Linen seeds: benefits and losses, Omega-3, use in cosmetology and kitchen

Ivan the terrible tried to introduce the linen seeds in the diet of the old Russian population. He said that these small seeds would help detoxify the body and regulate the functioning of many organs. The ancient Greeks also affirmed the healing properties of linen. This crop was first introduced in China and India.

But what exactly are the health benefits of linen seeds? Let’s find out!

beneficial properties of linen seeds

In nature there are two types of flax seeds: gold and brown. Both can be used as food and have beneficial properties.

The main beneficial substances of the seeds are

  • Linamarin;
  • Fatty acids (omega 3 and others);
  • Compounds similar to hormones;
  • Magnesium;

An ingredient such as Linamarin is able to cover the stomach and create a kind of protective film, which will improve the operation of the gastrointestinal tract. This will help to eliminate toxins and inflammatory processes of the intestinal mucosa.

The seeds contain fatty oils (it has been shown that there are more omega-3 in the linen than in some types of fish), which have a kind of regenerative properties.

The consumption of the decoction of the seeds will be relevant for those who often suffer from constipation. Linen seeds contain compounds similar to hormones, which are simply necessary as a preventive measure against cancer. The product can also be used as an antioxidant and antiviral agent.

Due to the fact that the regular use of seeds has a positive effect on the normalization of metabolic processes, it is recommended to use for weight loss. Thanks to the purification of the body, the condition of the skin and hair improves, the vision improves and the strengthening of the organism’s defenses occurs. The product contains a lot of magnesium, which strengthens bones and contributes to its normal growth, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Can seeds damage the body?

Linen seeds can be a real gift from heaven for those who have gastrointestinal problems or are trying to lose weight.

But the product also has contraindications that must be taken into account. Linen seeds are not recommended for pregnant women, since they contain elements similar to estrogen. This property can lead to an abnormal development of the fetus or cause premature birth. Although some scientists argue that if the product dose is controlled, it is also possible to consume them for pregnant women.

Nor is it advisable to use the seeds in the feeding of those who suffer from intestinal obstruction. Due to the high product fiber content, in such situations constipation, flatulence, diarrhea or abdominal pain can occur. Physicians do not recommend linaza in any of its forms in case of mastery, mastopathies or malignant tumors. Nor should it be used in case of urolithiasis and individual intolerance to the product.

Linen seeds: Applications

Researchers have determined that the components of the seeds are able to detect and eliminate cancer cells in the phase of their formation. The seeds (or rather their decoction) are often used to detoxify the body. It is recommended to eliminate toxins using the seeds no more than 2-3 times a year. To enhance the purifying effect, you have to eliminate in addition to the diet the sem i-bred products, fatty foods, flour, alcohol and sugar products. Sugar must be replaced by honey. Clean water consumption can also help.

Regular use of seed decoction can normalize the level of cholesterol in the body. For menopausal women, the product will help regulate the psycho-emotional state. It will also have a positive effect on women’s balance during menstruation. Children and adults can take a decoction to improve phlegm exit during acute respiratory infections and flu.

In cosmetology

In cosmetology, ground linen seeds are used to prepare masks that help recover skin elasticity, reduce swelling and remove dark circles.

They also help eliminate redness and peeling. To prepare this type of masks, the following components are usually taken: boiled or steamed seeds, homemade cream, honey. To make a nutritious and moisturizing mask, it is necessary to add 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the main components.

Use in kitchen

In the kitchen, the seeds are often used. It is better to boil them a little or soak them before using them. They look like sesame seeds. They are used to prepare herbs and fruit kisses. They are also useful for cooking dietary porridge, sauces and sauces. The dishes to which flax seeds are added much faster to the body.

Peculiarities of choice and storage

There should be no problem to find linen seeds. They are available in supermarkets, in markets (where herbs and spices are sold) and even in pharmacies.

In order not to worry about the safety and quality of the product, it is convenient to ask before buying if the seller has a quality certificate.

The seeds can be purchased whole or ground. Make sure the container is intact and that the expiration date is updated. After the purchase, the product must be poured into a wel l-closed container and keep in a dark and dry place. It is very important that there is no moisture and that the air temperature does not exceed +25c. Whole linen seeds can be kept up to 24 months, and crushed, up to 4 months.

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