REBOZUELOS: benefits and losses for the organism, composition, uses

The rebozuelos are named for their bright and beautiful red color, which is often compared to the skin of the fox. They grow in large groups, which appear after the rain in summer. They grow in different areas.

A distinctive feature of the rebozuelos is that they never shake, break or crumble. This is due to its rich composition, which also has a beneficial effect for the human body. They have a series of medicinal properties and are used not only in the kitchen, but also in cosmetology. It is advisable to take into account some contraindications before consuming them.

Nutritional value and calories of rebozuelos

The caloric value of the rebozuelos (colloquially “chicken”) is comparable to that of the mushrooms and the rebozuelos. In 100 g of raw product it contains 19 kcal, proteins – 1. 5 g, fats – 1. 1 g, carbohydrates – 1 g. Due to such value, rebozuelos can be consumed even by people who follow an adequate diet. The main thing is to follow the recommendations for cooking with rebozuelos.

The base of the mushroom is liquid (approximately 89%) and the rest is pulp, which is absorbed both in the small and bulk intestine. Therefore, dietary fiber has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristaltism and improves its microflora, in addition to normalizing the entire digestive tract.

Vitamin and mineral content

The chemical composition of rebozuelos is very rich in vitamins and minerals. In the meat of the rebozuelos you can find

  • Vitamins of the rebozuelos – A, C, D2, E, PP, Group B;
  • Pantotenic acid, folic acid, nicotinic acid;
  • potassium;
  • match;
  • magnesium;
  • chlorine;
  • sulfur;
  • Calcium and sodium.

Micronutrients such as aluminum, zinc, copper, titanium, strontium, selenium and lithium are also included. It should be noted that the roosters also contain iron, manganese, fluorine, chrome, nickel, cobalt and vanadium, which explains its orange color.

As for the composition in amino acids, it is not diverse. It should be noted that mushrooms have fatty acids: saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated. That is, rebozuelos even have OMEA-6 and Omega-9, which is important for the regular deficiency of these elements.

Useful properties of fresh and dry rebozuelos

The benefits and damages of rebozuelos are appreciated in their content in vitamins and minerals. With adequate preparation, storage and consumption amount, this product will only be good for the human body of any age. Thanks to their ascorbic acid content, mushrooms help fight the symptoms of colds and respiratory diseases. In addition, with its regular inclusion in the diet, the sleep is normalized and depression disappears.

Rebozuelo mushrooms also help reduce irritability and fatigue. In addition, resistance to various viral and infectious pathologies increases.

According to the results of the study, it was concluded that rebozuelos, due to their high vitamin D content, help strengthen muscle tissue, improve the resistance of the immune system to viruses, as well as prevent the development of skin diseases and riskof cardiovascular diseases.

Scientists have also demonstrated the benefits of dry rebozuelos. Dry mushroom dust is used abroad to make various medications that improve visual function and help fight “chicken” blindness.

Thanks to their rich composition in macronutrients, rebozuelos can improve liver and renal pathologies, including viral hepatitis. This fungus is also greatly used as a natural antibacterial agent against tuberculosis.

Of all of the above, we can conclude that the benefits of black and common rebozuelos are based on a rich composition and helps normalize body work:

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • help eliminate toxins and salts from the body;
  • Help with flu, respiratory infections and throat pain;
  • Help get rid of parasitic infections;
  • Help fight fatigue and irritability;
  • Help strengthen the immune system;
  • Help restore visual function;
  • Help varicose veins;
  • help improve the status of the skin and hair;
  • Help get rid of boils, acne and boil.

The medicinal properties of ginger fungi

The chanterelle is a mushroom that never has worms. This fact is explained because it contains quinomannose. This polysaccharide is harmless to the human body, but has a deleterious effect on insects and other organisms, including sexually mature individuals, larvae, and eggs. That is why preparations containing mushroom extracts are developed due to this property.

Human parasitic infections can be fought not only with drugs, but also with the product itself. The main thing to take into account is the fact that quinomannose breaks down during heat treatment.

To treat worms, it is worth following the rules when cooking chanterelles. Marinating of any kind also prevents the preservation of this component, since the sodium salt has a destructive effect. Drying is the best way to preserve quinomannose. It is advisable to make infusions in alcohol, vodka or wine based on drying.

