The brewer’s yeast: what are its benefits

Beer yeast is a valuable source of energy and vitamins of group B. Thanks to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, it helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.

You may be surprised to know that beer yeast is an excellent health ally. In fact, this natural food product is a huge source of valuable nutrients and ingredients that our body needs to work properly every day.

However, most of us have no idea what beer yeast is and how it should be consumed. It is a kind of fermenting fungus that does not contain sugar, but only protein, of great biological value. Discover the benefits of regular consumption of this valuable substance. By the way, there is also a lactic fungus that you can grow at home in a jar.

Above all, the difference between beer yeast destined for human consumption and yeast in its natural state must be taken into account. Experts do not recommend consuming the latter, since it can cause various stomach and intestinal disorders.

Beer yeast, widely available in supermarkets and naturist stores, does not contain alcohol, lactose, gluten or preservatives of any kind.

They are a very valuable nutritional complement to our body. His surprising properties will love him.

Why is beer yeast for our body?

    It is a huge and complete source of vitamins of Group B. Remember that group B vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of our body. They provide healthy energy, protect the immune system, strengthen hair, bones, nails … It must also be taken into account that our body is not able to store vitamins from group B. This is because they are completely soluble inwater. This is because they are totally hydrosoluble, so we have to regularly supply with an adequate dose of them. Beer yeast is, by far, the most valuable and complete source of group B vitamins in nature.- They help reduce blood cholesterol levels naturally. Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, beer yeast is very effective in favoring the natural regulation of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. A daily tablespoon of beer yeast can help prevent many cardiovascular diseases.

It is an excellent dietary supplement.

Beer yeast is especially recommended for people suffering from nutritional deficiencies. It provides valuable support in case of anemia, lack of vitamins or proteins. The product is also invaluable for athletes, since it is a very valuable natural energy source. If you enriches your daily diet with a small amount of brewer’s yeast, it will contribute to your body a large dose of phosphates, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, nickel, silicon, chromium and others.- They contribute to reducing blood pressure and treating diabetes. Beer yeast does not contain sugar and its sodium content is insignificant. They also have a high nutritional value, which naturally helps in the treatment of various diseases and supports our body in case of nutritional deficiencies. Regular beer yeast consumption helps lower blood tension naturally. It also prevents glucose peaks, which is especially important in case of diabetes.- They take care of skin health, favor their regeneration and accelerate wound healing. Due to its high vitamins of group B, Zinc and Natural Biotin, beer yeast has an excellent effect on the metabolic processes of cells. He is responsible for the natural regeneration of the skin and tissues of our body. If you consume beer yeast regularly, your skin will become more beautiful, full of brightness and vitality. You will also foresee eczema and spots of all kinds.- They naturally fight constipation.
You get used to adding a teaspoon of beer yeast to your food – in this way you will contribute to your body a daily dose of dietary fiber, which will guarantee the correct intestinal functioning and help eliminate all harmful substances of the organism. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to naturally maintain the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Beer yeast: benefits for the immunity of the organism

The enormous content of vitamins of group B of beer yeast has already been mentioned several times. Another advantage of this natural product is that it facilitates the conversion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates directly into energy. It also helps our immune system, which thanks to beer yeast is fully prepared for daily microbial attacks. Therefore, it is enough to include this product in the daily diet regularly to enjoy good health and avoid many unpleasant diseases.- Strengthen the organism against chronic fatigue. Beer yeast favors the synthesis processes of many enzymes and other chemical processes that take place daily in our body. They are a valuable source of minerals, proteins and vitamins. These substances are indispensable in case of excessive fatigue and chronic health deterioration.- They regulate thyroid function. Dietitians recommend the consumption of beer yeast to people suffering from hypothyroidism. This product helps restore the balance of hormones in the body and favors natural thyroid function.- They help restore the natural bacterial flora of intestines. Every time we lack nutrients in the body or we need to undergo a pharmacological treatment, the bacterial flora of our intestines weakens. This situation is usually very harmful to our health. With the weakening of the bacterial flora of our intestines, the effectiveness of the basic functions of our body always decreases. To avoid the loss of valuable bacteria of the digestive tract, one to three teaspoons of beer yeast must be consumed daily. This can be done not only in crisis situations, but always to prevent all kinds of diseases of the bacterial flora of intestines.

How should beer yeast be consumed?

It is usually available in the form of flakes or powder.

Beer yeast in its natural form has a bitter taste. It should be noted, however, that many manufacturers of this valuable product for our body today eliminate this bitterness. Thanks to this, we can add beer yeast to almost all meals without any fear.

There are many ways to use beer yeast in flakes or powder. It can be added to salads, soups, second dishes, juices, natural cocktails and all kinds of desserts.

And if you don’t feel like adding it to food, you can buy it in the form of tablets and consume it regularly every day.

The healthiest daily dose of beer yeast is about 2-3 tablespoons taken throughout the day. If you decide for a dietary supplement in the form of tablets, follow the container instructions. They are usually four tablets per day.

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