Should we take garlic with an empty stomach in the morning?

The healing properties of garlic have been known for thousands of years. It is used to make tinctures and oils, extracts and decoctions. It is often recommended to eat it fresh and, above all, on an empty stomach. What benefits or losses do you have to eat garlic in the morning on an empty stomach?

The benefits of garlic

Everyone knows the benefits of garlic. It contains almost all B vitamins, as well as ascorbic acid, selenium, manganese, magnesium, calcium – a total of 17 trace elements, in addition, very valuable for the body of sulfur compounds. Routine, quercetin, caffeic acid and phytic acid are also considered important. The characteristic smell that the slices give off is due to the presence of essential oils that contain large amounts of allicin and other phytoncidas.

Alicina is a powerful antioxidant. Actively releases free radical cells, so garlic consumption significantly reduces the level of destructive processes caused by agency’s aging. The consumption of this product is important to prevent ag e-related brain diseases and, in particular, senile dementia – dementia.

It can also help deal with another problem related to age: the reduction of bone resistance, especially in older women, caused by hormonal changes. Due to the high calcium content and the ability to maintain the level of the female hormone – estrogen – avoids a drastic reduction in bone mass, solving one of the main tasks of geriatrics – the prevention of fractures.


Equally important is the ability of garlic to improve the composition of the blood and, in particular, to “dilute it.”It reduces cholesterol and is especially active in the fight against its “harmful” component, significantly increasing “useful” cholesterol. At the same time, it helps maintain normal triglycerides.

The increase in blood viscosity is directly related to the incidence of myocardial infarctions and strokes, so a direct consequence of its “liquefaction” is the normalization of blood pressure.

The studies have shown that the inclusion of garlic in the menu of athletes and workers who perform heavy jobs, significantly increase their physical activity and reduce fatigue. Not surprisingly, in ancient Greece, marathon corridors were supplied with this miraculous product before their races.

It is also good for chronic fatigue syndrome, especially during spring avitaminosis. Similar symptoms can also occur with the accumulation of heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury, uranium, arsenic, etc. Garlic has been shown to eliminate these organism’s substances.

It has been shown that fresh garlic juice kills the fungi of the genus Candida, the Staphylococcus aureus, the E. coli and the salmonella. Its antihelmintic capacity has been known for a long time.

The antibacterial and immunomodulatory activity of garlic has been experimentally confirmed, not in vain is highly recommended during flu epidemics and seasonal respiratory diseases, as well as for cancer prevention.

Knowing the benefits of this miraculous vegetable, it is important to learn to use it correctly.

The peculiarities of use in the morning

The adepts to the “garlic recovery” recommend consuming it for fasting therapeutic purposes, since the benefits of the garlic ingested on an empty stomach are much larger than those of the same product included in any dish subjected to thermal treatment.


Dry garlic can be replaced with fresh garlic. You can dry it at 30-40 C with a domestic dehydrator, or buy it already prepared:

  • dust;
  • granules;
  • Capos.

Like all lyophilized vegetables, garlic retains its beneficial properties very well; The main thing is to choose a manufacturer in good faith to avoid falsifications.

Whole or not

Experience has shown that an entir e-ingested garlic clove can cause local stomach irritation, so it should be chopped or cut into slices for treatment. Those who cannot chew the bitter vegetable in the morning can apply alternative treatments.

Garlic and honey

You will need 12 mediu m-sized teeth and 1 glass of liquid honey (approximately 350 grams). To prepare the mixture, release the teeth from the peel, cut them or crush them, put them in a glass jar and pour liquid honey (if you wish, you can add a few drops of lemon juice). Leave the jar well closed in a dark place for a week, after which the already prepared cure must be stored in the refrigerator. Take a tablespoon every morning.

Water infusion

At night, a mediu m-sized crushed garlic clove is poured over an incomplete glass of warm water and left all night. In the morning, take 50 to 100 ml.

Milk elixir

Put five peeled and chopped slices in a glass of whole milk, then heat the bowl with the mixture until it boils gently and cook over low heat for 10 minutes, remove from the heat and let infuse covered throughout the night. Drink half a glass on an empty stomach.

Purpose of the morning ritual

Garlic treatment can become a kind of ritual, which must be leisurely and significant. Slow chewing favors better allicin absorption.

