Useful Properties of rice congee

The rice is enormously popular and leads the list of cereals. It is loved and cooked by millions of people worldwide. And most of them are limited to pouring water through the sink when they cook this product.

This is a big mistake, since it has amazing properties. It is worth finding out what is the utility of rice congee.

Chemical composition and caloric content of rice broth

During boiling, the grain transmits into the water a huge number of useful substances. Among them there are vitamins, minerals and gluten. This natural product is used a lot in popular medicine and cosmetology.

The decoction obtained when cooking the grains contains:

  • Sulfur;
  • Magnesium;
  • Zinc;
  • Calcium;
  • Iron;
  • Match;
  • Iodine;
  • Chlorine;
  • Sulfur;
  • Copper;
  • Vitamins B, E and pp.

This valuable product contains useful antioxidants, plant fibers and amino acids. The content of different substances and calories depends on the rice variety. On average, 100 g of pure rice broth contain 115 kcal.

The properties of the Congee

The benefits of rice broth cannot be overestimated. This miraculous water allows you to open the way to a new and healthy life. Thanks to its consumption, you can tone your body, your skin and feel strong and vigorized.

What is it for?

The use of a popular remedy can face the inflammation of the skin, relieve the course of dermatitis, eliminate eruptions and inflammation. All this thanks to the fact that the water narrows and cleanses the pores. It is suitable for daily use to take care of the problematic areas. The skin becomes soft, clean and smooth with regular care.

To maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract, for ulcers and gastritis, for poisoning and to lose weight, rice decoction is used. It helps normalize blood pressure, as an antioxidant, prevents cancer development. The cosmetic properties of this composition are unique, eliminates fatty brightness, drying the skin, unifies complexion.

Damage and contraindications

Rice decoction has many useful properties, but we must not forget that composition can bring damage in some cases. You should not abuse its use, especially in the following situations:

  • Diarrhea with high fever, vomiting, with blood and diarrhea with mucus. This is an indication of an infection and should not be sel f-driving;
  • Trend to constipation, colic. The rice broth has an hardener effect, delays the depositions and can cause damage to this condition.

Do not use in case of obesity or intestinal inflammation. Caution should be taken with children under six months. If the treatment does not produce relief in two days, you must stop using it.

How to cook the rice broth

To obtain the maximum benefit of rice decoction, it is necessary to learn to prepare it correctly. First, you have to choose a good rice.

  1. To obtain a useful remedy, it is worth buying raw, ideally white or comprehensive long grain rice.
  2. The rice should be washed well with running water before cooking. The rice must be poured into cold water.
  3. Additives should not be added when boiling rice. These are condiments, including salt.
  4. After boiling it, you have to leave the rice soak for a few hours. Then the liquid is poured into a bowl and the grain is used.

There is a simple way to prepare a healthy fluid without boiling. This recipe can be used when it is necessary to get healing water quickly, but there is no time to boil it. Col d-cooked rice water is used mainly in cosmetology.

Half cup of cereals is poured into two glasses of water and it is not necessary to clarify it previously. After a quarter of an hour you can drain the liquid and use it. The effectiveness of this composition is lower.

Fermented rice water can be obtained by a similar method. The difference is that the mixture should be left in a warm place for several days. When a sour smell appears, the liquid is drained and used.

This is the most common way to make water to clarify the hair and wash. The resulting fermented solution is stored in a cold place. A kind of concentrate is obtained that must be diluted with running water when used.

For infants, the rice broth is prepared as follows:

  • The rice is selected and is soaked for 14 hours;
  • Water is poured, the rice is boiled in the new water for an hour;
  • The mixture cools and passes through a strainer.

The remedy prepared according to this recipe can be used for babies under six months in the presence of liquid feces.

How to take the rice broth

The rice broth can be taken for various ailments. It is allowed to use this remedy even during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnant women can use it to get rid of unpleasant symptoms such as morning nausea, nausea and swelling.

It helps solve the problem of the lack of calcium in the body, which is important for pregnant women, to deal with high fatigue. The product is excellent for the treatment of pigmentation spots, which often appear in women while carrying the baby.

For women during breastfeeding, rice broth can help increase breast milk. For a small child, rice decoction is an excellent complementary food. It is usually introduced when the baby is six months.

It favors the correct development of the nervous system, intervenes in the formation of the cardiovascular system, improves the intestinal function, increases the resistance of the organism to catarrhal diseases and stimulates brain function.

