The benefits of spiny currants for the body

Spiny currants are found in many parts of the world. They grow everywhere: in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. The berries of this plant have a sour and sweet taste.

But that is not the reason for its popularity. The berries have a rather rich chemical composition and are one of the most useful products.

Chemical composition and calories

The effectiveness of many diseases is due to the rich composition of the spiny currants. It is a warehouse of vitamins, minerals, acids and nutrients. Many fruits and berries would envy this plant.

Espinosa currants consists of 80% water, 10% carbohydrates, 4% fiber and 1. 5% organic acids. The rest are vitamins and minerals, which abound inside the berry: A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, PP, C and E. In addition, it contains calcium, sodium, phosphorus, fluoride, copper, iodine, zincand manganese.

All these substances make the spiny currants a leader in his field. In terms of nutrition and utility, it has no equal, although the caloric content of the product is quite low. After all, it does not contain fat or proteins. Exclusively carbohydrates and vitamins.

The content of a substance such as routine allows spiny currants to have a purifying effect and detoxify the body. In 100 g of this berry it contains 44kcal, which is quite low compared to other berries

The properties of the spiny currants

Scientists have long known that this berry is much healthier than apples, raspberries, cherries, pears. It has a large number of positive properties:

  • Due to its high vitamin C content, it reinforces the human immune system;
  • The presence of potassium reduces hypertension;
  • The presence of bioflanooids strengthens and normalizes the work of blood vessels;
  • It helps to deal with hypertension;
  • It is useful for arteriosclerosis;
  • Due to the low calorie, it helps to lose weight;
  • Due to its laxative effect it helps with constipation and kidney disease;
  • The presence of serotonin in its composition raises the mood.

Useful and medicinal properties

Espinosa currants is actively used in community and popular medicine. It is a universal remedy for many diseases. Based on this green berry, tinctures, decoctions, creams, wines and much more are made. It is practically an indispensable product in popular medicine.

Espinosa currants is a cure for strokes. If consumed frequently, reduce the rhythm of appearance of the disease. And if you suffer from a disease, it helps to recover more quickly.

Hair care

Indian Espinosa Crowd Oil has been used for a long time and has managed to gain credibility for medicinal purposes. It is used as an effective remedy for hair care. The oil is also made at home. Dry berries are taken and crushed until a dust is obtained.

The resulting powder is added to coconut or olive oil and heated to the fire. The product cools and poured into closed containers. Said oil should be kept in dark and dry places.

This preparation reinforces the structure of the hair, makes it thicker and more strong.

Eye care

Espinosa currants is used to prepare cosmetic masks for the eye area. This is due to the fact that the berry is in a short time capable of eliminating bruises, blackouts and the effect of “swollen eyes.”

To prepare the substance only immature berries are used. They freeze and apply in the eye area. A mask of this type, in terms of effects, combines well with a cucumber mask. They can alternate.

Diuretic effect

The regular use of the decoction and infusion of this green berry causes a diuretic effect. Its frequent use in case of kidney and overweight disease is recommended.

To prepare this tincture, you will need

  • A bottle of vodka
  • a thre e-liter bottle of berries;
  • Half a kilo of sugar.

The currants are placed in a jar, the sugar and alcoholic beverage are added. It closes well and insists for a month.

Important: Infuse decoction in a dark and fresh place. The tinctures and decoctions made from the currament do not tolerate the heat or the sun. Inappropriate storage may not have the same effect.

Improves digestion

Espinosa currants increases appetite and can stimulate the digestive process. In addition, due to its low caloric content, it facilitates and normalizes the function of the stomach. It favors the loss of excess weight and improves metabolism. Green berry juice gives a laxative effect, helps eliminate body toxins. It gives a feeling of lightness. To prepare the juice, it is necessary

  • Cook the berry over low heat for half an hour;
  • Pour the resulting broth into bottles and close them well.
  • The juice is ready.

Heart disease

For the heart, spiny currants are used fresh. The berry helps strengthen the muscles of the heart, which stretches and gains more flexibility. It also protects the body from heart disease. Because of its high chrome content, currants help normalize nutrient absorption.

It is a fact. In addition, spiny currants is the fruit that contains the most chrome in the world. This substance is key to solving the problems of diabetes mellitus.

Mellitus diabetes

Diabetes mellitus can be type 1 or type 2. are different and each one is treated differently. In the diabetes mellitus detection phase, spiny currants can deal with the disease without medication intervention. The composition of the berry is very unique, and about the usefulness in diabetes mellitus, he does not know the same.

In case of type 2 diabetes, doctors have a positive attitude towards berry. Many remedies for treatment are prescribed, which contain spiny currants.

Important: Always keep in mind the need for moderation in the use of spiny currants. An overdose can also cause damage.


In case of infections, spiny currants are usually used. Mature berries are used less frequently. In case of sore throat, drink spiny juice 3-4 times a day. In case of anemia, spiny currants is better for older people and children up to 12 years. Spiny currants juice in case of anemia should be taken 3 times a day for half a glass. The effect is noticeable in a short time.