The usefulness of the tubular chanterelle is not limited to its antiparasitic properties, since the fungus helps to combat a large number of pathologies and disorders. The table presents the therapeutic properties of this substance for the body.

Benefits of raw chanterelles for the body Components that have a positive effect on the body
Antioxidant, which favors the elimination of toxins from the body copper and zinc
Antibacterial property, thanks to which the fungus has found wide application in the treatment of tuberculosis, sore throat. This is due to the fact that the product helps to block the development of pathogens. Ergosterol, vitamin D.
Positive effect on the liver, its functionality Trametonolinic acid, ergosterol
Restoration of the state in kidney pathologies Ergosterol
Mood enhancement, fatigue reduction, memory enhancement, CNS stimulation B vitamins, magnesium
Normalize visual function Carotene

Also, in addition to the properties mentioned above, the benefits of chanterelle tincture and other products from this fungus are

  • improvement of the condition and functionality of the pancreas
  • elimination of cancer cells and prevention of their appearance
  • elimination of the inflammatory process regardless of its localization
  • stimulation of wound healing, abscesses;
  • rid the body of fungal infections
  • reduction of allergic reactions;
  • sedative effect and normalization of sleep
  • improvement of the functionality of the respiratory system;
  • strengthening of cardiac muscle tissue;
  • Reduction of arterial hypertension;
  • Reduction of atherosclerosis risk.

The benefits of rebozuelos to lose weight

Ergosterol, which is part of this fungus, is a quality stimulant for the production of liver enzymes. Other product components also contribute to improving the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, reducing blood cholesterol levels.

Due to the thick fiber, it improves the peristaltism of the intestines and the work of the digestive tract. Therefore, this fungus is recommended to patients suffering from constipation. It should also be noted that rebozuelos help fight fatty deposits and liver obesity, increasing the organism’s resistance to insulin. Due to this property, the product should be added to the diet of patients suffering from diabetes.

The fungus is used in cosmetology

Berberecho mushroom dust is used mainly in cosmetology. To prepare the dust it is recommended to grind a pressed mushroom. On the basis of these raw materials, masks for hands, hair, nails and skin are prepared.

Preparations that include rebozuelos have the following beneficial properties

  • They favor rejuvenation
  • they soften and cool the skin
  • They hydrate and nourish
  • tone;
  • They help tighten the facial oval
  • repel fungal infections
  • normalize acid balance;
  • It has antioxidant effect;
  • Stimulates hair growth, improves its silthiness and strength.

Fresh mushrooms can also be added to home remedies. They have to be crushed previously with kitchen utensils and mix them with other ingredients.

Contraindications and losses for the agency

The damages and benefits of rebozuelo mushrooms are related to their composition. It is necessary to refrain from using this product if there are contraindications, as well as if a negative reaction is produced after consumption.

Restrictions include pregnancy, the age of a child under three, allergies, digestive tract pathologies in the exacerbation period.

Mushrooms should also be taken with caution in patients diagnosed with biliary gallbladder problems. In order not to find heaviness in the stomach after ingestion, they should not be consumed before bedtime.

To rule out a negative reaction, it is advisable to avoid dishes with mushrooms also during the lactation period. In this situation, the condition of the baby should be carefully monitored and, if the reaction is normal, the product can be consumed, but not frequently and in small quantities. Choose only a proven product for dishes.

Collection and conservation, differences in false chanterelles

When collecting chanterelles in the woods, avoid suspicious mushrooms: inexperienced collectors have difficulty distinguishing edible chanterelles from false chanterelles.

True chanterelles have thicker, denser blades that extend down the stem of the mushroom and are attached to it. The meat of the mushroom. False chanterelles have yellow, smelly, tasteless and friable flesh. They do not change color under pressure. True chanterelles are white in the center and yellow on the edges, and dense.

Chanterelles should only be harvested by experts. The collection of chanterelles is carried out during a certain period. A good time for “silent hunting” is from late August to mid-autumn. For the mushroom to be useful, it must be processed as soon as possible after harvesting. Chanterelles can be dried, salted or frozen.

Also, do not buy from unverified merchants as you may get low-quality products. The best place to buy them is a store. There you can buy chanterelles in any form: frozen, marinated, cooked, and sometimes fresh.

Chanterelles are useful wild mushrooms that help in the fight against various conditions and pathologies. They have a wide range of uses and a minimal list of contraindications. To achieve a positive effect from the use of chanterelles, you should always follow the recommendations and advice.

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