The benefits of celery for the organism

There are not many plants that are good for the human body and have a minimum of contraindications. Celery is a treasure of micronutrients, organic acids and essential oils. It is one of the best natural burns with rejuvenating effects, affordable and always available.

The main characteristics of celery

The Apium Sevelaolens, or Omeloros (sometimes called the Odorous Perejil), is originally from the Mediterranean, where it is in the wild. The image of the celery was printed in the gold coins and was considered a sacred plant. In Greece and Italy it has been used for a long time in cooking recipes.

The celery is an umbrella plant and is in the same range of vegetables as the carrot, coriander, dill and parsley. In all these crops, vegetables are especially appreciated and used by housewives around the world.

Vitamins and calories

The plant has a characteristic spicy, sweet and bitter smell, so strong that hypnotizes the person or repels it. Celers are lucky, since the plant is famous for its high content of nutrients and vitamins:

  • Magnesium.
  • Retinol
  • Match.
  • Group B vitamins.
  • Potassium.
  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Vitamin PP.
  • Sodium.
  • Dietary fiber.
  • Ascorbic acid.
  • Fluorine.
  • Chrome.

Caloric content is one of the lowes t-12 kcal per 100 grams-, so it is usually used as part of a weight losing menu. This amount of product contains

Protein 0. 9 grams
Fats 0. 1 grams
Carbohydrates 2. 1 grams

You can consume all parts of the vegetable: roots, stems and celery leaves. Today, even celery seeds are taken as a dietary supplement; They neutralize the damage caused by free radicals and protect against cancer, reduce blood pressure, improve digestion and act as natural diuretics.

When you buy celery, pay attention to its color and smell: the fresh celery has an intense green color and a persistent and spicy aroma. You can also grow it in a pot at home and use it throughout the year.

What is celery for?

The scientists of the twentieth century showed that the utility of the celery for the human body is directly related to the rich range of macro and micronutrients and vitamins it contains.

For example, celery root helps reinforce the immune system and has rejuvenating properties. This part of the crop is used

  • For colds, including those of viral nature.
  • For hypertension as a hypotensor.
  • To normalize metabolism.
  • To eliminate joint salts.
  • To clean all toxin body tissues.

The celery root is good for the body in anemia, anemia, exhaustion after the disease is used to prevent cancer.

The leaves and stems are used to treat flatulence, normalize depositions and improve digestion, even after a copious meal.

The stems are used to combat the lack of breath and broken breathing, to cure wounds and to slow down aging processes.

The freshly made celery juice is very beneficial for human health:

  • Prevents the appearance of prostatitis.
  • Increase sexual resistance.
  • Regulates the activity of the blood vessels, making them more elastic.
  • Normalizes water-ex-metabolism.
  • Prevents lymphatic coagulation.
  • It reduces the probability of infarcts, cerebral spills and blood clots by diluting blood.

Regular celery use helps strengthen the organism in general has a positive effect on the nervous system, can eliminate apathy and increase vitality.

The plant has a huge amount of dietary fiber and fiber, which in addition to the burning effect is an excellent preventive agent against cancer in intestines.

To prepare a list of juice, which is recommended to take in the morning before breakfast, 400 grams of celery are enough.

Celery: Contraindications

Any object of the material world has two faces. Even the most useful product cannot avoid having, in some cases, negative effects on humans. Celery is no exception, but there are very, very few contraindications for use.

The plant has a good diuretic effect and is also able to destroy kidney stones. In this sense, its use for people with urolitiasis in limited amounts, no more than 80 grams per day, is recommended.

The celery capacity to delay blood vessels and reduce blood pressure is a limitation for use by people suffering from varicose veins. Do not abandon it, but only ration its intake at 70-100 grams.

With caution, without fanaticism, you must use this useful product in the presence of the following diseases:

  • Epilepsy.
  • Allergic reactions. The plant contains allergens that do not even disappear.
  • Gastric ulcers and hyperacidity (celery increases the secretion of gastric juice).
  • Colitis and enterocolitis (due to the irritation of intestines with saturated essential oils).

It is not recommended to consume it immediately before bedtime, since it tones and increases excitability.

Celery for women

This plant has a “negative calorie counting”, so it is so appreciated by many women, at the same level as the white hub, as a remedy to lose weight. In the following article, we will separate a recipe of a celery dish for those who wish to reduce body weight.

