Peculiarities of the application of pineapple cake

The pineapple cake has gained popularity in the medical and culinary fields. It is an excellent ingredient to lose weight, since it does not contain cholesterol and helps eliminate toxic substances from the organism. The pineapple cake accelerates metabolism and is not hungry after a slight piñone cake snack.

Apart from its digestive properties, pineapple cake is an excellent dietary supplement. If it is consumed frequently (at least once a day), the body will be healthier and improve the functioning of all organs.

Gynecologists often use the cake of this conifer. It has protective properties to improve breastfeeding. A long time ago, if the mother had a bad breastfeeding, she fed the baby with a mixture based on the conifer nut. Today cedar powder is used with water. This drink is very useful for young children.

The cedar cake has a frequent use in the kitchen, it is added to many dishes.

What is the pineapple cake

The pineapple cake is what remains of the nut after the extraction of the oil. It is done by cold pressing, so the beneficial properties are not lost, and the remaining cake is a complete product. It contains vitamins and nutrients, in addition to the oil. The product is used more often in dietary nutrition, but not only.

As for the appearance, the cake resembles the samples or the very dry pinions. Ground resemble flour, in taste a sweet flavor is perceived with a slight bitterness and spread. The smell is coniferous, like the entire product.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition includes the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as the caloric value and the amount of vitamins and minerals per 100 grams of product. The following table describes all these parameters.

Chemical composition of the pineapple cake

Component Amount Rule
Caloric value 431 kcal 1685 kcal
Protein 32 г 75 г
Fats 18 г 55 г
Carbohydrates 32 г 218 г
В1 0. 363 mg 1. 4 mg
В2 0. 226 mg 1. 7 mg
В5 0. 312 mg 4 mg
В6 0. 095 mg 2. 1 mg
В9 33 µg 401 µg
C 0. 9 mg 91 mg
K 596 mg 2600 mg
Ca 17 mg 900 mg
Mg 253 mg 410 mg
Na 3 mg 1350 mg
Ph 576 mg 810 mg
Fe 5. 54 mg 19 mg
Mn 8, 803 mg 2. 1 mg
Cu 1325 µg 900 µg
Se 0. 6 mcg 56 µg
Zn 4. 27 mg 13 mg

Useful cake properties

The useful properties of the oleaginous cake do not differ much from those of the nuts themselves, only the fat content. The composition of the cake contains a large number of vitamins, proteins, fats, fructose and other useful substances. It should be noted that the product contains a considerable amount of iodine.

Its benefits are considerable. And since it contains less sucrose than the whole walnut, it can be used to treat various ailments. The cake is also a sorbent and removes toxins and harmful substances.

Benefits of pine cake

  • To recover from a surgical intervention;
  • For heavy athletes to gain weight or just for hard work;
  • For therapy after exhaustion;
  • For gastrointestinal problems and practically all organs to improve and normalize their state;
  • To increase immunity;
  • Useful for women during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and lactation. Normalizes hormonal imbalances.
  • Improves the condition of teeth, hair and nails.
  • Helps improve concentration, relieve chronic fatigue.

In addition to eating, cedar cake finds its application abroad. It is well used in hot baths for diathesis, wounds and cuts of the skin. Soothes and heals. It is useful to take such a bath for disorders of the nervous system, for fatigue. Contraindications can be only if there is an allergic reaction to the nut itself.

Features of use

The base of pine flour is the dry fruit itself. Once the oil has been extracted from the grain, the cake is ground and used as an additive in various culinary dishes. The remaining shell is used for infusions and balms.

Due to the analgesic properties of the cake, the tincture is used for: urolithiasis, hemorrhoids, nervous disorders. Externally, it is used to remove hair from the skin. The following recommendations can be found in bibliographic sources:

  • Use the cake in tincture for frictions in colds;
  • In painful joints, sprains;
  • In bone diseases.

The decoction should be used in case of blood diseases, salt deposits and osteochondrosis. Baths with the decoction are useful in diseases of the skin and joints. You can make cedar pulp infusion lotions, it is recommended for burns, herpes, psoriasis. Gargling in the mouth inflammation of the mucous tissues.

in folk medicine

The healing properties of cedars have been known for many hundreds of years. Modern medicine does not refute this fact. Absolutely everything in this tree has healing powers, from the roots to the crown.

