Use of the infusion of walnut leaves

Walnut is a beneficial plant for the body, which helps to get rid of many pathologies. Medicine has long recognized that not only the walnut fruit helps to improve health, but also its leaves. They contain a sufficient number of useful elements, minerals and vitamins beneficial to human health.

Chemical composition

Today, scientists have thoroughly studied the properties of the walnut leaf and have proven its usefulness in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. The product contains a large number of beneficial substances:

  • Vitamin A, vitamin C and E. These elements help to restore the skin, hair and nails.
  • Tannin. Prevents the development of infections and fungal lesions.
  • organic substances. Breaks down fats, strengthens the nervous system.
  • Calcium. Strengthens bone tissue, promotes performance.
  • Coumarin.
  • Glycosides.

It is scientifically proven that walnut leaves have several times more ascorbic acid than oranges or lemons. This means that the product helps fight viral infections and strengthens the immune system.

The properties of walnut leaves

Walnut leaves, the use of which is necessary for the treatment of many diseases, are a useful product that helps keep the body in good shape. They contain a sufficient number of vitamins, acids and macronutrients that not only fight infections, but also have a preventive effect on the body.

Useful and medicinal properties

Walnut leaves are used in folk medicine and help restore the body after serious illnesses. Walnut leaves have their beneficial properties and their contraindications. Its beneficial effects:

  • They strengthen blood vessels, tone muscles, prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases.
  • They improve the liver and kidneys, help to remove bile from the body.
  • Normalize the stomach, clean the intestines, relieve pain, spasms. Walnut leaf tea helps prevent diarrhea, eliminate nausea, cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Helps heal wounds after cuts and trauma, stops bleeding, prevents bacteria from entering the wounded area.
  • Eliminate fungal infections, combat irritations, psoriasis and skin lesions.
  • It has an analgesic effect. Decoctions based on walnut leaves help to get rid of stomach upsets and headaches.
  • Normalize the immune system and relieve the symptoms of the cold. Ascorbic acid reinforces the immune system and has antipyretic properties.
  • It helps restore hair structure and nails and improve skin status.

Walnut leaves are used in many countries as a remedy to help stop bleeding and heal wounds. It also helps relieve the following diseases

  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Chronic gastritis.
  • Mellitus diabetes.
  • Gynecological diseases.

Decoctions and infusions based on walnut leaves help strengthen the general state of the body, increase the level of resistance and performance.

Damage and contraindications

Nogal leaves do not have special contraindications or subtleties in their application. The exceptions can be the diseases of the circulatory system and allergies to some product components. In such cases, the product can be harmful to the body. To avoid secondary infections, a special allergy test must be performed. To do this, the decoction prepared on the doll of the hand must be applied. If redness or ardor appears in the skin after 15 minutes, the product can be used as planned.

Application characteristics

Nogal leaves are used in popular medicine in various formats: infusions, decoctions, teas. All these remedies have medicinal properties and help fight problems present in the body.

Fresh leave juice

Fresh leave juice is a remedy that helps eliminate skin diseases, relieve inflammations and eliminate acne. The juice is used to treat pustulous lesions, boils, subcutaneous grains and psoriasis. The active ant i-inflammatory components of the plant dry the soaking wounds, relieve swelling and redness.

To prepare a fresh juice, you need

  1. Starting the tree leaves, 3-4 leaves will suffice for a single application.
  2. The leaves must be washed thoroughly to eliminate dust and dirt, place on a towel lined and dry naturally.
  3. Next, the leaves are carefully kneaded with their hands to extract a natural juice.
  4. The squeezed liquid must be spread in the problematic areas and soak for a few hours.

The resulting juice can be spread in the grains and pimples of the face. It is necessary to use a dotted method. To do this, you have to spread a cotton baston in the juice and apply the solution in the problematic areas. You can also use an entire walnut sheet to cure wounds. For this, it is necessary

  1. Rinse the plant, dry it
  2. Apply it in the problematic zone and cover it with a gauze bandage.

Walk for an hour with the compress.


The infusions based on the plant help in stomach diseases, cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems and general weakness of the organism. A popular recipe to prepare an infusion:

  • Wash the sheet, chop it.
  • Put it in a bowl, add a glass of boiling water.

In order for the infusion to have a positive effect on the body, it must be left in infusion for several hours. Once the time has elapsed, the resulting solution must be sneaked through gauze and apply a tablespoon before or after meals. The treatment must last a week.


