Raw eggs of quail and chicken on an empty stomach or how?

The egg is a harmoniously balanced animal product that contains a rich complex of vitamins and vital micronutrients for the human being. The eggs are part of the diet of the majority of the world’s population for centuries, but the debate on their damages and benefits remains open. So, is it useful to eat eggs? How? With an empty stomach or not? What kind is better? In this article you will find answers to all these questions.

Structure and composition of chicken eggs

A single raw chicken egg contains up to 15% of the daily adult protein needs. In addition, it includes folic acid, vitamins A, B, E and D, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and hill, useful for all organic systems. But it is worth considering separately the benefits of egg yolk and protein.

Egg white

This part of the egg has surprising antioxidant properties and is an excellent help for poisoning with any poison, metals and its salts. Activates the elimination of toxins and impurities from the organism, the enzyme in its crude form also eliminates the helicobacter pylori. This dangerous bacteria develops gastritis, ulcers, causes erosions and even gastric cancer. According to various data, between 50% and 80% of the world’s population is a bearer of the bacteria. The smoothness present in the protein is effective against other harmful bacteria without any side effect. In addition, it has rejuvenating properties.


The egg yolk contains a complex of elements capable of dissolving the plates of the walls of the circulatory system, improving the functioning of the brain, preventing myocardial infarctions and strokes, cleaning the liver, increasing visual acuity, accelerating metabolism and strengthening thebones, hair and immune system.


In addition to a large number of useful elements, feathery embryos also contain a high concentration of cholesterol. This is what causes the controversy around the usefulness of this ingredient. A single yolk contains up to 250 milligrams of cholesterol, more than in any other product, and its overabundance increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. But few people know that egg cholesterol has a positive side:

– Eating yolks releases the liver from your own cholesterol production. As a consequence, the liver has more time and resources to purify the blood and synthesize other substances.

– Cholesterol lack or deficiency causes a decrease in libidThe formation of sex hormones.

– Thanks to other elements of the structure of eggs, such as lecithin, lecithin and phospholipids, cholesterol is of higher quality and can be absorbed more quickly. The harmful properties of cholesterol are disappearing, so it is time to relegate information about their dangers to the category of myths.

– Especially young children and adolescents need cholesterol: Help the development of immature organs.

Important: thermal treatment not only deprives them of their useful properties, but also changes the structure of substances, thus increasing the amount of bad and carcinogenic cholesterol. Crysty raw chicken eggs will protect you from harmful elements.

Eggotherapy for various ailments and not only

1. Agex. American scientists have shown that regular chicken germ consumption reduces the possibility of suffering a stroke. Antioxidants reduce oxygen pressure in cells, pressure in blood vessels and relieve inflammation. But what happens when a stroke ends? The most important stage is rehabilitation; The patient not only needs to recover, but also prevent a second stroke. Doctors recommend reducing the caloric content of the diet, but maintaining the necessary amount of protein. The daily standard is 90-100 grams, whose main part is ideally composed of 1-2 raw eggs per day.

2. Diabetes. The properties of raw eggs effectively relieve pancreatic inflammation and normalize insulin synthesis.

3. Pancreatitis. Quality protein is much easier to digest, restores damaged cells, optimizes enzyme secretion, eliminates the feeling of hunger.

4. Gastritis and ulcers. For the affected mucosa there is nothing better than the protein of the egg, wraps the stomach walls from the inside, relieves and reduces inflammation, and suppresses the development of the dangerous bacteria that cause gastritis. Eggs are also good for other stomach ailments such as ulcers, for example.

5. Male power. Eggs not only relieve fatigue and restore energy reserves, but also significantly improve power. They are a ful l-ruling substitute for medications, vitamins and increase the productivity of the sexual system.

6. Voice. Lutein wraps and softens the laryngeal mucosa, and the protein is able to cure the microtrauma that occur when overesphoring and singing. But it is not believed that eggs have any effect on the bell or strength of the voice.

7. Win muscle mass and exercise. The amount of protein in the diet has a direct effect on muscle growth. And the bird’s germ is one of the richest products in protein and affordable that exist. It is also a rich source of energy, Omega-3, calcium, zinc, iron and the eight amino acids, which not only help the muscles develop rapidly, but also facilitate recovery.

8. Alcohol and its consequences. The capacity of raw eggs to prevent hangover is widely known in popular medicine. Avidina accelerates ethanol processing – 1 egg drunk before or during a party will ensure a pleasant morning, and will facilitate the recovery process after a long drunkenness.


Even healthiest foods can cause adverse effects if consumed in excess. But you have to take into account the diseases in which to refrain from eating eggs:

– Renal diseases. An excess of proteins can cause a diagnostic exacerbation.- allergies. Eggs often irritate people prone to allergic reactions. They can cause cutaneous eruptions, swelling, vomiting, cough, sneezing and even diarrhea.- Biotin deficiency. It causes skin diseases, dermatitis, coordination alterations and seizures. Egg protein also eliminates biotin from the organism, which can aggravate the condition.

Attention. Eating pen in raw state entails the risk of contracting salmonellosis. To avoid intestinal infection, you must wash the eggs with a bitter soap solution or, to ensure, treat them with boiling water with salt. There are other rules to prevent infection: – Eat only fresh foods;- Do not eat raw eggs with the cracked peel;

Made. Eradicates bacteria by adding apple cider vinegar or citric acid. Just add a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice, remove well and wait a few minutes.


