The vitamin composition of the sweetie and its caloric content

Sweetie is an exotic citrus, the result of the cross between Pomelo and Toronja. The switi is distinguished by its sweet taste and its composition, rich in useful vitamins and trace elements. This exotic product has a round shape, thick and green skin and juicy pulp.

Sweet is not the only name that the product receives. Exotic fruit is usually called Oroblanco and Pomelito. The Pomelito first appeared in California, where he crossed with the grapefruit. Subsequently, the Oroblanco was grown in European and oriental countries.

Pomelo relative, has a lot of miraculous properties, which is what makes the Oroblanco a popular product, dear not only for adults, but also for children. Today, Pomelito can be found on the shelves of almost all stores. The price of the fruit is low, so it is available to everyone.

A data. There is only a variety of colinabo in the world. Citrus fruits can only have green skin.

Citrus vitamins

They contain about 60 different substances and trace, among which stand out

  • Fiber.
  • Folic acid.
  • Potassium.
  • Calcium.
  • Copper.
  • Match.
  • Magnesium.
  • Essential oils.

Oroblanco also contains a large number of vitamins. 100% of the pulp contains

  • 37 to 40% vitamin C,
  • 3 to 5% vitamin B1,
  • 6 to 8% vitamin B5,
  • 2 to 5% vitamin B6,
  • 3 – 5% B

Thanks to its composition, the switi is a product of vital importance for the human body. Oroblanco, is one of the healthiest exotic fruits. When the human body consumes the fruit pulp, all product nutrients are instantly assimilated by the body and have a beneficial effect for their health.

Caloric content of the colinabo per 100 grams

The exotic colinabo contains a lot of water, so it is considered a lo w-calorie and dietary fruit. In 100 grams of product pulp there are about 40 to 60 kcal. The caloric content can also vary, depending on the size.

Attention. It is recommended for people who monitor their weight and follow a diet.

The properties of the fruit

It is rich in vitamins, so it is good for the organism and helps to get rid of diseases, preventing its reappearance. Oroblanco helps break down fats, so it is recommended to people who want to get rid of excess weight.

A previous requirement for Oroblanco consumption is the presence of avitaminosis and cardiovascular diseases. The consumption of this fruit helps the organism recover after a disease or surgical intervention.


The systematic use of fruit helps reduce blood cholesterol, strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, clean the body of toxins, get rid of excess weight, normalize blood pressure and cure depression.

Oroblanco has a positive effect on the heart and helps to strengthen blood vessels, as well as help restore water balance in the body and eliminate swelling. Pomelito is recommended to people with view problems and those who suffer from insomnia.

It is also good for constipation and flatulence. After consuming the product, the stomach discomforts disappear and improves intestinal function. Oroblanco actively fights the formation of renal calculations and helps break them.

The plant compounds contained in the product protect the body from the formation of cancer cells. Doctors strongly recommend Switi consumption to all the elderly, since Oroblanco is an essential product for the elderly body.

It is able to restore damaged blood vessels, improve memory and give vitality to all older people.

Important! Colinabo consumption will increase immunity and help protect against viral diseases. This effect is because the fruit contains a lot of ascorbic acid.

Damages and contraindications

There is a specific list of contraindications, which categorically prohibits the use of this fruit, such as sweets. At risk are the people suffering from:

  • Intestinal – gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract.
  • Increased gastric juice production.

Pomelito should not be consumed by people suffering from duodenal ulcers, gastritis, colitis, nephritis, hepatitis and other different acute diseases.

People who present an individual intolerance to citr, should also refrain from consuming the product. Children under eight are contraindicated.

Excessive product consumption causes adverse reactions in the body. Among them, headaches, skin rashes, nausea, swelling and intoxication.

Its consumption must be discouraged to pregnant and infant women. Eating switi can cause side effects not only for the mother, but also for the infant baby.

WARNING The excessive consumption of this citrus can cause disorders in the digestive system.

How to choose a sweet

The color of the fruit, whether it is ripe or not, is still green. You can know when the fruit is ripe by certain characteristics of the fruit:

  • Mature fruit should not be light. A great weight in the fruit indicates that it is mature.
  • The skin of the sweet fruit should not be defective.
  • The ripe fruit is large.
  • The skin of a ripe fruit should be uniform and spots without spots.

One of the most important maturity indications is a defined aroma. The stronger the smell emanating from the ooblanco, the sweeter the fruit will be. You can also know if the fruit is ripe by pressing the skin. The Maduro Oroblanco will not have skin clefts.

