The linen urn and its benefits

In recent years, more and more people focus on a healthy diet. Specialists recommend consuming large amounts of seeds and nuts to maintain health. Among these products are linen seed cakes, whose benefits are invaluable to the body. But we must not forget that healthy foods can also be harmful.

What is Urbech?

In general terms, the Urbech is a thick paste made of ground seeds, and not just linen. Homeland of this delicacy – the east, where skillfully, combine the useful qualities of the seeds with their caloric value and the composition of vitamins. The most popular delicacy that brings together all these characteristics is the black linen urche or, less frequently, white linen. There are two types of linen: the brown (brown) and the white (gold). The seeds acquire a brown color when they are completely mature.

The natural paste of Urbech can be consumed by adults and children, as a dietary supplement. Above all, the pasta is recommended to those who lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the figure.

For the preparation of a healthy composition, white or black linen is used, which must be ground until the appearance of oil, using a mill stone. This preparation technology helps conserve useful linen properties. In the grinding process the grain is heated and the released oil provides a uniform impregnation of the cake, which gives the pasta finished the appropriate consistency.

As the ground linen has an unusual and astringent flavor, mixed with other beneficial ingredients. More often they are added to the finished dough honey, sugar, arce syrup, their favorite butter, nuts and other favorite additives.

Useful properties and composition

Linen seeds are an excellent energy source due to their high fat content, most of which are polyunsaturated. In addition, the composition of the black and white linen contains dietary fiber, a small amount of sugars. There is practically no starch in the product. Lino Urbach is useful for women and men due to the presence of vitamins A, K, PP, E.

Amino acids contained in linen are the basis of cell structure, thus accelerating cell regeneration. The hill present in the composition accelerates the metabolism of the fats, preventing the development of the atherosclerosis of the blood vessels. K and PP vitamins increase performance and stress resistance. Fiber helps improve the function of the digestive tract. Dietary fiber is partially retained in the stomach with food to improve digestion. The other part of the fiber passes through the digestive system, eliminating accumulated toxins.

The white linen seed cake is useful, because it is in the crushed form without thermal treatment that can be felt all the useful properties of the seeds. The seeds contain vitamins B, C and D. Lino is also rich in ca, k, mg, zn, cu, p, faith and other oligoelements necessary for the organism.

Brown linen is rich in Lignano phytormone, which prevents the development of cancer cells. The greatest benefit of the product has been observed in the fight against breast cancer. At the same time, it is worth highlighting the following positive properties of linen paste:

  • It has a general tonic effect and cleaner;
  • It is a soft laxative, so it normalizes metabolism
  • It has a positive effect on the nervous system
  • Improves the quality and state of the epidermis
  • Increases cell regeneration
  • It is a source of energy
  • It has a greater ant i-classical activity;
  • It favors the cleanliness and strengthening of blood vessels;
  • Accelerate cellular metabolism.

Line lino urche has invaluable benefits for women due to its high estrogen content. Especially useful for women during menopause, since linen is able to match the hormonal background and prevent nervous exhaustion. At the same time, its rich composition has a rejuvenating effect thanks to the content of natural antioxidants. All this has a positive effect on the body, prevents premature skin aging and protects against environmental influences.

The ground linen, whose benefits have been demonstrated as a dietary supplement, is also an excellent cosmetic. Pasta can be used as a mask that has a nutritious, toning and rejuvenating effect. Linen can increase elasticity and prevent skin dehydration.

Who can use the Urbech pasta

This tasty linen candy enriches energy, increases strength, enhances mental capacities and improves alertness. Thanks to the Urbache is not thermally, the prepared paste retains all the benefits of natural seeds and has a positive effect on the body.

Linen can strengthen the immune system, positively influence the cardiovascular system and digestive tract. Often, Urbeche is a medication used for respiratory problems, throat pain, bronchitis and colds.

The benefits for women are justified by wealth in trace elements and vitamins, all of them necessary to maintain a healthy organism. However, linen seeds are also necessary for the male body. Thanks to the regulation of hormones and the reinforcement of the cardiovascular system, the power and sexual desire increases.

Lino Urbech seeds, whose benefits have been demonstrated on numerous occasions, are essential for athletes as a source of energy and to increase force. In moderate quantities, the pasta is suitable for those who fight against obesity, knowledgeable of a healthy lifestyle and adequate nutrition. Consuming the supplement correctly, the body is enriched with complex carbohydrates, which accelerate satiety and eliminate hunger.

Linaza Urbache will also be useful for the following category of people

  • Those who suffer from hypertension
  • Those who are subject to a lot of stress
  • those who suffer from chronic fatigue;
  • women with reproductive problems;
  • pregnant women with constipation and cramps.


The rich organic composition of the pasta triggers the metabolic processes of the organism, so it is prohibited for certain categories of people.

Linen products are contraindicated in people with the following problems

  • Urolithiasis;
  • cholelitiasis, cholelitiasis;
  • Intestinal inflammatory disease
  • gastric or duodenal ulcer;
  • pancreatitis

If consumed in large quantities during childbirth, linen can cause premature interruption of pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended to use Urbache during pregnancy only in case of constipation and cramps. Also in case of individual intolerance, digestive problems and diarrhea can occur after taking the pasta.

