Shungit water characteristics

Shungit’s stone is a rock with a unique composition and structure. The main property of Shungit’s stone is its ability to filter water of impurities, salts and organic waste.

Therefore, in everyday life, medicine and cosmetology use water purified by this rock. A few stones are enough to get such a water.

Chemical composition

In simple terms, Shungit’s stone is an old petrified oil. The composition of each stone depends on its site. In general terms, about 30% of the rock is carbon and 70% is quartz and mica. Shungit stone also contains oxides:

  • Aluminum;
  • Iron;
  • Potassium;
  • Calcium;
  • Silicon;
  • Magnesium;
  • Manganese;
  • Sodium;

As well as other trace elements such as sulfur, zinc, chrome and several others.


The complex composition of the stone directly affects its internal structure. And it depends on the unique properties of Shungit’s stone.

The benefits of

Schungite infusion received its legendary fame for its properties:

  • Filter water, eliminating mechanical impurities, organic waste, heavy metal salts,
  • Improve the flavor and smell of water;
  • Saturate water with trace elements contained in the stone;
  • Contribute to the treatment of various diseases.

Damage and contraindications

Before it was thought that Shungit water had no restrictions for use. Now experts have better studied their effects on the body. They advise with caution and under supervision Use the remedy in:

  • Cancer – Water accelerates the processes that occur in the body, so the growth of cancer cells is possible.
  • Any chronic disease in the acute phase – the body is under stress, and any change in the diet and treatment can lead to unpredictable reactions. If Shungit’s water is systematically consumed, there is no problem, but it is worth notifying the treating doctor.
  • Allergy – Theoretically, an individual reaction to some of the Shungit components is possible, but it is extremely rare.

The finished infusion is considered slightly acidic. If there are problems with acid-base balance, it is worth consulting a specialist.

Special uses

To obtain all the benefits of infusion, it must be used correctly.

In popular medicine

Shungit stone and infusion water are actively used in many types of alternative medicine, attributing vivifying properties. But traditional medicine does not abandon the use of Shungit as an additional support and prevention tool.


Shungit stone is used in allergic reactions, especially those associated with the use of medications. The use of infusion reduces histamine, responsible for all manifestations of the disease.

To reduce allergic reactions, it is recommended to drink at least 3 glasses of Shungit water per day. On its base you can prepare decoctions with grass of San Juan and Flores evergreen, provided there are no adverse reactions to them, in order to intensify the effect. The herbs take a teaspoon by half a liter of hot shungit water. The mixture is left in a thermos throughout the night. In the morning, 100-150 ml is sneak and taken with a little honey or sugar.


Shungit infusion gagarras help with angina and sore throat. A little heated water is used, but not boiled, pleasant temperature. A previous infusion is made in a stone for about three days. It is also acceptable to combine it with herbs prescribed by the doctor – Melisa, Mint, Sauc e-Hierba, Eucalyptus. To do this, the mixture is poured into hot water, let stand for 10-20 minutes, strain and use.


The treatment of asthma is a long and complex process. But in combination with infusion, the recovery process is much faster. Herbal tinctures are used in popular medicine.

For a liter of shungit water, 20 g of eucalyptus leaves and 2 g of dry aggrapht are taken. It takes the water almost boiling, but without boiling. Next, the herbal mixture is poured into it and infusion in a thermos for about three days. Take two tablespoons before meals, a 1 4-day course.

Bronchitis .

In bronchitis, Shungit water is used to inhale. In addition, it is taken orally as a table, but no more than 3-4 glasses a day. If a specialist prescribes the use of any decoction of herbs, it is better to drink chungit water infused in it.

Vegetascular dystonia

Vegetative dystonia is directly related to the nerve activity of the organism. Different people have different manifestations of the disease, but the use of bathrooms with Chungit stones has a beneficial effect on symptoms. Also during periods of manifestation of the irritable intestine syndrome, experts advise to drink schungite water in the form of a table, but no more than 3-4 glasses a day.

Fungal diseases

Schungite’s ointment is usually used as a complement to treat fungal diseases. The stone dust is mixed with water until a creamy consistency is put in a cotton and rubs on the affected area for 3-4 hours.