Attention. Often, the CVETs shave the fruit to improve its appearance, so it should be washed with running water before consuming it.

How to peel the fruit

The exotic fruit peels in a jiffy and the procedure will not take more than 5 minutes. The first thing to do is wash the fruit, then make an incision in the skin and separate it completely from the pulp.

The heart of the fruit can be easily cut into slices. The edible part of the Pomelito contains a small number of round seeds, which must be removed before consuming the product.

There is a second way to prepare the fruit for consumption. It consists of washing the fruit and cutting it in half. Then, the pulp is eaten with a spoon. The fruit peel contains a lot of oil, so there can be an oily residue in the hands when peeling.

A data. The rap pulp is protected by an additional layer that is removed before eating the fruit.

Special uses

In the absence of contraindications, the colinabo can be consumed by anyone. The fruit pulp does not need any treatment, so it can be eaten immediately after buying it. The freshly squeezed juice of the Pomelito is also useful. The maximum amount of pomelito pulp that a person can eat in one day is 700 grams.

Overcoming this amount will cause all kinds of side effects.

In the kitchen

Pomelito is often used in the kitchen as an additive of various dishes. Its special aromatizing qualities give a spicy flavor to any culinary masterpiece. This exotic fruit is used in salads and meat, seafood and vegetables.

It is also used to make jams, confitted fruits and jams. The peel is added to many types of pastries. The fruit does not need any treatment, so it can be combined with other ingredients after peeling it.

It is a fact. Pomelito can be combined with all kinds of meats, vegetables, spices and herbs.

In the treatment

It cannot be used as a basic remedy to combat diseases, but despite this, eating this fruit will help get rid of many ailments as soon as possible. The consumption of fruit helps change the microflora of the organism. The main properties of fruit are:

  1. Antiviral effect
  2. Antiseptic effect
  3. Antihistamine effect.
  4. Antibacterial effect.

Pomelito’s positive qualities are noticed 40 minutes after eating pulp. The person who consumes the fruit at the moment improves mood, equals blood pressure and normalizes heart rate.

Pomelito’s fragrance helps positively influence the nervous system. Upon hearing the fragrance of the fruit, one begins to relax and calm down.

Attention. Before using the fruit, it is recommended to consult a doctor and do an allergy test.

In cosmetology

This exotic fruit is widely used in all areas of cosmetology. The ooblanco added to any cosmetic product moisturizes, tones and rejuvenates the skin. The oil that contains the fruit also has a positive effect on the skin.

Vitamin C of fruit pulp actively combats skin aging and stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. Rubing the legs with this oil helps eliminate cellulite.

One of the main advantages of the Oroblanco is that anyone can elaborate their own lotions, oils and cosmetic creams from the fruit pulp. To do this, the heart of the fruit is used, which is crushed until it turns it into mashed and then mixes with the additional ingredients necessary.

IMPORTANT: Before using the fruit for cosmetic purposes, you have to completely peel it and eliminate the pulp movie.

To lose weight

Years of experiments and studies carried out by scientists have contributed to demonstrate that the switi helps eliminate excess weight. It contains special enzymes that help decompose subcutaneous fat and prevent it from forming again.

Due to their useful properties, doctors recommend including Oroblanco in the diet of people suffering from obesity and those who care about their figure.

The consumption of this fruit has the effect of accelerating the metabolic process and the decomposition of proteins and carbohydrates. Rich in fiber, it is essential for people who want to get an ideal figure.

Its special effect occurs when eating it fresh. It can also be used to prepare vitamin cocktails, which are prepared by adding to the main ingredient other fruits, milk, water or yogurt.

IMPORTANT: Sweets cannot be used as a basic food while diet. Exotic citrus fruits are an excellent complement to the basic diet.

How is the fruit stored and how long should it be kept?

The fruit must be kept in a fresh and dry place, for which the refrigerator can be used. A maximum of two weeks can be kept and up to a month and a half.

Keep in mind that the fruit is not mature and can be stored anywhere away from direct sunlight until it is completely mature. The optimal temperature to conserve the fruit is +8 degrees.

Fact. The switi does not lose its healthy properties if stored for a long time.

Switi is a true vitamin cocktail that can compete with various medications. By eating it, fruit increases energy. The surprising taste of this exotic fruit makes the swit a special fruit.

Numerous studies by doctors have shown that eating this fruit can protect the body from various diseases, regardless of the individual’s age.

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