Because of its location, this coniferous plant is rich in vitamin C. During the Middle Ages there were wars and invasions, both on land and in the sea. The sailors often became ill, and then the medicines did not abound as much as now. The scurbuto, a terrible disease, was committed to the brave warriors. For a long time, doctors were unable to determine their cause.

Soon, the healers discovered that the disease was caused by the lack of vitamin C. by then many deaths had already occurred, but fortunately the disease had been stopped. It was very convenient to take food that would not spoil for a long time. These were the coniferous cortex, nuts and oil cake. It was known that their infusion and decoction contained vitamin C.

During these years, it was actively experienced in priests with various infusions and decoctions. People versed in plants were valued. Then began the practice of taking pine needles, particularly cedar and all its components.

By making an analogy, a cedar decoction glass contains much more vitamin C than a vessel of lemon.

Throughout the day, the cedar forest releases a huge amount of organic substances through the cortex, resin and needles. These vapors have antimicrobial properties. Being in such a forest is very beneficial, with beneficial effects on the nervous system, respiratory organs and the cardiovascular system. It is recommended to always put a couple of cedar twigs at home in a vase.

The decoction of cake with addition of pine needles helps:

  • For cough, it improves the cleaning of the respiratory tract.
  • With throat pain, stomatitis, nasal secretion, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with cedar decoction. Make inhalations.
  • The decoction helps clean the blood vessels.
  • It reduces bleeding, especially important for women during menstruation.
  • When you boil pus, you have to do lotions with the decoction.
  • In case of joint pain, decoction to rub.
  • In case of strong headaches and migraines, a bandage soaked in the decoction is applied.
  • In case of ethyl poisoning, the decoction of the cake must be drank with the addition of pine needles.

In homemade cosmetology

The use of cedar oil flour has also been found in cosmetology. Thanks to its useful and regenerating properties, facial masks are made of it. For this it is needed

  1. 2 tbsp. cake
  2. ½ tablespoon of kefir or sour cream (depending on the skin type).

To prepare the mask, the cake is crushed until the flour is added, the liquid is added and applied to the clean skin. The mask must be applied for 15 minutes. During this time the skin will saturate vitamins, acquire a fresh tone and be velvety.

There is a suitable mask for mixed skin. It contains nut pulp, which must be crushed, and fresh berries. Add yogurt and mix. It is applied in the face for ¼ hour and clarified with warm water. The clean, tone and moisturizes mask. It is possible to replace raspberries with other berries.

If the skin is dry, the following mask can be applied:

  1. 1 tablespoon crushed oil flour
  2. 1 teaspoon of honey
  3. 1/3 banana.

Crush all ingredients and mix well. Apply the resulting mixture on the face for ¼ hour.

The pine nuts contain antibacterial components in their composition, which has also found its place in cosmetology. Thanks to this, it is possible to eliminate the inflammation of the skin from the face, reduce eruptions and give elasticity.

Another mask for all types of skins. It must be applied at night. To prepare the mixture, you will need 1 tablespoon of crushed oil and 1 tablespoon of milk. Mix the ingredients and apply on the face and neck for 20 minutes. The mask must be done on alternate days for 4 weeks in a row.

The mask with egg yolk is suitable for aging skin. To prepare it, take

  1. 1 egg yolk.
  2. 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. 1 tablespoon crushed pine nuts.

Remove everything and apply it on the face, neck and neckline for ½ hour. Apply it twice a week.

In addition to the masks, in cosmetology they also become exfoliants. For this, a pine nut cake is needed. Hot water must be crushed and pour, add crushed oats. Apply for 15 minutes, and when rinsing, massage the skin and rinse with warm water. It is recommended to apply the exfoliant on the skin to steamed.

To prepare the second exfoliant, take

  1. 1 egg white.
  2. 3 drops of chamomile oil.
  3. Cedar nut cake – 3 tablespoons.

