Nut benefits for the female body

Even in the works of Avicena and Hippocrates there are praise to nuts and advice in their frequent use for women as a preventive medication and for the restoration/treatment of their body.

They also supported, and modern scientists have shown it, that eating nuts is necessary to conserve for a long time the beauty and constant wel l-being, even in “special days of malaise of women.”But uncontrolled consumption of nuts in large quantities can cause irreparable damage.

Nuts, like one of the favorite sel f-sufficient treats, have been enjoyed by people since ancient times. The brightest, scientific and healers of ancient Greece, Hippocrates and Avicena, who studied in detail the properties of nuts, especially for the female body, wrote about the benefit and need for regular consumption of this product.

Today, many of the national kitchens recommend them as an important ingredient in many different dishes, from desserts to the first hot meal (soup).

The walnut is a beautiful extended glass tree. The walnut blooms in spring, between April and May, and its fruits mature in early September (end of August). For the tree to prosper and provide a good harvest, a warm and abundant water is required.

Chemical content and calories

If we pass in detail to the chemical composition of the edible part of the nut, it is convenient to know how many nutrients it contains, including vitamins and trace elements.

In addition, the composition of 100 grams of this type of nuts contains

  1. Useful fats – 65g
  2. Light carbohydrates – 14 g
  3. Common water – 4 g
  4. Easy digestion proteins – 16 g
  5. Ash – 1 g
  6. Sugars (edible, total) – 3 g
  7. Fiber – 8 g, including no more than 0. 09 g of starch
  8. No trans fats with harmful cholesterol at all.
  9. Cholesterol content – 0. 0 mg, trans fats – n/a.

The nut composition contains fatty oils with amino acids, proteins and all the necessary micromacronutrients and vitamins, including

  • “PP” – Niacin equivalent – 2. 4 mg
  • “A and E” – 10 micrograms each
  • “B1” – Tiamina – 0. 5 mg
  • “B1” – cyanocolabamine – 0. 15 mg
  • “B2” – Riboflavina – 0. 1 mg
  • “B5 – Pantotenic acid – 0. 9 mg
  • “B6 – pyridoxin – 0. 75 mg
  • “B9 – Folic acid – 90 µg
  • “C – 7. 8 mg
  • “K” – Filoquinona – 3. 6 micrograms
  • Calcium – 99 mg
  • Magnesium – 150 mg
  • Sodium – 10 mg
  • Potassium – More than 500 mg
  • Phosphorus – 450 mg
  • Chlorine – 35 mg
  • Sulfur – 100 mg
  • Iron – 2 mg
  • Zinc and iodine – 3 mg each
  • Copper – 540 mg
  • Manganese – 2 mg
  • Selenium – 59 mg
  • Fluoride – 685 micrograms
  • Cobalt – 7. 3 UG.

Walnut properties for women’s organism

It has an enormous iron content, so necessary for anyone, especially for women, who are much more prone to suffer anemia than men. However, we must deepen the issue – what nuts can eat pregnant women and what not.


The nut has benefits anywhere in this powerful tree. These are:

  • The mature fruit peel, including interior woody partitions, and their seeds;
  • leaves
  • the cortex;
  • the roots.

If the opinion of the famous Russian researcher-psychologist Dr. Levy, who claimed that “eating nuts will be a party for the brain” is heard, it can be affirmed-vitality and energy will be present in a person for many years regularly eating only 3-4 nutsevery day.

In addition – this is important – many infectious diseases and colds will avoid a woman who likes to eat nuts.

Among the special properties of nuts are that they greatly amounts to all other nuts, including peanuts, almonds, pacanas and pistachios. For example:

  • Rich in antioxidants. Which helps protect the body at the cellular level from the appearance of tumors caused by the destruction of numerous free radicals.
  • They are the main sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to this property, it is possible to avoid or reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, since they contain alpha-linolenic acid.
  • Capable of reducing any type of inflammation. Thanks to this, it is possible to normalize the fever, whose increase is caused by internal problems, which nuts will relieve.
  • They maintain the intestines in good functioning conditions;
  • They often reduce the risk of cancer;
  • Help control body weight and type 2 diabetes, thus reducing the risk of suffering all kinds of complications;
  • Normalize blood pressure, especially in the sense of lowering it. If you drink the infusion of egg shells daily half a glass in the morning and before bedtime;
  • Support the healthy aging of the body, not allowing the person to lose their appeal and support the proper productive functioning of the brain in adulthood;
  • Allow to maintain the reproductive system “in operation” for many years in the health of man;
  • Improve blood lipid levels.

How many nuts can be eaten up to date

Excessive nut consumption is not recommended, since uncontrolled consumption can cause allergic reactions, including Quincke’s edema, which can be deadly.

Nuts during pregnancy

Although every woman must monitor her health, while waiting for a child, he must do it with special care, so that the future child develops correctly and is healthy. To do this, the pregnant feed must be correct and rational, but careful and selective.

The nuts in pregnancy will help normalize and restore the balance of all nutrients in the woman’s body.

Medical professionals, answering the question “What nuts are useful for pregnant women”, they recommend choosing nuts.

