The opioid mushroom, what are its benefits and damages for health?

Opyatas are small mushrooms that can be found in large groups in the forest. With them you can prepare many aromatic and tasty dishes: fried, marinades, dry and others. The mushroom is surprised by collectors for their diversity, and sometimes not even experienced collectors can determine the species and understand if the mushroom is edible or not.

Next, we will discover the numerous uses and possible damages for the organism that can be found in the honey fungus.

How to differentiate false from true honey mushrooms?

The newcomers to the collection of mushrooms ask often: how can I differentiate a honey mushroom from a false? False mushrooms are very similar to edible opion and include the Candollya, red, aqueous, gray yellow, and the gallery with fringes. When collecting mushrooms, you must keep in mind that the true honey fungus has

  • a pleasant mushroom aroma, without strange smells to mold or earth;
  • a light brown color off, instead of a color between bright yellow and acid red;
  • The hat, which is covered with dark scales instead of being rounded and convex in no n-edible varieties.

If a filamentous ring, similar to a skirt, which is a clear sign of the original species, can be seen closely. The stem measures between 4 and 6 cm long, depending on the age of the mushroom. The exception is the Prado stem, which can measure 30 cm. The size of the false boletus is approximately 10 cm.

The edible hylifers grow mainly in large clusters or, if they are alone, in groups somewhere near. The false boletus hose, on the other hand, grow in groups of 2-3 mushrooms.

In total, 22 honey fungi species have been studied. They are similar, but differ in characteristic features. The best known species are those that are based on the dates of sprouting and external characteristics:

  • The true or autumn opium, whose benefits and damages will speak later, can be found in autumn. The distinctive feature is a yellow cap with the bent edges and the darkest center, the stem is 8 to 10 cm long.
  • Norteña – similar to autumn, but with a rich light brown coloration.
  • Thick feet – the name comes from the size of the foot, which is much larger than in other species. The brown hat is pubescent at the edges and has clear scales. It grows in small mushrooms.
  • Bulbosa – It has a bright brown or yellow coloration with scales throughout the surface. It can be found from the beginning of August until the end of October in trees and on the ground.
  • Oak – grows in deciduous trees. The newcomers often confuse it with the false mushroom due to the lack of a ring in the stem, but it can be recognized by their scales and its bega n-centered body.

There are also false edible mushrooms that really look like really mushrooms. Among them are summer mushrooms, winter mushrooms, meland mushrooms and mushrooms. You have to be careful when collecting these species to avoid poisonous mushrooms.

What are wild boletus for?

Thanks to their composition, wild boletus offer benefits to the human body when they cook gently. Fresh mushrooms contain many proteins, group B vitamins and others. These are the vitamins that you can find in the wild boletus:

  • B3 – Participate in metabolism, improves the secretion of gastric juice, dilates blood vessels and normalizes cholesterol. Positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, the pancreas, the brain, the nervous system and the liver.
  • B2 – Help to restoration of body tissues, brain function, improve the impact of B6, B9 vitamins, iron and protein absorption. It also improves vision, skin, nails and hair.
  • Ascorbic acid – stabilizes the heart, thinning of blood, which prevents thrombosis.
  • Iron – Stimulates the production of hemoglobin and the movement of nutrients to all organs.

Mushrooms have a laxative effect, which is good for people suffering from chronic constipation. The useful properties of beech mushrooms for men and women can be different.

Benefits for women

We will break down what is useful for the female body of the OPYAT:

  1. The mushrooms are low in calories, so it cannot be afraid to gain excess weight.
  2. Very suitable for download days.
  3. Remove excess fat and waste.
  4. Able to normalize sleep and nervous system.
  5. They strengthen blood vessels.
  6. Laxative effect.

With frequent use, mushrooms can prevent the development of tumors from the mammary glands.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is not recommended to eat mushrooms in large quantities, and if it does, only boiled or stewed. The product will help saturate the female organism of minerals, macro and microelements, as well as vitamins.

During breastfeeding, it is better to buy artificially cultivated opium mushrooms on the farm, and some people even try to grow opium mushrooms at home and succeed.

For men

For the male population, mushrooms are capable:

  1. Replace a complete meal.
  2. Reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  3. Strengthen or maintain muscle tissue.
  4. Improve blood circulation and the functioning of the heart.

