The benefits of nuts for the human body

In the modern world many people underestimate the influence and importance of nuts for our body. But they contain vitamins, minerals and a set of natural trace elements that are difficult to obtain from another place.

It is shown that the human being needs fatty fats and oils to function properly. That is why nuts are an essential complement to any table around the world and are always very requested.

Thus, it is time to break down the most popular varieties of nuts and discover what its benefits are for our body.

Nutritional value

Let’s first see the composition of each variety and its beneficial properties in general.

Name Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, G KCAL/100 G
Nut 15 65 7 654
Brazilian 14 66 5 655
Cashew 26 54 14 643
Almond 19 54 13 609
Pecan 9 72 4 690
Pistachos 20 50 7 556
Pinions 14 68 9 673
Hazelnuts 15 61 9 651

Nuts have great caloric value, so it is recommended to eat no more than 35-50 grams per day. This ration allows you to satisfy and at the same time obtain all the necessary nutrients.

The nutritional value and the set of microelements are different for each type, so the ideal is to eat several varieties at the same time.

Why the nuts are good for you

Why are nuts so useful and irreplaceable? They contain a whole set of minerals that the body cannot do without: iron, calcium, potassium, copper, phosphorus, manganese and even tin.

The composition is really luxurious. Therefore, it covers a wide range of effects. This includes joints, bones, circulatory system, muscle tissues and, of course, digestion.

If your body carefully protects the harmful effects and strives to know the taste of longevity, nuts in your diet are an essential complement. They contain vitamins E and B, which help our body resist rapid deterioration. Vitamin E is essential for the body as a whole, since it fights the effects of toxins and carcinogenic agents. Vitamin B is an excellent preventive and essential for normal digestion, combating stress, insomnia and heart rate disorders.

Nuts are good for women, men and children. The only difference is the amount to consume. It is not necessary to force yourself by force. It is enough to reach a state of satiety. This will mean that you have eaten the right amount and is prepared to receive all the positive benefits.

You cannot overlook the fats containing the nuts. Among them are the omega 3, 6 and 9. These fats are essential for the proper functioning of the heart, the maintenance of skin health, nails, hair, also prevent the development of blood clots and obstruction of theblood vessels. They are especially recommended for pregnant women, since they are subject to a lot of stress during pregnancy.

In addition to the above, we will highlight the following properties: they have preventive properties against myocardial infarction; They are great assistants in the fight against dementia; They stimulate brain activity, improve memory, help men with power (they are natural aphrodisiae) and provide an assimilation of quality of vitamins because they do not contain cholesterol.

Harmful properties of nuts

With all the pluses, it is worth paying attention to the negative aspects, which also occur. The experts highlight the following:

  1. Nuts are a fairly caloric food, so it is not advisable to abuse them. Otherwise, problems of overweight and liver operation can be experienced (especially in the case of peanuts);
  2. Some people may be allergic to nuts. This must be taken into account. It is best to consult a specialist before eating them;
  3. Some varieties should be completely avoided if arterial hypertension is suffered (for more details, see below);

Therefore, you have to be very careful with the side effects that follow the nuts. Let us now move to each species separately and break down in detail the individual characteristics that contain the healthiest nuts.


This variety is popular throughout Russia. You have to recognize that it will be for something. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Magnesium stands out especially. It is essential for the heart and all muscle fibers. Its lack causes cramps, as well as the development of asthma and atherosclerosis.

Useful substances

  1. Iodine – eliminates the sensation of fatigue, drowsiness, removes apathy, reinforces the immune system and fights the appearance of fanzones;
  2. Match. It is essential to combat nervousness and liver malfunction, practically eliminates the possibility of osteoporosis and rickets. This mineral is contained in nuts in an amount of 42%;
  3. ArginineImproves metabolism. Growth hormone occurs more effectively if the body has sufficient arginine. In addition, this element is an excellent antioxidant;
  4. Magnesium. Positive effects on bone and muscle tissues;

Nuts are good not only because of their nucleus, but also for their other parts. Popular medicine advises to use the leaves to combat tuberculosis. They must be used in decoction and consumed three times a day.

In addition, gagging with the resulting remedy helps in the treatment of throat diseases, including even chest angina. The bathrooms of this decoction will be an excellent prevention and complement in the fight against rheumatism.


  1. Insufficient consumption causes excessive weight increase;
  2. High probability of intestinal discomfort in people with sensitive stomachs;
  3. Reactions to nuts can also occur in the oral cavity (in the inflamed tonsil video, irritated mucous membranes);
  4. It is recommended to exclude this diet nut to people with psoriasis, neurodermatitis and eczema.

So we have it there. This nut is undoubtedly very useful and enjoys with justice of its popularity. But do not forget the main rule: everything is good in moderation.