Decoction based on walnut leaves helps improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system and blood vessels. To prepare it it is necessary

  1. Add 2 cups of water to a container and put it on fire.
  2. During boiling, add a tablespoon of pressed leaves to the pot.
  3. Boil the solution for 5 minutes over high heat and then cook over low heat for half an hour.

Strain the decoction and drink a glass a day. The solution will have a positive effect on the body:

  • It will reduce inflammation.
  • It will relieve the symptoms of the flu and colds.
  • The balance of vitamins in the body will replace.

A similar remedy should be used with caution in cancer pathologies and blood diseases. For the treatment of viral diseases a special nut infusion is used. Their peculiarity is that the leaves must be fermented before cooking them. That is, toast them in the fire and oxidize them outdoors. The fermented infusion of walnut leaves is prepared as follows:

  1. Wash and dry the plant.
  2. Cut it into small pieces.
  3. Toast it for a minute in a pan.
  4. Put the raw material obtained on the balcony to air.
  5. Pour a tablespoon of leaves in a cup.
  6. Add boiling water and prepare the infusion.

Consume once a day for a week.


Decoctions and infusions based on walnut leaves are used for mouth viral lesions, purulent wounds, stomatitis, pulpitis. To eliminate wounds, it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity 5-6 times a day. The decoction must sneak into and cool for the procedure.

Infusions are used for rhinitis and severe nasal drip. To eliminate the disease, you have to wash your nose with a hot solution 3 times a day. Nogal leaves help relieve throat pain. To do this, take a small amount of decoction in the mouth, tilt your head back and rinse your throat for 30 seconds. Repeat every 4 hours.


Irrigations with decoction of walnut leaves are used for skin diseases, herpes, psoriasis and fungal infections. The solution helps eliminate purulent inflammation, relieve swelling, itching and dryness. To eliminate the problem, soak a cotton baston in the diluted decoction, not squeeze it and apply it in the problematic zone for a few minutes.

A medicinal decoction of walnut leaves can be used as a wipe. It must be used every two days in the morning. First you have to wash your face with a profile product and then use the healing solution, it is not necessary to wash it. After a nutritious cream must be applied to the skin. Such a procedure helps to get rid of subcutaneous grains, black points and pimples. In addition, peanut oil washing helps prevent skin diseases.

Therapeutic baths

Bathrooms with the addition of nut decoction help get rid of gynecological, hemorrhoid diseases, irritation in the intimate area. This treatment hydrates the skin, nourishes and eliminates dryness. How to make a bath:

  1. Prepare a decoction of walnut sheet according to the previous recipe, infuse and strain it.
  2. Prepare a bathtub with water and pour 3 cups of decoction into it.
  3. The body immerses for about 30 minutes.

Do not add detergents or shower gels to the water during this procedure. You can also immerse your hair in the treatment solution and leave it in the head for some time. The decoction of nuts helps restore the structure of the curls, making them soft and manageable. After bathing, a moisturizing cream should be applied to the skin.


Nogal leaves decoction lotions can help relieve hemorrhoid, herpes and eczema symptoms. To do this, a therapeutic solution is prepared, infuses and sneaks. Dip a cotton in the solution, without draining it, and put it on the problematic area and let it act all night.

If you have a skin disease, put a cotton in the problematic area, wrap it all with a bandage and let it act for a day.

Harvesting and storage of the leaves

The walnut leaves are harvested at the beginning of summer, between the end of May and the end of June. It is then that they are most concentrated in all the beneficial minerals and vitamins. You have to pay attention to the smell of the leaves; if they are fine and have a bright, rich aroma, they should be plucked for medicinal preparations. What rules must be followed during harvesting:

  • Collect leaves only when the weather is clear and dry. It is preferable that it has not rained before.
  • Handle the sheets carefully so as not to damage the surface.
  • The raw material must be dried naturally. The leaves must be dried in the shade; a shed in the field is suitable for this. If you live in an apartment, you can use a balcony, but make sure that the leaves are not exposed to the sun.
  • During the drying process, check the leaves periodically. If the sheets start to curl and break to the touch, you can stop the process.

The product can be kept dry for up to 1 year. In order to preserve all its useful properties, it must be placed in a paper bag and left in a dark and cool place.


During therapy with walnut leaves, it is worth taking into account the adverse reactions of the organism. For this reason, experts advise carrying out a small allergy test beforehand. In addition, the specified proportions must be followed exactly, so as not to harm one’s own health.

Decoctions should not be used too hot and should be cooled to room temperature before use. If the treatment does not bring a productive result within a week, it is worth going to the doctor to avoid complications.

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