The benefits of cocoa

Favorite drink of all children, cocoa can be as delicious as healthy. And not only for children, but also for their parents and grandparents. What are the benefits of cocoa powder?

Chemical composition and caloric value of cocoa powder

If a cocoa drink is “correct” and is made with enough grains (at least 20%), it has an undeniable value. Its natural composition is rich in vitamins and trace elements that contribute to the functioning of the immune system.

Vitamins mg/100 units Benefit
B1 (thiamine) 0. 08 It has antioxidant properties, participates in metabolic processes
B2 (Riboflavina) 0. 24 It helps form hemoglobin in the blood, favors wound healing
B5 (Pantotenic acid) 0. 25 It provides energy, helps develop antibodies.
B6 (pyridoxin) 0. 12 Help the nervous and immune system
B9 (folic acid) 0. 032 For protein metabolism, for the production of new cells
PP (nicotinic acid) 2. 19 For the nervous system, digestion and brain function; Eliminate excess cholesterol
K (philoquinone) 0. 025 Faster healing of wounds, shorten the muscles, strengthens bones
Micronutrients mg/100g Benefit
Ca 128 For bone formation and growth
Mg 499 Participate in chemical processes and the transmission of neuromuscular impulses
Zn 6. 81 Prevents bone deformations
Fe 13. 86 Anemia prevention
K 15. 24 Improve muscle function
Se 0. 379 Favors testosterone production
Na 21 Transfer nutrients to cells
P 734 Ensures bone density
Mn 3. 84 Favors metabolism and vitamin absorption

Cocoa is a caloric drink. It contains about 290 kcal per 100 g of product.

The benefits of cocoa for the human body

Cocoa is useful and tasty not only as a drink, but also by itself. After all, the concentration of vitamins and trace elements in it is much greater. Due to its natural composition, grated cocoa has the following properties

  • Antioxidant;
  • Anticancer;
  • Reduces the appearance of infarcts, strokes and hypertension;
  • Improves brain function and restores physical activity.

In addition to the standard drink, you can also prepare other wonderful and tasty coco a-based delights.

  1. Cocoa and coffee. This product increases brain activity and favors concentration and attention on important things. It also improves mood and increases energy.
  2. Cocoa and honey. It favors the immune system, relieve stress and improves mood. Help with dry cough for a better expectoration of phlegm.
  3. Instant chocolate drink made with cocoa, such as Chocolate Rivers. It has a high caloric content. Due to its sugar content, it promotes increased energy. It can also be used in case of intolerance to milk protein. The drink is prepared with water and does not lose its taste.

Due to its high caloric content, it is best to take it in the morning, even on an empty stomach. Morning is the best time to regain your good mood and energy.

Useful properties for the elderly

With age, all kinds of ailments often appear. They are related to the heart, blood vessels, brain, as well as mood and memory impairment. The consumption of the cocoa drink in the diet of the elderly helps to reduce the probability of these problems appearing and to improve health.

  • Cancer prevention. The cocoa fruit is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids that protect cells from harmful influences and inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells.
  • Reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Prevention of hypertension. Useful substances contribute to lowering blood pressure.
  • Elimination of excess cholesterol.
  • Support brain activity.
  • Mood improvement. The drink produces seratonin, the so-called happiness hormone. Reduces depression, mental stress, fatigue passes.

Benefits for children

It is believed that cocoa is a drink for children. And they love it not without reason. After all, it also has a positive effect on the child’s organism:

  • satiates with the vitamins and trace elements it contains;
  • satisfies hunger
  • Improves the condition of infectious diseases of the throat;
  • Increases the efficiency of the brain;
  • Restores strength and increases physical activity.

Harm and contraindications

However, despite all its merits, the cocoa drink is not only beneficial, but also harmful to health.

  • Due to its high caloric content, it is not suitable for those who watch their weight, and it is also contraindicated in case of diabetes;
  • It is also not suitable for those who suffer from insomnia. If it is drunk at night, you can forget about a restful sleep.
  • It is not good for kidney diseases. The drink contains purines that react with salts and cause a buildup of uric acid, which leads to the formation of sand in the kidneys.
  • Cocoa is also contraindicated in cases of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and osteoporosis, since the same purines contribute to the formation of salt deposits in the joints.
  • Nor is it recommended for children under 3 years due to the immaturity of their nervous system. It can have a stimulating effect.
  • Do not forget that cocoa is as allergenic as chocolate. This means that it should be consumed in small doses and not to the first symptom of allergy.

Cosmetic applications

Due to its high vitamins and other beneficial substances, cocoa fruits are successfully used in cosmetology. It is an excellent remedy for hair growth and improves skin status.

Hair benefits

Cocoa fruits are rich in vitamin PP, which contributes to improving the health and general appearance of hair. It does so stimulating the hair follicles, which are affected by nicotinic acid. In addition, the effect is achieved not only (and not so much) drinking the drink, but also creating a special hair mask. To get the best result, add milk to cocoa, or you can add some cognac. Apply the dough on the hair, wrap it and keep it for half an hour. After the shampoo, clarify.

Skin benefits

Cocoa regularly improves skin status. The nutrients it contains contribute to make it more smooth and firm, slowing down the aging process. Melanine natural pigment protects against sun damage and prevents melanoma development, skin cancer.

Vitamin K helps wounds and cracks to hear more quickly and maintain the healthy appearance of the skin. Cocoa powder can be used for a facial mask: 1 tablespoon of dry substance with water (milk for dry skin) is poured, it is put in the face and retires in 10-15 minutes.

Medical application

The declared positive effects of cocoa powder contribute to their therapeutic use

Reduction of the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.

A soft cocoa drink can have a positive effect on cardiovascular problems.

  • Polyphenols and flavonoids prevent blood clots and protect against various inflammatory processes;
  • reduce insulin resistance;
  • reinforce the walls of the blood vessels
  • reduce blood pressure;
  • eliminates harmful cholesterol;
  • reduces the amount of fat deposits;
  • Metabolism is normalized.

Improvement of blood circulation in the brain

Cocoa seeds have beneficial effects on brain activity. The catequina and the epicatequina allow the normal functioning of the brain areas responsible for memory and learning and avoid the death of brain cells.

Building benefits

Cocoa seeds help the liver recover from diseases such as cirrhosis and fibrosis. They also reduce the pressure in the liver, which can cause the breakage of blood vessels. This is due to the antispasmodic properties of flavonoids found in the fruit.

Reviews about the benefits and damages of cocoa (after 50 years)

Judging by comments on the Internet, some people love cocoa, some at a time “drank too much”, which now cannot tolerate. But everyone unequivocally indicates the positive property that the tone drink, improves mood and increases the activity. The other face of the currency is the weight gain if you abuse the drink.

Cocoa is not only tasty, but also healthy. Because of its vitamin content, it has beneficial effects on many systems of our body. However, it must be consumed in reasonable quantities, since otherwise it can have negative health effects. cocoa seeds help liver to recover from diseases such as cirrhosis and fibrosis. They also reduce the pressure in the liver, which can cause the breakage of blood vessels. This is due to the antispasmodic properties of flavonoids found in the fruit.

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