The climax is treated with spiny curling juice for a long time. A complete cure usually takes 2-3 weeks. In the presence of the disease each must consume half a liter of fresh berries.

Improve appetite

Spiny currants should be taken with honey and oil to improve appetite. All this normalizes the nitrogen level in the body and maintains the low weight.

Wasteing are able to open the appetite due to their composition. Since up to 80 percent of them consist of water, they do not provide energy to the organism, but are only able to excite the stomach, causing it to produce more and more gastric juices, which awakens the feeling of hunger.

WARNINGS. People with liver or digestive problems should not eat too many currants.

They slow down the aging process

Due to the presence of vitamin E in its composition, the green fruits of the bush can prevent the development of cancer and slow down the process of aging the cells inside the organism.

These berries are also rich in vitamin C. This vitamin plays a fundamental role in skin regeneration. He makes her smooth and glowing. Restore the structure of the skin. Eliminates toxins from the body, thus eliminating spots and pigmentation. Antioxidants prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Improves metabolism

Spiny currants juice is recommended to improve metabolism. This juice is made exclusively from mature berries. First they are washed, puree and added to the water. They are boiled for 30 minutes. The juice is poured into bottles or jars. The juice must be kept in a closed place.

Mature berries also help with poor metabolism. If consumed regularly, they can normalize metabolism. This is due to the large amount of external fiber and pectins of the berry.

Effective natural sedative

Baya has acquired real use as a natural remedy for many ailments. Green fruits infusion is used in cardiovascular system diseases. The solution is prepared according to the recipe: 2 tablespoons pour half a liter of water and infusion for 5 hours. The effect appears after a week. You will feel lightness and freedom in the organs.

Espinosa curious tincture is used for liver diseases, hypertension and obesity. The recipe for each disease can vary. For hypertension, water is replaced by hot milk. For obesity and liver problems, the amount of water is increased due to the berry mass fraction by 1 tablespoon.

An important fiber source

A person must consume from 19 g of fiber a day. Escinous currants contain 7g of fiber per 100g of product, and are undoubtedly the leader among the berries in terms of their content. Its daily consumption helps normalize colon work, improving intestinal function.

Free cancer development

The consumption of this green fruit reduces the risk of cancer cells. It contains antioxidants that protect the cells from destruction and help curb the development of malignant tumors.

Possible damage and contraindications

Like all berries, spiny currants has its contraindications:

  • For diabetics, it is better not to abuse large amounts of berries due to its high carbohydrate content;
  • For intestinal problems, eating large amounts of currants can cause liquid deposits;
  • If ulcers or colitis are suffered, eating green berries can aggravate the situation;
  • Due to its diuretic effect, thorny currants should not be eaten if it is dehydrated.

How to choose adequate spiny currants

The berries of this plant can be acidic or sweet, green or purple. These differences depend on the variety of the plant. The main criteria for choosing berries is their durability. A good berry is always resistant. They should not be stunned or seem rotten.

How to eat thorny currants

The most effective way to eat currants is with a curious curd breakfast. They can also be used to juice, compote, kissel, jelly and jam. Wasteing can also be added to porridge and berry salads.

Traditional Medicine Recipes

Recipe for skin inflammation

Add 20 grams of currants to the water and boil over low heat for 10 minutes. Strain them through gauze and put them on inflamed skin.

Recipe for anemia

Crowser juice is used in treatment 3 times a day per ½ tablespoon. It has the best effect in children and the elderly.

Purple eye recipe

In addition to spiny currants, cucumber is needed for this recipe. Put the frozen currants on the bunned area under the eyes and leave for 3-4 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, after 1 minute, place the cucumber slices in the eyes of the eyes. After 5 minutes withdraw and finish the treatment.

Throat pain recipe

3 times a day take a spoonful of honey with spiny currants. The effect appears after the first use.

Collection and conservation of spiny currants

Spiny currants are collected when the berries are beginning to acquire their usual color. The currants are firm and have a soft touch. Crowds are usually finished at the end of July.

Wearing lon g-sleeved clothes and gloves is the best way to collect the berries, since the bushes can click. Storage depends totally on the maturity of currants.

Immature can only be kept a few days in a warm and fresh place. Mature berries are preserved in a 2-liter container about 2-3 days after harvest.

The benefits of thorny currants are incredibly high. They are one of the healthiest of their species. It contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Help in disease treatment, normalizes the work of internal organs, improves the cardiovascular system. It has a wide application in medicine, cosmetology and kitchen.

Despite this, behind the pros you have to see the cons. It should not be abused of thorny currants. Especially with liver, stomach and digestive tract diseases. If you suffer from any disease, you should know exactly if spiny currants can be consumed or not. Otherwise, you could meet its most unpleasant and harmful qualities.

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