Treatment duration

Ideally, garlic treatment lasts three weeks. However, the practice has shown that not everyone is able to maintain that period continuously, so it can be divided into two or three parts with fiv e-day breaks.

Garlic damages in the morning

It is known that garlic is bitter and efficient, so an tooth ingested too fast with an empty stomach can cause stomach and esophagus pain or worse pancreatitis. To avoid this, it is advisable to drink a glass of water at room temperature before.


There are contraindications for any medication, no matter how miraculous its properties are. Garlic is very irritating for mucous membranes. In addition, the convulsive activity of the organism increases. Therefore, garlic treatment is strictly contraindicated in diseases such as:

  • gastritis with acute phase hyperacidity;
  • peptic ulcer;
  • epilepsy;
  • severe liver disease;
  • acute pancreatitis;
  • Hemorrhoids and tendency to internal bleeding.

When not to consume the product

Although a person does not have direct contraindications for fasting garlic intake, in some cases it is worth refusing to consume it. For example:

  • Before going to the dentist (it is unlikely that the doctor likes the specific smell);
  • Women who are menstruating (the ability to dilute blood can cause their periods to last longer);
  • Two weeks before surgical intervention (hemorrhage can increase);
  • Women who take anticoagulants.

Infant mothers should not consume garlic, since milk will acquire a specific smell and the baby can refuse to breastfeed. Pregnant women, due to the increase in the uterine tone, should not consume garlic.

Nephrologists also recommend that patients suffering frequent attacks of renal calculations do not eat garlic, since it can cause kidney stones.

Who can eat garlic in the morning

Given the characteristics of the vegetable, it can be concluded that the use of fasting garlic for recovery is possible for people with a healthy digestive system (or in persistent lon g-term remission) and without a tendency to suffer seizures.

Analog allergenic products

Of course, it is not possible to use garlic treatment for people who are allergic to this vegetable. The main cause of this reaction is the presence of Aliina Liasa, which is also found in other plants of the onion subfamily: leeks, shallots and asparagus.

Although doctors consider them little allergenic products, two percent of the population of Russia has declared to have intolerance to them. Nutritionists suggest asphatid as an alternative.

The assault (hinge) is the resin of the roots of the plant of the same name, known since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. In contact with the air, it quickly becomes a viscose and sticky beige-brown mixture with red veins and a peculiar smell reminiscent of the onion. Dry and ground resin mixed with rice flour is used in the kitchen. It is added in very small quantities, at the tip of a knife.

The opinion of the doctors

The medicine around the world has used garlic as a therapeutic and curative agent: there is evidence for Hippocrates and Avicena. Modern phytopharmacologists share this opinion, but warn garlic fans against fanaticism.


The first thing to know is that an allergic onion reaction manifests more often

  • In the inflammation of the mucosa of the oral cavity (stomatitis, heilitis – redness of the lips, which is accompanied by its cracking and peeling);
  • Gastrointestinal irritation (gastritis, colitis, gastroenteritis);
  • Cutaneous manifestations (dermatitis, urticaria with formation of red ampoules that bite and rise above the surface of the skin, edema of Quincke);
  • Less frequent are reactions in the respiratory system (rhinitis, asthma).

It is considered that the most dangerous manifestations of an allergy to these foods are anaphylactic shock and pénfigo, a disease in which the skin and mucous membranes are simultaneously irritated and that can lead to death.

Myths on the garlic miracle

Undoubtedly, the substances present in vegetables-ebolla help prevent cancer, but do not limit themselves to homemade treatment if you have symptoms of this dangerous disease: it is important to go to the oncologist and follow all the prescribed recommendations.

It has not yet been confirmed that garlic is active against viruses that cause COVID-19, certain types of flu and respiratory diseases. The advice to consume it during epidemics is based on the high content of phytocidas and the immunomodulating effects of the components that integrate it.


Analyzing the opinions of those who have competently used garlic for recovery in the morning, it can be observed that

  • Improvement of skin status;
  • increased resistance to respiratory diseases
  • hair loss stopped
  • and a good work capacity.

The garlic, the “cordial healer”, has the power to significantly improve our health and quality of life, provided that it is used judiciously.

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