Outside the refrigerator, table chicken eggs are preserved up to 25 days; The useful life of washed eggs does not exceed 12 days. In the refrigerator, the useful life increases considerably up to 90 days, but remember that quality decreases rapidly due to the fine shell and the content dries. Do not forget to check the freshness of the eggs before eating them.

How to choose?

Cold water is excellent for checking product freshness. Fresh germs immediately go to the bottom of the container and place horizontally. The more the egg raises the surface of the water, the more “old” it is. Only the freshest can eat raw. It is also worth paying attention to the color of the yolk. A bright and saturated color indicates that eggs are homemade. The dull and pale color of the yolk is that of the factory eggs. The chickens that put them live in cages, fed with artificial feed and raised with hormones and antibiotics. The age of the chicken can also be determined by the size of the peel. Young laying chickens have smaller eggs, but this gives a good quality product.

Quail eggs

Recently, Baby quail eggs have gained popularity, although there are no significant differences in their composition compared to chicken eggs. But the concentration of useful trace elements in stained small eggs is much higher. In addition to the properties already listed, it can be added that they have a positive effect on female hormones, increase fertility, reduce the risk of developing libami, uterine polyps and mastopathies. In addition, they do not cause allergies or babies or adults. And the high body temperature of the quail completely eliminates the possibility of salmonella infection. But the cholesterol content in the eggs of these birds is much greater.

But is it possible to eat raw eggs every day? It is possible and even necessary, especially if a person leads an active life. For women, the daily consumer rate is 3 units, men can take up to 6 units. Daily consumption will not only significantly improve mood, but also strengthen health.

For children

The quail germ is indispensable for the development of the children’s organism: – positively affect vision, cognitive functions, strengthening bones, the development of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal function;- Increase hemoglobin, reinforce immunity and accelerate recovery after colds;- They are adequate to prevent rickets and stimulate the excretion of toxins and radionuclides;- They improve memory and help learn new knowledge;- Relieve excess work, overwhile and headaches;- Relieve the status of children with bronchial asthma.

They can be introduced into the children’s diet from 7 months of age, but their consumption can cause allergies, aggravate kidney and liver diseases and alter protein metabolism. Therefore, a pediatrician must be consulted before.

The age interval is as follows

– Children under one year should not be given more than 1 yolk per day, – to children under 3 years of age can be added 1-2 whole eggs, – for children under 8 years of age it is sufficient with 2-3eggs;

Important: Children should never eat raw pen! Children run the risk of contracting infections, such as Poulrylosis. Raw proteins are difficult to digest by the immature digestive system and can cause gases and stomach discomfort.

If a quail egg floats in the water?

The method to determine the freshness of chicken eggs is very clear, but is it for quail eggs? Yes, but the difference is that small eggs absorb the air through the peel much faster and, therefore, float in the water at an “earlier age” than chicken eggs, but this does not mean that they lose freshnessfaster. A fiv e-day quail egg behaves equally well in the water as a tw o-week chicken egg. So there is no reason to be afraid.

Spotted quail eggs are capable of conserving their useful properties up to 30 days, provided they are stored correctly.

Quail eggs for diabetes

In this disease, quail eggs not only help improve the condition, but are an important component of integral treatment, especially when complications arise. Studies on the protein of this species have revealed a high interferon content. It is effective for diabetes, and doctors include the product in the daily diet of patients. It is recommended to consume up to 6 eggs a day, raw and preferably on an empty stomach, but not immediately. The treatment must be gradually started, since the large number of egg components has a laxative effect.

High cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in the body are not a consequence of the consumption of foods rich in cholesterol, but a sign of metabolic disorders. Therefore, it is possible to consume stained eggs in case of high levels, but responsible. The diet should be prepared in consultation with the doctor. The daily rate depends on the current state of health and the individual characteristics.

Do quail eggs are taken with an empty stomach or not?

Raw and fresh eggs should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, after having scrambled the peel. Even a raw egg on an empty stomach is enough to fill you with energy for the whole day. But not many people like the taste of this healing dish. Modern cuisine offers many recipes for different purposes and preferences.

1. A drink to increase muscle mass

Protein milkshake can be taken both before and after physical activity.

– Beat the milk for 30-40 seconds;- Add 25 grams of protein powder, beat the mixture for another 15 seconds;- Enough for 2 chicken eggs U 8 of quail, another 25 grams of dust, 100 grams of cottage cheese. Mix until you get a homogeneous mixture;- You can add juice or fruit syrup to taste.

– Incorporate a chicken yolk and 1 tablespoon of sugar;- Add a pinch of salt and 150 ml. milk;- Remove and strain, then decorate with nutmeg if desired.

Youth source

– Mix melted honey with banana medium and a glass of milk;- Remove the mixture for about 2 minutes;- Add 4 quail yolks and beat again.

This shake can be taken on an empty stomach or as a snack.

Modern science has long since put the points on the ies, and stereotypes firmly planted in people’s heads should forget. The damage and danger of cholesterol do not reside in the excessive consumption of a protein product, but in a metabolic disorder. The type of eggs and their quantity in the diet depend on their preferences and personality, but even in the case of serious diseases the product undoubtedly has a positive effect, reinforces the immune system and improves the operation of almost all human systems, regardlessof the age.

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