Among its useful properties specifically for pregnant women can be indicated:

  1. A large number of amino acids, among which are isoleucine, valine and arginine. Its nutritional value restores energy reserves and improves the metabolic process of the pregnant woman.
  2. The varieties of polyunsaturated fatty acids containing nuts contribute to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract of the pregnant woman.
  3. The hydroelectrolytic balance of the organism is restored, which is very important for pregnant women.
  4. There will be a restoration of the hormonal system and strengthen the immune system of the future mother and her child to be born, thanks to antidepressants and vitamins, which are part of the chemical composition of the nut seed.
  5. Improves the appearance of women, since the state of their skin in all parts of the body remains soft and uniform.
  6. Dental enamel is not destroyed, nails do not crack and hair does not fall – a frequent problem of women during pregnancy in this case does not alter.
  7. The skeleton and musculoskeletal system are considerably strengthened during childbirth. This is especially important in the last quarter of pregnancy due to the greatest physical effort that women experience at this time.
  8. The presence of phytosterols. There are many in these nuts. They reduce cholesterol and, therefore, clean the blood vessels.

At the beginning of pregnancy there are no restrictions on nut consumption, on the contrary – this product is necessary. When deciding what nuts are good for pregnant women in the first quarter, you can say firmly any that women like.

At the end of pregnancy, especially at the end, before delivery, nuts should be consumed with caution and in very limited amounts: no more than three nuts per day.

During breastfeeding

During this period, the woman who organizes her diet, above all, must think about her baby.”What the mother eats and drinks, also the baby eats” is an axiom. In addition, food must contribute to breast milk formation, so that the baby receives enough food.

  • Alcohol;
  • the drugs;
  • Junk food and fast food.

As for the nut, it is the product that is recommended to consume frequently during breastfeeding, for being the healthiest and harder. Because in this dry fruit there are few carbohydrates, but a high content of healthy proteins and fats allow breast milk to be more fat and nutritious. In addition, the mother and the baby have a standardization of the feces.

Possible damage and contraindications

If there is colitis, gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension, then the nuts are strictly contraindicated for use. Allergic reactions to this product must also be abandoned.

In addition, this product should not be consumed by people who have diseases in the pancreas; in skin diseases (psoriasis / neurodermatitis / eczema); at high blood coagulation rate; the obesity.

How to choose nuts when buying them

Today, nuts can be found on the shelves of supermarkets and groceries in many different shapes and varieties to adapt to all tastes and needs. The nuts, for example, have rounded shapes with thick shell and oval shapes with fine shell.

Varieties in which nuts can be found in the market.

  1. peel;
  2. pure grains without peel and without crushing;
  3. pure nuts without peel, crushed;
  4. grain nuts mixed with other products with additional ingredients (chocolate covered, glazed, with sweet honey syrup).

Regardless of the type in which they are sold, the nut should be evaluated visually and perceive its aroma. It must look clean and fresh.

  • If the grains smell in mold, they should not be bought.
  • If there is any questions about the quality of the nut, even if the defect is insignificant, you also have to refuse to buy it.

The nuances of the choice of nuts to eat

  1. The surface of the shell must be free of defects (muddy whitish plate, spots, abolish and other physical damage), as well as fat;
  2. There should be no moisture during storage. The shells must be dry to touch. Otherwise, the shells can rot or have a very unpleasant flavor.
  3. Hit with each other random selected nuts and listen to the sound they emit. If the sound is clear and strong, everything goes well and must buy them. If the sound is deaf, the grains are spoiled.
  4. The surface of the nut should not be oily (the oil is only released if it is stored incorrectly or for too long);
  5. By tasting a peeled grain, the taste should not be bitter and the aroma must be characteristic only of nuts. No other taste or smell is tolerated.
  6. Small the selected nut “by eye” a little. If there is any sound, your nut is already spoiled or dry.
  7. Choosing how to buy the nuts – with the shell or without it – preference must be given to the first option.

How to peel nuts quickly and effortlessly

  1. Use a sharp and wid e-leaf sharp knife to split the nut in halves, introducing the tip of the knife in the nut of the nut and turning it, the nut will split.
  2. Put the desired amount of product on a dry tray in the preheated oven (up to 220 degrees), with the oven off for 10 minutes. In this case, nuts are very easily split.

Where to add and with what to combine to obtain the maximum benefits

Due to thermal treatment, it is possible that some of the useful properties be reduced, so when adding them to any dish, it should only be done in raw.

They are ideal to combine with olive oil to enhance the taste of nuts based on nuts. They adorn salads with baked products and make desserts delicious.

Special uses

Walnut grains can be eaten as soon as they mature. They have a pretty good taste and a delicious aroma.

In addition, the famous and laborious jam made with the grains of green nuts is incredibly tasty. A very healthy oil that has a unique flavor that should be added to salads. And, of course, all kinds of healing infusions.


Keep the best raw nuts, with shell. In this way they will remain fresh and will not lose their useful properties or their flavor for a year, until the next harvest. They can also be used to make jam (green nuts), tincture or compotes.

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