Grind the pineapple cake and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Apply to the face and massage the expression lines for a few minutes. Clarify the mixture with warm water and then wash with cold water.

Use in kitchen

The cedar cake is a natural biopreparado that is obtained by cold pressure. It was not used in the kitchen until recently. And the advantage in the dishes is that the cake retains all useful vitamins and oils up to 30%.

But compared to ordinary nut grains, it is much less fat and sucrose. The daily consumption of a handful of pressed nuts, a person strengthens the health and longevity of years. The general state of health and metabolism improve, so it is recommended to use the cedar nut cake in diets.

Piñones cake

It is considered a dietary dish and is good for breakfast. To prepare it, the curd is hit in a blender, then 2 tablespoons of shoots and 1 teaspoon of honey or jam are added. It all depends on taste, sugar can be added. Such a dish in the morning will give energy for the whole day, saturate the agency and provide many benefits.

Cookies “Siberian cedros

To cook you need

  1. CEDRO FLOUR – 100 gr.
  2. Wheat flour – 50 gr.
  3. Butter and sugar – 100 gr.
  4. 1 chicken egg.

Knead the dough, form balls and crush them slightly on the tray. Cover with pinions and bake for ¼ hour to 180 degrees.

Trunk cookies

For the dough you need

  1. butter – 100 gr.
  2. Powdered yeast – A quarter of teaspoon
  3. Sugar – 150 gr.
  4. Piñones – 50 gr.
  5. Wheat flour – 100 g
  6. pine flour – 120 gr.
  7. 1 chicken yolk
  8. Waist/boil – 200 gr.

When making the dough, mix everything except jam. Chop the fruits a little earlier. Line a baking sheet with scroll paper and grease it with a little vegetable oil. Divide the dough into 2 parts. Extend the first part in a uniform layer on the scroll paper and put the jam on top. Spread the rest of the dough on the jam and bake for half an hour to 180 degrees.

Dried fruit cream

For this dessert you will need

  1. Gelatin – 1 package
  2. sour cream – 0. 5 liter
  3. Milk – 100 gr
  4. Sugar – 200 gr
  5. Pineapple cake – half cup.

Pour the jelly into the milk and let it swell. Then heat to the fire until it is completely dissolved, but without boiling. Mix the sour cream with the sugar and add the dissolved jelly. Mix well and add pine flour. Extend the product in a fountain and let stand in the refrigerator for several hours.

Scallops “cedar

To cook you need

  1. 250 gr of minced meat
  2. 60 gr of olives without chips
  3. 40 gr of pinions or cake
  4. 1 egg
  5. 1 clove garlic
  6. bread crumbs
  7. salt, pepper, frying oil

Make minced meat, chop the olives, nuts and garlic and add to the meat, add egg and spices to taste. Form round chops, pass them through breadcrumbs and stew them until golden brown.

Nuts sauce and sour cream

  • Sour cream: 250 g
  • Piñones press: 1/3 cup
  • Olive oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Salt – 0. 5 teaspoon
  • Black pepper: 0. 5 teaspoons
  • Vegetables to taste

The pine nuts are chopped in the blender, the chopped dill, the oil, the salt and the pepper are added, the sour cream is poured and mixed well. The sauce is ready and the walnuts are vitamin.

Possible contraindications

There are no particular contraindications for pinion cake. The exception is individual intolerance to the product, allergic reaction to nuts. Nor is it recommended to eat a lot of the product at once, it is better to eat regularly, but little by little.

It is not advised to bear nuts or cake to young children, since they are young and can be choked with them. If you want to use food for medicinal purposes, you should first consult a doctor.

Expiration and conservation conditions

Once the nut oil is squeezed, the oxidation process begins. To keep the cake, it is packaged in a hermetic vacuum bag. Under these conditions it can be stored for 1 year. If the bag is hidden, the useful life is reduced by half a year.

And the cake should be kept in the refrigerator. After 6 months, the cake should not be used – it releases harmful substances, acquires a bitter taste and loses all its useful properties.

Where to buy it

You can buy the pineapple cake in a phytopharmacy, in an online store, in stores specialized in the sale of bioaditas.

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