Useful properties of hawthorn for the male organism

Need to pay attention to those who are fond of herbalism and in search of unique healing properties in herbs and exotic plants that the most effective in the application are the leaves, flowers and fruits of the plants that surround us. One of them is the white hawthorn.

It can be found in almost all gardens, both in the country and in the city. It is often used as a hedge and is rarely remembered for its healing properties. We recommend that you take a close look at this small tree with purplish-brown branches, with thick, straight and long thorns.

Chemical and vitamin composition of hawthorn

All parts of the hawthorn have a complex and diverse composition of substances beneficial to the human body. The first are micronutrients, whose impact on human health is inestimable:

  1. Iron – provides the processes of hematopoiesis, affects the immune system;
  2. Copper – provides optimal blood composition, is present in numerous enzymes;
  3. Zinc – important for the function of the prostate, the synthesis of testosterone and growth hormone, helps to break down alcohol in the body;
  4. Manganese – normalizes the functioning of the endocrine glands responsible for the reproduction of seminal fluid;
  5. Magnesium – contributes to the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems;
  6. Potassium – the contraction of the heart muscle directly depends on its presence, as does the concentration of dissolved particles in the blood;
  7. Calcium – ensures good health, maintaining balance in muscle, bone tissues, ensuring the course of metabolic processes.

But in more than hawthorn, organic acids, including the rare

  • citric;
  • tartaric acid;
  • krategusa;
  • ursolic;
  • chlorogenic;
  • oleanol;
  • caffeic acid.

It is the presence of these rare organic compounds that gives hawthorn the image of a panacea.

Hawthorn is rich in carbohydrates, flavone glycosides, phytosterols, tannins and extracts. There are essential oils, phytoncides and even oconakintin (a substitute for quinine). Vitamins A, C, E and K are also present.

Properties of hawthorn for the male body

The presence of such a rich composition of biologically active substances, vitamins, trace elements in hawthorn gives it properties that are successfully used for different purposes. It is used in cooking, cosmetology, in the treatment of many diseases and in the prevention of diseases.

We are interested in healing power that affects male health and the ability of white thorn preparations to specifically treat male problems: impotence and infertility.

What is it for?

Among men there is so much emotionally excitable nature, unable to contain themselves in their hands, subject to anger outbursts. So men are the type of “flint”, the efforts of the will, stop emotional outbursts, and both will be useful for applying thorn.

They will take care of the restoration of the heart rate, interrupted by emotional outbursts, support the work of the heart, strengthen the muscle of the heart.

Any type of tension that men have caused overloaded work that tend to exaggerate their abilities, whether physical or mental, will be eliminated after the use of thorn remedies.

A man will rarely reject fatty, fleshy and fried foods. Men have their own idea of the benefits of food. It is this position of most men with respect to nutrition, inevitably leads to the alteration of metabolism, and proven in a blood analysis the presence of high cholesterol.

Espino serves his body well through the normalization of the composition of the blood, eliminating the danger of accumulation of cholesterol plates in the blood vessels. The appearance of pain by throwing in the abdomen after eating the same fatty foods can be a sign of problems with the pancreas, the work of which worsens with age.

Also in this case, the White Espino preparation will improve health by helping the pancreas to synthesize the enzymes necessary for digestion.

The decrease in the usual activity, the unpleasant symptoms of numbness of the extremities can be a consequence of stress or lack of exercise. Thin’s flower tea will support you, encourage you, will relieve you of painful sensations.

There is no man who would not have suddenly alarmed erectile dull. The cause can be anything, but it is up to the doctor to find out. But thorn medicine can help restore its potential, if the cause is insignificant, and in the subsequent treatment of dysfunction it can be a good addition.

Possible damage and contraindications

Like any other substance, the white thorn, in addition to its generally positive effects on the body, can be occasionally harmful. Here, as in other cases, the dose, formulation and presence of diseases in which the application of thorn medications has a negative effect or even becoming potentially deadly is important.

Drugs should be avoided

  • In case of chronic hypotension and low heart rate;
  • in case of cranial trauma, brain shocks and brain diseases;
  • In case of exacerbation of liver, stomach and endocrine glands;
  • allergies to white thorn;
  • when conducting a car and in other cases that require caution.

