The benefits of apples for the male body

There is probably no man who has never eaten an apple. The apple is the most famous and widespread fruit on the planet. It is believed that the first apples were born in Kazakhstan, where many years ago there were whole forests of apple trees. The apple has always occupied a place of honor in the human diet, regardless of gender and age.

Apples fit perfectly into almost any diet, as their wide range of nutrients, low calories, and pleasant flavor are excellent in every way, and furthermore, they help to dilute the often bland taste of most diets.

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Chemical composition

A normal apple contains some of the most essential elements for the male body, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, copper, cobalt, nickel and molybdenum, nicotinic and folic acids, as well as vitamins A, B, C, E, PP. In addition, the apple is a potent source of fiber.

Information The caloric value of an apple is only 45 calories. Such a collection of vitamins in an apple makes it easy to cope with avitaminosis.

Some nutritionists even claim that quercetin, in close collaboration with vitamin C, also present in apples, can greatly block the appearance of tumors in the human body. And pectin induces biochemical processes that favor the elimination of cholesterol from the liver, purifying it.

There has to be a measure for everything, you know? We have even investigated the question of what happens to the human body if you eat a lot of apples, there are very interesting findings.

What are the benefits of apples for the health of the male body

Apple, of course, is not a panacea for all diseases or a universal source of vitamins and minerals, but the benefit for the male body of this fruit brings impressive.

Vitamins B and E, as well as selenium and zinc of apples significantly improve androgens, prevent sexual impotence, have a beneficial effect on the function of the prostate and exert a positive effect on the properties of ejaculation. Potassium is significantly increasing the resistance and resistance of the male body.

It is shown that the cardiovascular system of men is at more risk than that of women. Daily apple consumption significantly reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis. In addition, magnesium and essential oils containing apples have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, which increases the tolerance of man to stress.

Regular apples consumption increases man’s resistance, normalizes blood composition and strengthens the skeleton. In addition, apples can be eaten in any form and quantity, unless there are particular contraindications.

The large amount of carbohydrates contained in apples is very useful before a weight training session. Apple juice helps replenish energy quickly, and also activates muscle growth.

By the way, eating apples is necessary for adult men in order to strengthen the muscle of the heart.

What effect do apples have in the improvement of male force?

The male body needs much more fiber, minerals and vitamins than the female. Apples, more than any other food, are perfect for men because they are those that contain these essential elements. According to a wel l-known portal, the apple is one of the eight best products to improve power.

And the American N. Walker, who regularly consumed apple juice, lived up to 119 years, and in 96 he was a father for the last time. Of course, apples do not directly influence virility, but it is shown that fruit improves the state of pelvic vessels. This means that apple has a beneficial effect on the quality of erection and sperm activity.

Apple consumption rate

Warning. However useful it is an apple, you should not eat in uncontrolled quantities.

The main reason is sugar. A normal apple contains about 10 g of sugar, while 4-5 apples per day are enough to not exceed the daily amount allowed in sugar in the body. And that without counting other sugary foods.

If in the daily diet of a man there are other sugary foods, the norm is reduced to 2-3 apples a day. It is recommended to eat green apples, since they contain much less sugar.

The damages of apples for the male organism

The main thing to remember is that if the same product is constantly used, it can become the supersaturation of the body with certain nutrients and the lack of others, and this is a strong stress for the body. Naturally, as a result of stress, the body can experience disorders, both in general and in particular organs and functions of the male body.

The main danger to the health of men does not reside in apples as such, but in the pesticides they contain. Pesticides contain xenoestrogens, a substance of chemical origin that is passed through male estrogens.

Once again, excess sugar leads sooner or later to obesity and, consequently, to a weakening of the normal functioning of circulation, which leads to a weakening of male power.

Not surprisingly, all diseases come from dirt. To avoid parasites, which live in the apple cortex, you have to wash it very carefully under the tap.

Careful. By the way, apple seeds contain cyanide, dangerous not only for health, but also for life. Single apple seeds do not contain much cyanide, so you shouldn’t worry. It is much more dangerous to be allergic to certain varieties of apples, and you have to be careful when trying new varieties that are not known.

Should we choose between red, yellow and green apples?

Broadly speaking, apples are divided into three families of colors: red, yellow and green.

Green apples

Dietitians agree to affirm that green apples are the best for those who want to lose weight. This is because the green varieties of apples have the least amount of sugar and the largest amount of vitamin C, which favors the active decomposition of fats. In addition, green apples contain the least number of substances that can cause allergic reactions.

Yellow apples

Yellow apples, unlike red and green, have a peculiar flavor that is not everyone’s taste. This is because these apples have a much greater concentration of pectin and less iron. The best known variety of yellow apple is the Golden. Yellow apples are the best to clean the liver and bile tract.

Red apples

Probably the prettiest apple. It is the red fruit that is most used in advertising. Red apples are the sweetest due to their high sugar content, which can cause caries. Precisely because of their high sugar content, red apple varieties are categorically discouraged for diabetic people.

In addition, red apples have a lower acid content, so they are more difficult to digest. And as for the vitamin content, this type is much lower than that of green apples.

About the useful properties of apples can be discussed for a long time, but the main thing to remember is that everything is good in moderation. As you can see, different apples varieties can be used in completely different ways. Each of the varieties can be used not only for its variety of flavors, but also for a specific purpose, applying to a specific task of the organism, whether a purification or a standard dose of vitamins.

An apple is not only a dietary product, but also a complex of vitamins and elements necessary for a person on a daily basis. Well, men who always need to be toned and physically and mentally apples must be included in the daily diet. And do not forget the correct choice of real apples.

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