Brazil nut

Useful substances

It is known for its high selenium content. Even two grains are enough to obtain a daily dose of this substance. Selenium is necessary as a complement to vitamins E and C. enhances its properties and allows them to be better absorbed. The careful and measured consumption of the Brazilian nut eliminates the harmful microorganisms of the organism, guarantees the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and has a positive effect on male function.


It is produced by excess selenium in the body. The result will be visible to the naked eye and will manifest as squamous skin, partial loss of hair, sudden and fast humor changes and increased teeth susceptibility.

To experience all the benefits of this dry fruit, border the necessary daily dose.


This dry fruit is also popular for its pleasant taste. It is totally discreet and soft. The useful properties of anacardos are also very numerous. The presence of 33. 3 percent of vitamin B1, which has a significant impact on metabolism.

Useful substances

  1. Low caloric value. It can be considered an advantage. It is the most “light” dry fruit of all. Therefore, the side effects in the form of obesity and weight gain;
  2. Prophylaxis against cancer. Yes, anacardos even have that virtue. And in our time, unfortunately, it only gains relevance;
  3. A positive change in the appearance of the skin is appreciated. The skin looks better and tact;
  4. The same vitamin B1 content also has a remarkable effect on recovery after strenuous physical activity. The reason is simple: Anacardos have a high content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And vitamin allows you to absorb them quickly;
  5. Reinforces male power. This also includes an increase in sexual activity in principle, and in both sexes;
  6. It helps normalize intestinal function. Help in the fight against constipation;
  7. It facilitates the fight against pharyngitis and bronchitis. It significantly relieves its course;
  8. Positively affects the brain and heart;
  9. Reinforces the immune system and has tonic properties.


Disadvantages are possible allergies and the possibility of individual intolerance. In the case of children, it is advisable to consult a doctor before eating anacardos.


This dry fruit is known for a whole group of minerals: iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and calcium. Because of this, the following beneficial effects are produced for the agency

Useful substances

  1. Increases the oxygenation of the blood, improves coagulation and protects the red blood cells of the harmful effects;
  2. Coordinates the work of the central nervous system, helps maintain optimal glucose levels;
  3. Improves the digestive system, allows protein synthesis;
  4. Beneficial effects on the brain, kidneys and liver;
  5. It helps fight stress and increased levels of negative emotions;


There are also disadvantages. Excessive almond consumption can cause meteorism, stomach and diarrhea discomfort.


Visually, this variety can be confused with nuts. However, it should not be so, since pecan nuts are more caloric and have different nutritional characteristics.

Useful substances

  1. Protects against cancer and significantly reduces the possibility of heart attacks;
  2. Beneficial effects on vision, since pecan walnuts contain high levels of carotene. In addition, this substance helps clean the blood of poisons;
  3. Positive effect on the function of the prostate. Women will not run out of benefits, since nuts also improves the function of mammary glands;
  4. Improves metabolism.


It is possible to suffer allergy to the pecan walnuts.


These nuts are an inexhaustible warehouse of pyridoxin (vitamin B6). Without pistachios, metabolism would not be possible.

Useful substances

This already makes pistachios a desirable food, but let’s focus on all the positive factors we can get from them:

  1. They help to fill up quickly and, however, pistachios are one of the least caloric. That is, they are not a bad option if you want nuts, but you do not want to pay the price of a brittle figure;
  2. Specialists point out that the use of these nuts leads to the strengthening of the vascular walls. In this case, the normalization of the heartbeat is fixed;
  3. It has preventive properties against tuberculosis;
  4. They increase endurance and strength, because they contain a lot of fiber.


The damage, as with most of its brethren, comes from overeating and goes by the same name – allergy.


This variety is famous for its beneficial properties. Folk medicine recommends a large number of tinctures, medicines, and other remedies based on it. The union of pine nuts with honey is widespread.

Useful substances

All this for a reason. Think about it. These little seeds contain 19 amino acids. Yes, that is exactly the number.

Also, let’s mention two other substances that you won’t find in any other nut: tin and molybdenum. They help relieve asthma, eliminate anemia, improve dental strength and contribute to bone development. Experts recommend consuming up to 50-60 grams of pine nuts per day.


Otherwise, there is a high probability of running into side effects – intoxication, bitterness in the mouth and upset stomach.


As for its components, it is similar to nuts. However, it has its own characteristics, which can have the following positive effects on the body.

Useful substances

  1. Helps in the production of hemoglobin, thanks to the presence in the composition of isoleucine;
  2. Strengthens the immune system;
  3. It has a positive effect on potency;
  4. Improves skin, hair and nails;
  5. Helps improve memory (thanks to phenylalanine);
  6. Normalizes liver function.


People with liver and pancreatic problems should categorically refrain from consuming hazelnuts.

Thus, we have classified the most useful dried fruits and also considered their effects on our body. There is no doubt that they provide an impressive number of health benefits. However, it must be borne in mind that if we get too carried away by its consumption, it is likely that side effects will appear.

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