WARNINGS. The daily dose for an adult male is 100 g of medicinal raw materials.

If you take thorn berries frequently, without taking into account the daily dose, you can suffer heart disease, heart rhythm alterations and hypertension.

IMPORTANT: Remember that the white barrage preparations do not cure impotence, but only strengthen the nervous system, normalize emotional reactions and restore libido. See a doctor for treatment.

Specific uses

Any herb equipped with medicinal properties is rarely used for treatment in its pure form. Each one has its particular uses, and the white thorn is no exception.


The most popular way to use white thorn is infusion. It is used to treat cardiac ailments. For their preparation the fruits of the plant are taken. The dry raw material is crushed. A tablespoon pours a glass of boiling water, is infused and consumed 3 times 100 ml.

Infusion for the treatment of prostatitis is prepared from a mixture for which the use of 10 parts of scaled dry berries, naturally crushed 5 parts of wheat grass, 4 parts of chamomile flowers, birch and blackberry leavesIn 3 parts, the medicinal and pearl mijo clover in two parts, Knotweed and dandelion roots in one part.

The mixture is mixed, and to prepare 2 tablespoons, pour half a liter of boiling water. Keep infusion for eight hours. The resulting drink sneaks and takes hot, a cup room up to 8 times a day.

Attention. Not taking infusion with an empty stomach, can cause nausea.

The infusion must be taken for a month, then pause two weeks. The results will be reflected not before six months of intake.


Slow erection, sexual weakness and the decrease in desire, can be a consequence of stress or nerve tension. In these cases, the decoction will have a reconstitutional effect. It is made from a tablespoon of dried swords of crushed swords, 300 ml of boiling water are poured and boiled over low heat for half an hour. The cooled and casting decoction is taken in a glass room before each meal for no more than a month.

IMPORTANT: When taking white thorn preparations, it is mandatory to make pauses after a month of use.

When you live in the countryside and there are many berries and fruits nearby, it is difficult to resist preparing a aromatic tea drink with its leaves.

A tea drink made with whit e-spino leaves and flowers is an excellent tonic, with a peculiar flavor and aroma. The main thing is not to abuse this tea, using it to normalize heart activity. There are many recipes of this type of drinks.

A tablespoon of a mixture of dried flowers and thorn leaves per glass of boiling water made for five minutes and drink well with honey and jam. Fresh infusion sheets can also be used, just 2-3 of them. The infusion method is the same.

There is another method. A handful of dry berries is poured into a liter thermos, pouring boiling water, using after ten hours of infusion. Such tea is not recommended to drink often and only half of a glass.


There are many ways to prepare tinctures, as well as recipes. It can be done with pure rectified medicinal alcohol, with 70%distillate, with vodka and even grape wine.

Whatever the advice of many fans of the various tinctures, not all are suitable for treatment. To avoid the temptation to deepen the issue of the elaboration of tinctures, let’s focus on those that occupy us on the subject of this article.

For the preparation of tinctures, use thorn of different varieties and species, but we will approach only the thorny thorn, the composition of which it is well studied and the properties of the effects on the body are known in the application.

Tincture is used for both therapeutic purposes and for the prevention of the disease, both externally and internally, but in dose not exceeding 20 ml, if the tincture is done with alcohol, and 50 ml – if it is done with vodka, at the same time.

Caution is the norm, no more than three times a day and only after a meal, be sure to dissolve in water. Use for a month.

In this case, you will get the effect you expect. Either a normalization of the power, the restoration of the nervous system after an emotional outburst, or the stimulation of the blood supply to the genitals.

It is better to use distillate, high purity Moonshine, is suitable as a percentage of 70 % alcohol. Crushed nuts and flowers, in a proportion of one to one pour 500 ml. distilled, insist on a dark place for fifteen days, stirring daily. The resulting tincture must be filtered, it is poured into a dark glass bottle, well covered and stored in a cool place.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot manufacture yourself or buy thorny alcohol from a trusted retailer, use 70%alcohol.