In the absence of dust, you can moisten cotton pads with shungit infusion and make a similar compress. This is a little less effective, but an effective way to cure fungi more quickly.

liver diseases

Due to the ability of the stone to filter harmful substances, its infusion is often used for various liver diseases. It is drink regularly and is used as a basis base. In total, more than 6-7 glasses can be consumed per day.

Gastrointestinal disorders

In case of gastrointestinal diseases and poisoning all ordinary water is replaced by Shungit water. The treatment course continues until the body is normalized. Then, the infusion is reduced to 3 cups a day. It is not recommended to replace water in decoctions and infusions, it can cause unpleasant complications.

Musculoskeletal disorders

If you have problems with bones and muscles, there are several ways to treat Shungit stone, in addition to basic treatment. Every 3-4 days it is recommended to take a bath with addition to stones. They also make compresses with paste or shungit water. The stone dust is mixed with water until it becomes creamy. This mixture applies to a cotton disk and left for 3-4 hours. You can also immerse cotton in infusion instead of the pasta.

It is also recommended to use Shungit water as usual table water, but no more than 3 glasses a day.

Central nervous system diseases

The bathrooms with the addition of Shungit stones have a positive effect on the nervous system, reducing the symptoms of diseases of the central nervous system. In addition, it is worth including Shungit water in the diet.

Picores and rashes

To get rid of pictures and skin rashes, it is recommended to clean them with a Shungit infusion. Cotton is soaked in water and then passed through the affected area with circular movements and without pressing. It is also useful to gently roll a rounded shungit stone pea on damaged skin. Then, the stone must be carefully washed with abundant running water and, if possible, the surface must be slightly rubbed with fine sandpaper.


For stomach acidity it is recommended to drink a glass of water from fasting shungit every day. You should also drink some infusion during an acute attack.

Bile and kidney calculations

If you have bile or kidney calculations, experts strongly advise to drink mineral water. But in some cases, under the supervision of a doctor, it is allowed to replace part of the ordinary water to drink with shungit water.


In case of burns, it is recommended to wash the injury gently with shungit water. Compressions with Schungite are also useful. They are made for 3-4 hours, twice a day, until the burn has been cured.


Shungit infusion is also effective for unforeseen fan. It is used in a hot bath and in compresses on the affected areas.


For colds. Shungit is used in infusions, bathrooms and gargarisms. Especially effective is the water in infusion with chamomile to make gargings in the throat.

Cardiovascular diseases

If you have problems with the heart or vascular system, periodic bathrooms with Shungit are recommended. It is also recommended to continuously drink a glass of infusion on an empty stomach.


In the cholecystitis it is recommended to use an infusion glass for 30 minutes before a meal in the morning and at night. Periodically, approximately once every 2-3 months, it is worth drinking another two vessels of Schungite water for a one-week course.


In case of Eczema, the area affected by the skin should be washed with Schungit water several times a day. It can also be cleaned with a cotton soaked in the product for 3-4 hours.

In cosmetology

In cosmetology, Shungit water is used to prepare professional products for problematic and aging skin care. Experts also recommend washing and cleaning the face with this infusion for a general improvement.

Shungit ston e-based cream

You can find Shungit ston e-based cosmetics for sale. Help in the treatment of acne, reduces expression lines, normalizes skin oil and improves the complexion.

Bathroom use mode

To take a healthy bath, you have to drink the water not hot, but at a pleasant temperature, and put some large stones or a bag with pebbles. Some 300-400 g of stones are enough to feel the effect. Shungit’s stone is left for 10 minutes, then the bath is removed and taken for 15-20 minutes. Such bathrooms can be taken after 3-4 days.

How to prepare and store Shungit water (at home)

To prepare Shungit water, 300-350 grams of stone are taken in 3 liters of normal drinking water. A sealed container is used, which is placed in a dark and cold place for three days. After this time, water is ready for consumption. The stones themselves must be washed thoroughly in abundant running water and drying.

Doctors’ opinions

According to doctors and specialists, it is impossible to affirm with roundness if Schungite’s water is beneficial or harmful. Its thoughtless use can aggravate diseases, especially chronicles, and cause acute attacks. It should also be remembered that Schungite’s infusion does not replace or cancel the medical treatment prescribed by the treating doctor.

But if Schungite uses under the supervision of a specialist, he will effectively complement the effect of medication and help relieve minor attacks of chronic medication diseases.

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