The effects of sage on the human body: benefits and damages

Rich in vitamins and trace elements, this herb is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes for several centuries. Salvia, whose benefits and losses are not clear at first glance, can be bought in a pharmacy or collecting oneself, but should be used with caution so as not to damage health.

Discovery of culture

It is believed that this medicinal herb is originally from the Mediterranean countries, where it is in wild. Already in ancient Greece and Rome, sage was used as a drug base. Thanks to its high ground content, the plant has been used as an excellent preservative.

Effects on the organism

Salvia is an active stimulant of the body’s defenses. It helps eliminate existing disorders in the body in the form of inflammation, lack of essential vitamins or minerals, high cholesterol levels, toxins. Regular use of plan t-based preparations has a cumulative effect, which allows not only to achieve results, but also keep them for a long time after therapy.

Contraindications of use

Therapeutic agents based on prohibited sage for use by people who have individual intolerance, women in pregnancy and breastfeeding. In pediatric practice, sage is not recommended in patients under 2 years.

Salvia is contraindicated in people with a marked decrease in blood pressure, diagnosed malignant neoplasms, endometriosis. Temporarily giving up the treatment of grass for beer elaboration must be exacerbated urinary system pathology.

IMPORTANT: Due to the active effect on the activity of brain sage is contraindicated in epilepsy. The expectorant properties of the grass negatively affect patients with bronchial asthma.


Olga Morozova, Pharmaceutical, Krasnoyarsk

Salvia is the main component of effective pills and antiseptic agents for the treatment of skin or dental diseases. The medications of this group almost do not have contraindications and rarely cause side effects.

Tatiana Sergeyevna, 56 years old, Novosibirsk

My mother used to treat cough with sage tea. It is enough to replace the usual tea, so that in 2-3 days from the beginning of the disease the sputum will begin to expect. It is a proven efficacy remedy. I use it myself and my children too.

Lena, 19 years, Tomsk

After a long treatment with strong medications, my hair became flaccid and fine, and my nails began to crumble. A friend advised me to make masks and bathrooms with sage. In three sessions I noticed an improvement. With each new treatment, my hair became thicker and had a healthy brightness.

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