Properties for health and contraindications for the use of red cherry

The red cherry tree grows in many countries, including Russia. In spring, when nature begins to wake up from winter frost and heat enters, trees covered with white flowers such as snow appear in the streets. Flower clusters give off a strong aroma of honey that wraps everything around it. However, very few people know that bird cherry is not only a beautiful plant, but also a true treasure of useful microelements

Bird cherry, whose beneficial properties have been demonstrated by scientists, is currently recognized as a remedy for its diaphoretic, astringent, ant i-inflammatory, diuretic, antific, sedative, sedative, tonic and stipistic properties.

Chemical composition and calories

The fruits of the red bird cherry are rich in the following elements

  1. Vitamins: A, C, P. These vitamins improve the immune system and increase the organism’s resistance to seasonal diseases, and are an excellent prevention of cardiovascular problems.
  2. Micronutrients: iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, zinc.
  3. Macronutrients: Magnesium.
  4. AnthocyaninsThey have sedative, bactericidal and reconstitutional properties. They are used in medicine for the prevention and treatment of acute viral and bacterial diseases, as well as to strengthen the view.
  5. TanninosThey have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, eliminating toxins. Tannins have also demonstrated their effectiveness against poisoning.
  6. LycopenePrevents the development of cancer cells and atherosclerosis, has an antiseptic effect on the body.
  7. PolysaccharidesThey have a positive effect on the digestive system, reduce blood sugar levels.

In addition, red berries contain a series of organic acids: apple acid, citric acid and phenylcarbonic acid.

Energy value (per 100 g):

  • 46 kcal;
  • 10 g of carbohydrates;
  • 0 g of fats;
  • 0 g of protein;
  • 0 g of food fiber;
  • 61 g of water.

Useful red cherry properties

Already in ancient times, people realized the benefits of the red cherry and began to actively use the plant in practice for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Its rich composition makes red cherry useful for men, women, children and the elderly.

For man

The benefits of red bird cherry for the male body are quite large. Regular use of mature berries favors faster and faster elimination of accumulated harmful deposits in the urogenital system.

It has been shown that ripe red fruits improve blood circulation in genitals, which in turn improves male power and health in general. Often, men use the berries of the plant as potent aphrodisiac and also to increase libido.

For the women

Women can use mature rafts to treat infections of the genitourinary apparatus. For example, doctors recommend adding daily irrigation with a special decoction made by oneself from leaves and cortex. Such procedure will help relieve the condition and mitigate painful sensations.

Girls can also use the plant to treat the following problems

  • to treat skin, acne and dermatitis diseases;
  • to relieve skin conditions caused by solar burns;
  • fighting ski n-related skin changes: wrinkles, dryness and sagging;
  • To improve metabolism and lose weight (chlorogenic acid contained in the fruit has a burning effect).

For children

The fruit of red bird cherry will help children quickly get rid of poisoning and diarrhea signs. A decoction based on the young leaves of the plant is widely used to treat rotavirus, dysentery and dissbacteriosis. It quickly relieves symptoms of poisoning and helps normalize the gastrointestinal tract.

Plant leaves can help quickly heal wounds, including pustulous or inflamed cuts. Bird cherry leaves are also used for eye ailments. Massages should be applied daily, in the morning or at night.

In addition, red bird cherry can be an excellent cosmetic remedy for the skin problems of adolescence. The products that contain the fruit of the plant are excellent against inflammation and obstruction of the sebaceous glands, acne and various inflammations.

For older people

What is the red bird cherry for the elderly

  • Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels;
  • prevents the development of diabetes;
  • Improve vascular walls
  • rapidly normalizes arterial hypertension at a satisfactory level;
  • Thanks to the fruit magnesium, it has a soothing effect;
  • Relieves articular pains.

Use in cosmetology

Bird cherry has demonstrated its effectiveness in cosmetology. The plant is used to make creams, masks, sera and tonic. It is also possible to elaborate their own remedies at home.