The qualities of the melazo vary according to their preparation.

For children

Until 7 years, mushrooms should not be given to children, since they can cause stomach discomfort. After 7 years, small amounts of mushrooms can be introduced in the diet, since they can reinforce the immune system and improve brain function.

Damages and contraindications

There are no absolute contraindications, but it is better to refrain from taking them at night, since the product is gastronomically heavy.

It should also be avoided by mushrooms if gastrointestinal diseases, kidney failure, hypertension or allergies are suffered. If you do not respect conservation requirements or do not prepare mushrooms correctly, you can suffer damage in the form of poisoning, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, weakness, stomach burning, headache and increased body temperature up to 38 degrees.

How to keep Haya mushrooms

The conservation time of mushrooms depends on how they prepare:

  • FreshKeep for a maximum of 5 days in a cold or refrigerator. Keep in mind that they should not peel.
  • Salty. The period depends on the curing method. With hot pickles can be kept up to 1 year in the refrigerator, and in a cold place up to six months at a temperature of +5 degrees. You should not try to lower or raise the temperature so that the mushrooms do not freeze or crack.
  • Beech mushrooms. The canned allows to keep the product up to 12 months. If the jars close with a plastic lid, the period is reduced by half a year. Asadas with oil, similar time is preserved.
  • DryingThe dry product is preserved for 1 year in glass jars with airtight lid or in a canvas bag, especially in a dry place. The only disadvantage of the method is its ugly aspect.

Many people ask the question, can the beech mushrooms be lyophilized? The answer is yes. Freezing is the ideal way to keep them. To do this, you have to clean the mushrooms, but not wash them, so that they do not stick to each other, place them in containers and send them to freeze. The optimal conservation temperature i s-22 degrees Celsius, with an expiration of up to half a year, retaining all nutritional properties. If a heat treatment is applied before freezing, the products are preserved for a year.

What is the correct way to clean beech mushrooms?

Not everyone knows how to clean chickpeas well, but it is not a complicated process. You have to get rid of all kinds of garbage at the same time: sticks, leaves, rotten or agused mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are selected, they can be cleaned. The lower part of the stem is cut and the hat membrane is removed. Any dirt or damage must be removed with a knife, along with the edge. Clean mushrooms must be rinsed with plenty of water and can start cooking them. To dry the mushrooms, you can dispense with the clarified.

Cooking preparation

Once clean, mushrooms must be cooked for half an hour. There are two ways: boil them in water or heat them in a pan until they release liquid and cook them in it. Then, they are rinsed and can be used for various dishes.

Meat meatballs can be fry, make soups, roast mushrooms or marinate. A disadvantage of its flavor is that they become very watery to cook them. Because mushrooms feel good in artificial conditions and their long transport, they can be found on store shelves throughout the year.

Dry opium mushroom soup

Dry opium mushroom soup is very simple and easy to prepare, but it is worth following the councils of experienced chefs. Do not exceed the spices during cooking so as not to spoil the natural flavor and aroma of the mushroom. To make the soup you will need mushrooms, potatoes, onions, water, flour and butter or vegetable oil.


The first thing to do is put the dry mushrooms soak so that they soften. This must be done in advance so as not to extend cooking time. It is best to soak them 1 to 5 hours throughout the night. If you prefer, you can soak the mushrooms in milk instead of cold water so that they are more tender. After soaking them, wipe them up for about 20 minutes and you can prepare the soup.


For the soup to be tasty, it follows a certain order:

  1. Wash the mushrooms soaked and soak them in warm water for 30 minutes, then drain them with a strainer. Do not throw the drained water, it will be useful later.
  2. Add water to the remaining liquid, so that the volume is 1. 5 liters. Next, add the chopped mushrooms and cook all the liquid for 35-40 minutes, so that the mushrooms soften.
  3. Next, chopped potatoes, onions and salt are added. Let it cook another 20 minutes. While the broth is cooked, prepare the dressing. The flour is fried in a pan with the butter and, when the flour begins to be glazed, the broth of the common pot is added and the dressing is poured into the pot.
  4. The soup is cooked a few more minutes, after which it is allowed to infuse.

Serve as usual, with sour cream and chopped herbs, or can crush it with a blender until it turns it into a cream soup puree.

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