Noni fruit: its health, property and contraindications benefits

Walking through a supermarket, unusual fruits and vegetables are often seen, which many have never tried or known. They are imported from all over the world. Some of them, such as bananas, oranges, mangoes or kiwis, find their place among a large public buyers, while others, on the contrary, are forced to stay away due to their too specific taste or smell.

In this article, we will talk about an extravagant fruit called Noni. You will learn what its health benefits are, where it grows, what can cure and how to consume it correctly.

What is

La Morinda Citrus, or Noni, is a Tree of the Marene family. Its main habitat are the tropics and the most appropriate soils for their growth are calcareous and volcanic. A characteristic feature of the trees of this family is its wel l-developed root system that reaches the depths of the soil (the roots can measure up to 21 meters).

The citrusifolia morinda has a edible green fruit, similar to the rudimentary cone of the cypress or the topinambur tubers. The fruit itself has oval shape and can sometimes measure up to 7 cm long. Noni finally Maduro becomes yellow and his skin becomes translucent.

Seeing the noni for the first time, many people are scared by their peculiar and characteristic smell, which does not even remotely like that of the fruit to which we are used to, but rather that of the Mohoso cheese. As for the taste, it is also quite unusual: it is bitter and extremely spicy.

In general, only the natives consume it raw, accustomed to this type of fruit. In Europe they have found another application for the noni: they create a juice based on it, whose flavor reminds the kvas of bread with spicy radish.

Where does the fruit grow?

The main cultivation areas of citrus fruits are India, Australia and Africa. You can also find specific species in the islands of Guam and Tahiti, in French Polynesia. A tropical climate is especially important for the plant.

When buying Noni or its juice, it is important to keep in mind that fruit, from French Polynesia, is duly certified. The fruit is imported and analyzed by the Moranda company of the Taïtien Noni brand.



  • calcium;
  • potassium
  • sodium;
  • iron;
  • match;
  • molybdenum.


  • vitamin C;
  • Vitamin A;
  • Group B vitamins.

Fatty acids:

  • Glutamic
  • Linoleic;
  • Aspartic acid.

Note: Aspartic acid influences the formation of a stable nervous system. In addition to the noni, it is also found in pumpkin seeds, asparagus, honey, cuscus, quinoa, garlic, beets, white hB and carrots.

Biologically active substances:

  • glucosides;
  • Alcaloids

Other useful substances:

  • proline;
  • tyrosine;
  • to the girl;
  • treonine;
  • xeronin;
  • enzymes;
  • scopoliletinas;
  • phospholipids;
  • Serine.

Note: Noni contains a substance called proxeronin, which reduces the desire to drink coffee, sugar and nicotine.

Noni useful properties

The fruit of the noni, despite its repulsive flavor and unpleasant smell, has many beneficial properties:

  • Rejuvenates body cells, blocks the aging process;
  • It is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants;
  • Tone and stimulates brain cells;
  • Prevents cancer;
  • regulate blood pressure
  • normalizes the nervous system;
  • It is used to combat insomnia;
  • It is used as antidepressant; fights apathy;
  • It is used as a natural analgesic
  • reinforces the immune system by acting as an immunomodulatory
  • relieves swelling and inflammation;
  • Correct thyroid disorders.

Note: Noni’s beneficial properties are not only found in the fruit, but also in their seeds, which are enriched with phospholipids, which in turn improve human smell. The seeds also have linoleic acid, which keeps healthy skin.

Useful Noni juice properties

It is considered that the most valuable fruit is its juice, whose useful properties have been studying the world’s main scientists and nutritionists in the world. As we know from the latest research data, Noni fruit juice can significantly improve the general health of the human body, execute rejuvenation processes at all cell levels.

Statistics show that the daily consumption of juice improves the function of the entire immune system. The consumption of juice is especially effective during the period of various viral diseases, flu and colds.

Note: Due to the high potassium content of the Noni juice, those who suffer from kidney diseases must be taken with caution.

  • Among other things, Noni’s juice has the following positive effects on the human body;
  • Hepatic parenchyma restores;
  • Eliminates body toxins;
  • It stops the growth of tumors and metastases;
  • It favors the function of the smooth muscles of the internal organs;
  • normalizes the balance of blood glucose concentration
  • Improves skin elasticity, fight acne;
  • Improves cardiac and pulmonary function
  • Protect cells at DNA level;
  • Fight allergies.

Note: For an adult, the maximum allowed juice intake does not exceed 200 ml per day. The minimum juice intake, which has a beneficial effect for the agency, is 30 ml. The same maximum values allowed for children from 1 to 16 years are recommended.

Indications of use

Sam fruit, and created on its base medications that do not contain other active ingredients other than noni, used as treatment of the following diseases:

  1. Gastrointestinal dysfunction;
  2. Hypertension (combined treatment with other medications);
  3. Chronic fatigue and depression;
  4. Frequent neurosis syndromes;
  5. Gastritis and stomach ulcers
  6. Helmintiasis;
  7. inflammation of the kidneys and lungs
  8. polyartitis;
  9. strong headaches and during menstruation.

Important: See a doctor before using NONI for the aforementioned conditions. In this case, treatment courses can be carried out with the help of frui t-based preparations, as well as by the fruit itself, observing the permissible Noni consumption standards.