Separately, we must mention a substance like the APIOL, which is only found in celery and green parsley. This compound acts similar to the female hormone estrogen and helps with irregular or painful menstrual days, as well as to cope with discomfort during menopause. Vitamin K at the moment of women’s life strengthens bone tissue and helps prevent osteoporosis.

The celery leaf also benefits the female organism because it is rich in antioxidants and has a rejuvenating effect, fighting the aging process. Celery lovers have a clean skin, bright hair and strong nails.

Pregnant women should not consume this root vegetable. Already described from the good side, the APIOL causes uterine contractions. To avoid the interruption of pregnancy during pregnancy, its consumption must be avoided. For the same reason, celery should not be taken in case of uterine bleeding.

You also have to eat celery during breastfeeding. This is because it contains allergens that can be transmitted to the baby with breast milk and cause allergic reactions.

Celery for children

The plant does not accumulate nitrates and is not subject to transgenic additives. Therefore, it is not prohibited to give it to children. The boiled celery in thermal treatment does not lose its useful properties and will bring the small body only benefits.

Pediatricians advise starting to add the product to the child’s diet not before the age of half a year. Previously, you have to submit the child to a test to check if it is prone to allergies to the product. To do this, you have to give it a little piece and see how it reacts. It is a good idea to add celery to the usual porridge of the child.

The effects of celery on the growing body:

  • The presence of phosphorus affects the development of mental abilities.
  • The bones and teeth of your child will grow better with calcium.
  • Potassium reinforces the cardiovascular system.
  • Growth and weight gain according to age standard.
  • Prevents colds and viral diseases.

Since the celery activates metabolism and reinforces the immune system, it is advisable to give adolescents in periods of greater physical and mental stress to increase the resistance of the organism.

Use for men

As they approach 50 years, men face hormonal changes, mainly a strong decrease in testosterone, responsible for libido, power and muscle tone. The members of strong sex begin to seek natural remedies for the normalization of sexual function, one of these media is celery.

The substances contained in the plant help improve blood circulation, which affects the cardiovascular system. The blood supply improves, and therefore the performance of all organs and muscles without exception.

The celery increases the production of testosterone and androsterone, whose presence is directly related to the life cycle of the sperm and the male force. In addition, Androsterone manifests externally in the form of pheromones, a volatile aromatic substance that, without knowing it, attracts the opposite sex.

The most effective for male health are the petiole and celery root. Men can consume them both raw and added to a main dish, such as seafood, which also has a stimulating effect.

An infusion of the plant with water can be prepared. Finely chopped root (2 tablespoons) you need to pour 0. 5 liters of cold water and insist in 5 hours. Take 100 grams of the remedy three times a day before meals.

Beef to lose weight

Celery is one of the ten products with which weight can be lost quickly and effectively. This is due to the properties of the plant we have already spoken:

  • Regulation of intestinal activity due to its high content of dietary fiber.
  • Negative caloric value, which means that the body uses more calories to process the product than those it contains.
  • Plant juice is excellent for stimulating gastric juice production and normalizing metabolism.

The qualities listed by the celery allow us to lose burning fat instead of eliminating water from the organism. You can lose weight more quickly if you replace a celery meal for two or three weeks.

The most famous dish to lose weight is the worl d-famous Bonn Celery soup.

To prepare it, we need

  • Plant root – 400 grams.
  • White Col – 20 grams.
  • Onion – 1 piece.
  • Sweet pepper – 1 piece.
  • Carrots – 1 piece.

Wash all the vegetables, cut them into a julienne and put them into a saucepan. Cover all ingredients with water and put on fire. Once the soup breaks to boil, you have to lower the heat to a minimum and stew the plate for about 10-15 minutes.

The soup can be taken as is or chop it in a blender and puree. Salt and pepper to taste are added, the main thing is not to save the plate too much. Tomato pasta and finely chopped herbs can be used to season the soup.

If this dish becomes a basic element of the diet and the principles of a healthy diet are followed, between 5 and 8 kilos can be lost in a week.

The root juice and/or celery petioles is ideal to normalize the weight. This juice can be mixed with carrot, col or apple juice. The daily application of drinking will help eliminate toxins from the body and normalize metabolism.

If you want more interesting dishes, try to include the celery in salads with chicken, pineapple and other ingredients. The plant combines with almost all foods.

We have seen that celery is a wonderful herb that can significantly improve health and strengthen all body systems, almost without serious contraindications.

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