Espino fruits are difficult to call juicy, for this reason, the juice will have to be extracted using the following technology. Take 500 grams of fresh fruits, preliminary getting rid of immature, damaged, rotten. Rinse thoroughly in running water, grind with a blender, add 100 ml. of water and load in a polishing.

The resulting juice, taking diluted with water 1: 1, three times a day for 1 CDA. L. The product has a positive effect on power.

How to keep the White Espino

The conservation of white thorn fruits and their medicinal properties depends directly on when and how they are collected. A dry and clear day of autumn late is a good time to do it. Do not waste time and go directly to processing the fruits collected.

The best storage methods for lasting conservation are freezing and drying.

Frost apples

This storage method is called frost “apples”. It guarantees that the medicinal properties of the fruit are kept up to one year. Throughout the winter you can have fresh apples for any use, especially to prepare medicinal products.

The fruit must be previously prepared, clean and dry. They must be placed in a single layer on a tray and frozen in a camera a t-30 degrees. Once the fruit is frozen, it can be pocketed and stored in containers in the freezer.

Vegetable dust

Drying is the safest way to prepare fruit for lon g-term storage. In this way, they can be stored up to four years without losing their medicinal properties. Dry the fruit at a temperature of 70 degrees, stirring gently and ventilating the oven. The dry product is stored in paper bags, cardboard boxes or canvas bags.

The subsequent use of dried fruit is in the form of powders, hence the name of the method. It is difficult to store dust, but it is possible.

If enough time is available to grind the entire fruit until it turns it into flour and then pack it into filter bags with the desired dose, it will be saved in the necessary amount. In addition, with this technique it is not necessary to strain infusions and decoctions.

Filter containers can be purchased in specialized quantity and size. The bags are preserved exactly the same as industrial teas, with the same technology.

Boyardee bread

This subtitle does not receive this name by chance. Describe how our ancestors formerly baked a delicious and fragrant bread with fruit aroma, using spino powder fruits.

Good bakery flour is needed with a high gluten content. Mix Z60 g of this flour with three tablespoons of white thorn powder and 10 g of salt. Of 280 ml. of warm water necessary to knead take a bit to dissolve 6 g. of dry yeast.

Saturate the flour by sifting it, making a small crater on the flour hill and pouring the water and the dissolved yeast. Knead until all the flour and dough has been incorporated no longer sticky in the hands. Knead several times, pulling and folding. Form a lump and place it on a baking tray. Now you have to let the dough rise in a warm place.

That place for you will be the oven, where you must put a container with boiling water in the background, and place the tray with the dough. Water evaporation will create the necessary heat of 30 degrees and humidity so that the dough rises in 15 minutes.

The folded dough lump must be kneaded, giving it a loaf and placed on a foil sprinkled with flour. Bake at 200 degrees for 40 minutes. You can check if the bread is ready with a fine wooden stick, if the dough does not stick to it, it means that the bread is ready. Do not hesitate to take it out and let it cool on a baking sheet, covered with a clean towel.

Pharmacy prepared with white thorn

For consumer delight, the pharmaceutical industry has long dominates the elaboration of prepared with white thorn. If you do not have the ability to make your own medication, surely in the pharmacy you will find a suitable product for you.

The most common preparations for sale are

  • 70%, 25ml, 100ml alcohol tincture;
  • White thorn is an oral tablet available in various sizes;
  • Hawthorn Premium – Capsules 350 mg 40 units;
  • Cardi o-Active Hawthorn – Comed 40s;
  • Hawthorn Forte – Capsules 30 UDS;
  • Doppelgerz Active Hawthorn Potassium + Magnesio Cardio – Capsules 60 UDS;
  • White Espino Syrup with Rosa Mosqueta – 250 ml;
  • White thorn syrup with black thorn – 250 ml;
  • NEOVITEL Bioactive complex with white thorn – Capsules 90 UNID;
  • Ginkgo Biloba with White Espino – Comed 40s;
  • Nature’s Sunshine Hawthorn Plus – Capsules 560 mg 100 UDS;

It remains to be added that the possibilities of use of white thorn preparations are very wide. The choice, of course, is yours, makes its own healing potions or giving them without problems in the pharmacy.

Important: When buying the preparations, always check when, where and for whom they have been prepared and if they are labeled with the required certification.

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