Noni juice, created from fermented fruits or fruit extracts, is used in cancer treatment. In general, fruit has no effect on cancer cells themselves. However, the positive reaction is due to the fact that the juice reinforces the defense functions of the entire body, which causes antioxidant and antitumor effects.

For example, in 2006 prominent scientists from the NCCAM carried out a series of studies that showed that the extract of the Noni fruit produced a positive reaction in mice with cancer: the process of growth of cancer cells was suspended and metastasis stopped affectingto the tissues of other organs. The discovery surprised the doctors so much and shocked the world that in 2009 the first studies in humans were conducted. The experiment was as follows: The subjects consumed 12 g of Noni extract per day for several months. As a result, most of the subjects experienced a remarkable increase in their immunity against the disease, the body began to fight it and some managed to stop cancer completely (not destroy it).

It should be known that these are the initial stages of cancer. Unfortunately, studies conducted in categories of people with advanced cancer have not yielded any results. Many speculate that scientists will soon be able to invent a cure for cancer, and the main ingredient in the base of such a medicine will undoubtedly be the extract of the noni fruit.

Note: It is not the components of the fruit that affect the cells affected by cancer, but the substances produced by the body itself when noni fruit-based products are ingested.

to lose weight

The positive effect on the figure of the consumption of noni juice is due to the presence in its composition of substances that quickly cause a feeling of satiety in the body. For example, a person who drinks noni juice regularly will feel full much faster and, consequently, will consume many times less food than someone who does not use noni juice in their diet. It is important to keep in mind that even if he eats less food, his body will also receive all the substances it needs to function properly. Among other things, noni juice improves your metabolism and removes all toxic substances from your body, thus contributing to weight loss.

To lose extra kilos, you have to drink about 200-300 ml of warm water every morning (always on an empty stomach). Then, drink 100 ml of juice at room temperature and, 5 minutes later, drink 200 ml of water again.

You should not drink juice without water, because the body has not yet fully woken up, and the stomach may react negatively to the product.

In the evening, about 20 minutes before the last meal, nutritionists also advise drinking 100 ml of juice. No need to wash it with water.

Application in folk medicine

Noni is also widely used in folk medicine. All parts of the plant, with the exception of wood, are involved in the treatment. Thus, the leaves are used to make medicinal infusions and useful tea, while the essential oil is extracted from the stinging seeds and the juice of the fruit.

Unfortunately, most products made from the fruit can only be purchased in its homeland. The main sales are focused on noni juice or fresh fruit. On rare occasions, it is possible to purchase seasonings derived from noni roots.

Essential oils can be found in specialty health food stores and online stores. They tend to have very reasonable prices.

applications in cosmetology

The oil and juice of the fruit are used for cosmetic purposes. It is used as an active ingredient in various masks, creams, toners, lotions, as well as scrubs and shampoos. Due to noni’s rejuvenating properties, it is also used in anti-aging cosmetics to quickly regenerate skin cells and slow down aging processes.

Customers note that already in the first week of use, small wrinkles are smoothed, skin color is evened out and its tone improves. Noni scrubs exfoliate impure pores, have an antibacterial effect and fight acne (suitable for any skin type).

Noni is an exotic product, difficult to find even in large supermarket chains. It is widely used both in folk medicine and in cosmetology. Due to its many medicinal properties, it has been the subject of thousands of tall tales and amazing facts invented by producers to promote their products. Of course, one should not believe all such tales, the fruit must be used exactly as doctors recommend, only in this case the product will have a truly beneficial effect on the whole organism.

Your health warnings and contraindications

The use of the fruit is contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • During pregnancy;
  • During lactation;
  • Children under seven years of age;
  • Allergies and diabetes;
  • Severe liver or kidney disease.

Important: Noni or noni-based products should not be consumed while taking diuretics. This is because it contains high levels of potassium, which in turn can increase its level in the blood and thus harm the body.

If consumed in excess, the following side effects may occur

  • Diarrhea;
  • Headaches of variable intensity;
  • Allergic reactions, skin rashes.

How to use it correctly

Please note that all the mentioned doses correspond to the daily dose of a healthy adult (especially, there should be no problems with the organs of the excretory system).

Fetus. The daily consumption rate of noni should not exceed 2-3 fruits. This is primarily due to the fact that the fruit has a very spicy and specific taste, as well as completely saturating the body with the necessary substances in this amount of consumption. Exceeding the dose can cause side effects due to the supersaturation of the organism with the product.

Note: When biting into the noni seeds, you will feel a burning sensation as if you have eaten peppercorns.

Juice. The allowed daily intake should not exceed 700 ml. Many doctors even recommend limiting the intake to 400-500 ml, especially if you are not accustomed to this product. Normally, juice is not consumed in its purest form, but mixed with water or grape juice. Nutritionists do not advise to take it with hig h-content dishes or have a lot to digest (nuts, mushrooms, diverse nuts and cheeses, as well as legumes).

Noni extract capsules (500 mg). Doctors recommend taking no more than 2-3 capsules about 30 minutes before a meal, with warm water. The total treatment lasts 5 days, after which it must be interrupted for 2 days and then, if you wish, repeat the course again.

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