water with a minimum of deuterium. The deuterium is heavy hydrogen, discovered in 1932. It is actively used in atomic energy and to make hydrogen pumps. This isotope is dangerous for the body. Water with a high deuterium content is called heavy water and does not exist in nature. And there is no natural water without deuterium. Drinking water contains, on average, 130-150 units (ppm) of heavy hydrogen.

Groenland’s glacial water contains about 120 ppm of deuterium. But thanks to a special treatment, it is possible to obtain cleaner water than that of glaciers. But there are not many companies that produce lighter water, due to special characteristics and purification costs. The less deuterium, the more difficult it is to purify it and the more expensive is water. It is not economically viable to produce water with zero deuterium, so the average drinking water contains between 70 and 120 deuterium units.

Clarte produces light water with a 71 ppm deuterium content, and costs about 120 rubles per liter. It is important to note that the purification of this water only eliminates harmful impurities, while water is not distilled, that is, all useful minerals that were in original arts water are preserved.

What diseases can cure light water

All groups of subjects obtained positive results and light water complemented the main treatment.

Light water turned out to be effective in the treatment of diseases

  • obesity;
  • diabetes mellitus type 2
  • abstinence syndrome;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • bone injuries, muscles, ligaments;
  • alcohol abstinence;
  • Radiation exposure.

Deuterium excretion is accompanied by energy release, which the body can use for internal reactions. The body can then use this energy for internal reactions.

A positive effect of light water has been detected in the course of medication. The therapeutic effect intensified.

Biological properties of light water

The main effect of the use of light water is the reduction of the deuterium content in the body, the gradual elimination of the deuterium of cells and tissues. Studies have shown that the excretion of deuterium is accompanied by:

  • the activation of vital processes in cells and tissues;
  • stabilization of metabolic processes
  • Increased resistance to adverse environmental conditions;
  • Strengthening of the body’s immune response
  • Improvement of all systems and organs
  • increased resistance and performance of the organism;
  • wel l-being and an explosion of vitality.

In terms of physical properties, light water is less viscous than heavy water. This property provides a high diffusion rate in cells and tissues, increasing the metabolism rate. As a result, light hydrogen molecules (Protium) are quickly incorporated into cells.

The slightest viscosity of light water provides high solubility of various substances. Thanks to this property, toxins, decomposition products, slags and heavy metals are better excreted in the body. The burden of organs and systems decreases, cells and tissues are quickly renewed. The rhythm of intracellular and intercellular reactions accelerates, therefore, the body recovers more actively after a disease, physical load, stress.

Recommendations to move to light water

To obtain a lasting effect you must completely change to light water. Each glass of ordinary water with a high content of heavy atoms leads to its accumulation in the body.

The deuterium is not only found in running water, but also in liquid dairy products and juices. To enhance the effect, any liquid must be eliminated, so that an explosion of vitality and wel l-being can notice in a short time.

To enhance the effect of drinking light water, cardio exercises can be performed. He sweats a lot and is thirsty during exercise. It is not advisable to drink during training, but some time later. Two or three intense training a week will help improve health, increase vitality and promote fluid renewal in the body.

The rhythm of renewal of fluids in the body can increase with a bath or sauna. In a sauna session you can lose approximately 0. 5% of the liquid, which is equivalent to 1. 5 liters for a person of about 70 kg of weight. Before going to the sauna or performing an intense physical activity, the health status and the doctor’s recommendations must be taken into account.

The first effect of drinking water is very high to maintain and improve levels may require more time and effort. But the final result is worth it, the result is health and longevity.

Research from G. Berdyshev and N. Varnavsky on light water

G. D. Berdyshev and I. N. Varnavskiy have studied the influence of light water in living organisms. Studies have shown that plants and animals that received light water were 25% more resistant to environmental and more prolific factors.

In the 60s, Gennady Berdyshev studied the characteristics of the life and life of the Longening Peoples of Yakutia and Altai. One of the common features of these villages is the use of natural water from melting or springs of the mountains. The composition of this water is more similar to that of the relica water, which contains a greater number of light atoms. Scientists conjecture that at the origin of life on earth there was a higher percentage of light water. Over time, as a result of physical and chemical processes, the proportion of heavy water began to increase. Modern humans, animals and plants consume a higher percentage of heavy water, which has a negative impact on health and longevity. In the organisms of the longevos, atoms of deuterium and heavy oxygen are accumulated, the vital processes pass without changes.

In the US and Japan, light water is included in the treatment of cancer patients. The main treatment has improved the patient’s condition, increasing the effectiveness of medicines and reducing side effects.

Doctors confirm the positive effect on the human body:

  • Improvement of the work of internal organs and systems;
  • Standardization of metabolic processes in the body;
  • Blood alkalinization; PH displacement to a more alkaline area, which has a beneficial effect throughout the body;
  • It reduces the growth of atypical cells, prevents the formation of cancerous tumors;
  • Activates the immune system, increases the organism’s response to external stimuli;
  • reduces the negative effects of radioactive isotopes in the body
  • Increase organism reserves in the fight against diseases, viruses, bacteria.


Most health diseases and problems can be solved by returning to the roots: clean natural water, an adequate diet. Light water is one of the ingredients of longevity and youth. The saturation of the organism with light oxygen and hydrogen atoms will ensure the activation of vital processes, metabolic restoration reactions.

Modern man spends a lot of time, energy and money to maintain the quality of life and health. Saturating the organism with low weight isotopes means restoring the strength of the body and reducing the burden of organ systems. Water is the basis of the body, a human being is composed of 70-80% fluid, it means that it is possible to bring youth and health to all cells and tissues with the help of light water. With healthy organs and systems, it is easier to deal with unfavorable conditions, stress and tension. There is more energy for creative realization, favorite occupation, development. Light water is a better investment than tests, research, medicines. You can consume vivifier water every day, to maintain your health.

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