Longan’s benefits and damages for the human body

The longanus is a perennial plant similar to grapes and divinized in several Asian countries: Taiwan, China, Iran, Taymyr, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Mongolia and Indonesia for its edible fruits. Its fruits measure 1 to 2. 5 cm in diameter and have a light brown coating. They contain a small dark seed.

Composition and caloric content of long

The composition of this fruit is unique. It contains a lot of sodium, magnesium, manganese, iron, fluoride and zinc. It is also rich in thiamine and ascorbic acid. The caloric content of the long is 60 kilocalories per 100 grams.

In this indicator, the fruit leads many products. It includes 14 grams of carbohydrates, 1. 3 grams of proteins and less than 1 gram of fat. In raw state, it contains 84% water.

Vitamin composition

The longan is extremely rich in vitamin B1, B2, C, D, PP, K. contains essential amino acids such as arginine, valine, histidine, lysine, leukine, isoleucine, treonine, methodin, alanine, proline, serine. The fruit pulp contains numerous biologically active compounds: polysaccharides, food fiber and fiber.

Fruit properties

In fact, the Longhorn belongs to the category of fruits rich in properties. It is good to purify the body, eliminates toxins and impurities and improves skin health. In addition, it has many other beneficial properties.

The benefits of fruit

The benefits of Logan are known since ancient times. And it is difficult to overestimate its benefits. The ancient Chinese often prepared medicinal remedies from the extravagant plant. They made teas, tinctures and decoctions. Now the longanum is included in dentifrices, detergents and antitranspirators,

A treatment for nervous system diseases.

The longanum has a good sedative effect. For this reason it can be used to treat the central nervous system.

Improve cell regeneration

The fruit contains micronutrients that help the body produce new organs and tissue cells and prevent the aging process. Therefore, it can be used to prepare facial masks with tensor and softener effect. To create them, you have to mix sang and honey in equal parts, add a couple of drops of olive oil and apply on the skin for 20-25 minutes. The effect of the mask will be visible after a few applications.

Prevention of ferropenic anemia

Longan is one of the foods with the highest iron content. This allows it to be a good product for people with ferropenic anemia. The plant is usually added to medications in small quantities.

Toning and energizing

The longan is excellent for toneing the skin and giving a healthy brightness and luminosity. For these properties it has always been the favorite of Chinese, Tha i-Iranian beauties.

Longanus benefits to lose weight

In Asian countries we always talk about their slimming properties. As it has relatively low caloric content, it is ideal for those who are on diet.

Rich in vitamin C

Often known as a dragon eye, this fruit actively improves the body’s immune system. Prevents avitaminosis and scurvy contributing to the body the essential nutrients it needs to work. The fruit is also considered a powerful antioxidant.

Stress reduction and anxiety

The longan has beneficial effects on the nerve processes of the human body. It enhances sleep quality. Actively combat the sensations of increasing tension, anxiety and occasional stress.

Longan is good for skin and hair health

In Asia you can buy various cosmetic products with the longanum as a component: creams, lotions, gels, masks. The fruit has an excellent effect on the skin and hair. In ancient China, women prepared shampoos with manganese flower extract. At that time, it was very popular.

Sweating reduction

It is not known much about its effect on sweating. According to some reports, it dilates and purifies the pores of the skin surface, allowing moisture to evaporate more quickly.

Treatment of snake bites

Already in ancient times, people learned to use the longanum for their needs, including the disinfection of snake bite places. The mature and sweet fruit applied in the place of the bite as an antidote, and perfectly fulfilled its function.

Possible damage and contraindications

At the moment, there are no exact data on the notice of the product. The only people who should limit their consumption are diabetics, due to their high sugar content. Children can be given fruit without worries.

How to peel and eat the fruit correctly

Peeling the plant is not difficult for rookies, but you have to wash it well before. Then you have to bite the bark with the teeth or make an incision with a knife. Then, you must peel the berry completely.

The fruit is ready for consumption. But remember that your seed is not edible. If you wish, you can turn the fruit into a delicious drink: tea or compote.

How to collect and keep the longan

The ripe fruit must be slightly soft and have a light beige color or beige with a touch of orange skin. The pulp should be almost translucent and relatively soft. The ripe fruit will remain fresh for a week if preserved hot. Frozen fruit can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer up to several months.

In conclusion, longanus is a fruit that knows very well, so it is worth trying at least once in a lifetime. the fruit is ready for consumption. But remember that your seed is not edible. If you wish, you can turn the fruit into a delicious drink: tea or compote.

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