The newly squeezed red berry juice, for example, can help you quickly get rid of black points. The problematic areas of the skin must rub with juice once a day. For a more effective struggle, you can take a glass of juice or bark broth internally with an empty stomach.

To hydrate and nurture dry skin, cosmetologists recommend preparing a special bird cherry tincture. To do this, 2 tablespoons of flowers to pour 1 cup of boiled water and insist for 1 hour. This tincture should be cleaned all of the face before going to bed.

To rejuvenate the skin of the face, you can make a mask. Machacated berries are placed over the entire skin and remain for 15 minutes, then they are washed thoroughly with water. This treatment will eliminate fatigue signs and match skin tone.

Damage and contraindications

The red bird cherry, whose benefits and damages are incomparable, despite its rich composition, has a series of contraindications. Thus, the use of fruit is not recommended if you are hypersensitive, pregnant women and infants, children under 3 years, allergic and people prone to constipation, as well as diabetics.

IMPORTANT: It is convenient to strictly respect the recommended daily dose. The glucóside contained in the red bird cherry, after division, cyanhydric acid. This toxic compound is present in the seeds of the fruit and in excess can cause severe poisoning, respiratory disorders and even death.

Flower branches should not be left inside for a long time. This is because the flowers give off a fairly strong fragrance, which can cause poisoning, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, itching and unconsciousness if exposed to it for long periods.

Correct collection

For bird cherry to keep all its beneficial substances, it must be collected correctly. For example, the cortex is better collected at the beginning of spring, before the tree blooms. It is then that the cortex contains more minerals and vitamins.

The leaves are collected in early summer. We must also take into account the weather conditions. The herbalists recommend collecting the cortex, leaves, flowers and berries only when time is dry and sunny, first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The flowers and leaves are collected in a bed under a coat, outdoors or in a dryer. The raw material can be used within one year.

To collect the fruits, you have to wash and dry them. The red fruits must be collected in the 3 hours after the harvest, otherwise they will begin to spoil.

Use of red bird cherry

Almost all parts of the plant can be used: ripe fruit, young leaves, bark and even florid clusters. The recipe collection includes many interesting ways to prepare it. Bird cherry has bittersweet flavor berries. Fresh or dry, can be used to prepare decoctions and compotes, and can also become jam.


Making bird’s red cherry jam is incredibly tasty and useful, since the final product retains all its properties and qualities.

Only a few ingredients are needed to make jam:

  • 2 kg of berries;
  • 2 kg of white sugar;

First, you have to wash and dry the berries well. Prepared berries are placed in a bowl, covered with sugar and left for 12 hours. During this time, the red berries will have time to release their juice, which is poured and put on the fire. As soon as the juice begins to boil, it is removed from the heat, the fruit is poured and boiled.

The consistency of the jam is the measure of its preparation. It is allowed to drip a small amount of syrup on a cold surface. If the drops maintain their shape and do not drain, the jam is ready. The cooling syrup is poured into jars and canned. Jam can be consumed at any time of the year. Once preserved, jam can be stored up to 2 years.


The compot of bird cherries is an excellent thirst soothing and a tonic. Especially valuable drink will be in the winter season and the cold season. To make a compote, you will need the following ingredients

  • 1 kg of berries;
  • 1. 5 liters of pure water;
  • 500 grams of sugar.

First you have to prepare bird cherries. For the compote you must choose ripe and virgin fruit. The selected berries are rinsed with running water and dried. Next, the clean bird cherries are placed in an enameled container (for example, a large pot) and are poured with water.

Then, the pot is put over medium heat and, removing frequently, it is brought to a boil. Add the sugar to the boiling water and cook over low heat for 7-10 minutes.

While it boils the compote, you can take care of the jars for canned. You have to wash them and sterilize them. Enter the jars in boiling water or a sterilizer for a few minutes. The tapas must also be sterilized. The syrup is poured into the jars and close tightly.