How to make the most of linen

Like many health supplements, urache can be consumed alone or together with other foods. You do not need to heat up, so you can add to a salad, accompany a tea, add to a shake or mix with dairy products. It is not uncommon to add it grated to porridge or sauces. The daily dose is some teaspoons.

In the East, the Urbache is taken with pancakes, crepes or bread as breakfast. Pasta can be a magnificent complement to any breakfast or a ful l-fledged substitute. It can be consumed daily if there are no medical contraindications. It is best to consume the food complement in the first half of the day, when the body needs more energy, which will provide a full load for the whole day.

When flax seed vinaigrette is used for the prevention and general recovery of the organism, it is enough to ingest a fasting spoonful with warm water. To enrich the organism with the useful composition – it is sufficient to add a small amount of the pasta to the usual dishes.

If Urbech is mixed with butter, it becomes an excellent remedy. The composition can be used to treat bronchitis, SARS, tonsillitis and other diseases. In this case, you must eat 1 tablespoon of the pasta 3-4 times a day.

How to choose a good quality urche

Today, many dietary stores offer a wide range of healthy pastes. Urbaches can also be found in special sections of large supermarkets or in Internet stores. When buying products by hand, remember that the pasta should be made and preserved according to certain requirements.

A nutritional composition of good quality and properly prepared should not contain separating liquids or lumps. Urbech In terms of color, it can be from gold to brown, this indicator depends directly on the chosen raw material. Since linen seeds do not undergo thermal treatment and do not contain preservatives, the useful life of the prepared paste cannot exceed a few months.

Home preparation

If you cannot buy quality urche or do not trust merchants, you can prepare it yourself. The basic recipe is to grind the seeds with a mill stone. But if it does not have it, there are recipes in which linen can be grinding at home with a mortar or a blender.

The classic recipe

The paste is obtained by breaking the hard flame of the linen. A stone tooth is needed. If it does not have it, a mortar or a blender can be used. To make the pasta only mature and very dry seeds should be used.

  • Take 300 grams of seeds, put them in a saucepan and heat them over low heat. Do not let them change color. You can omit this step if you use a grinder.
  • The slightly heated linen is poured into a mortar. Next, the seeds are shown as much as possible until the oil is extracted. As they are processed, the seeds must gradually acquire the consistency of a paste.
  • The dough ready in a jar with airtight lid. Save the Urbec in the refrigerator.

If desired, it can be added to the Urbeche, in adequate proportions, honey, chopped nuts, nuts or other favorite ingredients.

Dry seed recipe

If you use dry linen seeds, you will have to soak them first. For 400 grams you will need 20 ml of water. Pour hot water on the seeds and let them soak for at least an hour. Once they have swollen, you can grind them as you want, until they release oil.

Continue crushing until the dough has a homogeneous consistency. The finished Urbeche comes out a little more humid and heavy than in the classical version. But the taste of the pasta will be softer and more pleasant.

Dorado Urbech

To prepare this dish you need

  • 200 grams of white linen seeds;
  • 50 grams of sultane raisins without nuggets;
  • 2 tablespoons of honey.

Clear honey and raisins will give the pasta a golden color, greater viscosity and a pleasant taste. The preheated grains must crush. Gradually add the sultanas to the linen and continue crushing everything. When the dough becomes homogeneous, honey can be added. It mixes everything well and poured into a container to save it.

Choose a good base for pasta

The most important thing in the process of preparing a good quality urche is the selection of linen seeds. The tools are ripe grains that have been stored in the appropriate conditions. A quality seed must have a uniform color and the grains should be practically the same size. Even after a long storage, the seeds should not stick together; They can be mixed and spread easily.

You can check if the drying is correct: if you press an entire seed with the nail, you will be a mark on the peel of a good seed. If they have dried in excess, there will be no marks of the nail when pressing them.


Urbech is a product whose healing properties have been used by people since ancient times. The pasta is prepared without thermal treatment, which allows you to fully conserve all the beneficial properties of linen seeds. Even in small quantities, the body receives a huge dose of natural antioxidants, fats, vitamins and trace elements. All this has a positive effect on the female and male organism. Even children need it in small doses.

Despite the impressive list of positive effects on the body, linen can be harmful. Do not use URBECH as dessert. The rich composition of the seeds allows them to act as medications, so it is necessary to respect consumption recommendations. Nor should we get carried away by the consumption of the pasta, since an allergic reaction to the linen can be developed due to an individual intolerance or a constant overcoming of the daily dose. Urbech is a product whose healing properties have been used by people since ancient times. The pasta is prepared without thermal treatment, which allows you to fully conserve all the beneficial properties of linen seeds. Even in small quantities, the body receives a huge dose of natural antioxidants, fats, vitamins and trace elements. All this has a positive effect on the female and male organism. Even children need it in small doses.

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