The jars get mouth of them, wrapped in a hot blanket or coverage and left for at least 24 hours. Next, the jars are transferred to a fresh and dark room (for example, a basement).

Bird Cherry Flour Kissel

Making bird cherry flour Kissel is a fast and simple process that will delight the whole family and the guests with their flavor and aroma. The icing flour kissel is prepared with the following ingredients

  • 2 l of water;
  • 1 cup of icing flour;
  • 2 tablespoons of starch;
  • 3 tablespoons of honey.

First, 0. 5 l of water are boiled, then the bird cherry flour is poured into the liquid and rapidly removes until it is homogeneous. It is important to ensure that the syrup does not have lumps. Next, the mixture is added to the rest of the water and diluted with starch and honey. Then, it is brought to a boil and boil until the desired consistency is obtained.

Red cherry

A cherry tincture is an excellent complement to any meal. It does not require much effort to prepare it.

  • Will need 500 g of berries;
  • 0. 5 liters of vodka;
  • 110 g of sugar.

This tincture is prepared with the largest and older bird cherries. Take them previously with running water and sequences. Place them in a glass jar, cover them with sugar and let them rest for a day. The red bird cherry should segregate savia. As soon as this happens, vodka is poured into a container. All ingredients are mixed and the lid closes.

Insist in the drink in a dark room at a temperature of + 25 ° C for a month. Ready bird cherry tincture is poured over a gauze in a dark glass bottle. The drink can be stored for 1 year in a dark and fresh place.

Dry bird cherry

Discied red bird cherries are a nutritious and healthy snack that will like both adults and children. To correctly dry the red cherries, you have to follow several steps:

  1. Select ripe and beautiful fruits, wash them and sequer them.
  2. Stop them uniformly on a baking sheet forming a thin layer.
  3. Put them in the preheated oven at 40 ° C for 60 minutes.
  4. After 1 hour, raise the temperature at 70 ° C.
  5. Reduce the oven temperature to a low level and keep the cherries in the oven until they are completely dry.

Place dried cherries in a fabric bag. If preserved correctly, nuts can be used up to 5 years.


The decoction of red cherry is famous for its ant i-inflammatory properties. This drink quickly relieves fever, cough and sore throat. The decoction is prepared with the following ingredients

  • berries and leaves of the plant;
  • boiling water.

Pour the clean berries and the sheets of the bird cherry in boiling water in a proportion of 1: 2. Leave the fruit for 3-4 hours and then pour the liquid into a container through a gauze or a strainer. The decoction can be used for cosmetic purposes, as well as in the treatment of colds or throat pains.

Bird cherry berries contain coffee acid, which tones and increases energy. It is a suitable drink for all coffee growers. To prepare this energy drink, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoon of freshly ground coffee;
  • 1 teaspoon of bird flour flour;
  • Sugar, milk or cream to taste.

Pour coffee and flour into a mortar, pour the water and remove until you get a homogeneous mixture. Put the mixture over medium heat and take it to a boil. As soon as the coffee is boiling, it is poured into a cup and sugar, milk or cream is added.


The syrup can be used as an accompaniment of a main dish or to bake various products. To make the syrup, a few ingredients are needed:

  • 1 l of bird cherry juice;
  • 300 g of white sugar.

Sugar and juice should be mixed in a large bowl, and then slowly put on heat. Gradually increase the temperature, carrying the syrup to a boil. The juice should boil for a few minutes. Next, the syrup is packaged in plastic or glass bottles and closes tightly. The syrup can be used up to 1 year, depending on storage conditions.

Regular use of bird cherry will help deal with many diseases and problems. Its wonderful flavor and sweet aroma will like not only adults, but also children. A variety of recipes will help prepare tasty treats in advance and consume them throughout the year. The red bird cherry is a source of health, beauty and youth.

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