To lose weight

Rice water is excellent help for people suffering from obesity. Integral rice and its decoction are considered diet. There are even comprehensive food systems based on this grain. No condiments or salt should be used.

Nutritionists recommend replacing a meal with decoction. Combined with an active lifestyle, decoction allows you to get rid of excess weight. According to reports, it is possible to lose up to 0. 5 kg per week.

For medicinal purposes

The wide use of rice broth for medicinal purposes is known.

For the stomach

Rice broth is often used in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract, with intestinal disorders. This is due to the fact that it contains a lot of starch and gluten, gently cover the walls of the intestine, protecting them from damage.

The decoction relieves the gastrointestinal tract agitated with smoothness and without consequences. It is used to treat stomach ulcers, intestinal ulcers and gastritis, since it effectively prevents fermentation processes that irritate the walls of the intestinal tract.

Thick rice starch the excess fluid. It is important to stop taking rice water as soon as diarrhea ceases, since otherwise a new problem can arise: constipation. The broth must be taken several times a day, in ¼ to ½ cup, and drink to small sips.

Vomiting in children

Vomiting in a child are usually caused by poisoning. In this situation, we must replenish strength quickly and replenish the nutrients of the organism. As your child refuses to eat, rice cereals can help you.

Cereal helps link and eliminate toxins from the body. If poisoning is accompanied by vomiting, the broth must drink small sips throughout the day. During this period, it is advisable not to take any other food.

The effect must be noticed after one day. If this does not happen, a doctor should be consulted.

For gastritis

The liquid in which rice is boiled is used to relieve stomach irritation and reduce fermentation. It is excellent for neutralizing high acidity, the main cause of stomach acidity. The decoction is taken for two weeks, with a break from five to seven days.

Drink 0. 5-1 glass every morning and every night. The popular remedy shows excellent performance against various ailments associated with gastrointestinal tract disorders.

In homemade cosmetology

Popular skin and hair care recipes usually contain an ingredient such as rice decoction. It has excellent properties that favor the regeneration of skin and hair. Natural beauty products can easily prepare at home.


On store shelves there are many hair care products that, thanks to intelligent marketing, have a great demand. They are often overlooked natural formulas that help keep hair in perfect condition and have excellent Beauty Benefits, such as those based on rice water.

Rice water has been used for centuries for hair care and is not a new treatment. Hundreds of years ago, Japanese girls used rice water to strengthen hair from the inside. And have healthy and strong hair.

The secret is simple, this mixture contains a trace: Inositol. It has the ability to penetrate deeply into the root of the hair and repair the damage. Protect future damage.

Ferulic acid and the water of boiled rice water also have ant i-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants have powerful ant i-inflammatory and healing effects.

Facial mask

From the decoction of rice a mask is obtained at a reasonable price. According to opinions, the effect is already noticeable after the first application. Rice water tense perfectly, giving it a beautiful matt finish. It is effective to use it at night.

With a cotton disk, the product is applied in the problematic areas and, after 15-20 minutes, is removed with warm water. The mask perfectly solves problems such as skin redness, minor burns and inflammation. Composition relieves pain, improves skin elasticity and restores cell structure.

Decoction for cell renewal

The decoction is used as part of a mask for cell renewal. Rice water is mixed with honey, grated ginger and hemp oil in a proportion of 4: 1. The mixture is added to the white cosmetic clay and mixes well.

The mask is applied three times a week for an hour and is then removed with cold water. The effect is visible after the first application, the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Rice water

Rice water is an excellent means of stimulating blood circulation. It is prepared in a simple way, the decoction after cooking the rice is mixed with milk and honey in a 1:1 ratio, and applied hot to the skin for half an hour. The rice water is then used to wash the face.

Such regularly repeated procedures will greatly improve the nutrition of the skin and restore its structure.

Mask for skin elasticity

Frozen rice water can be used to maintain skin elasticity. Cubes of rice are taken from the refrigerator and used to dry the face, avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes. These simple express cares will give the skin a healthy appearance, elasticity, reduce redness and bags.

The cubes are prepared from a decoction prepared cold. Keep them no more than three days.

anti-aging mask

Anti-aging mask with regular use restores skin elasticity, whitens, protects against ultraviolet light. The decoction can be used not only in a mask, but also as a cleanser and toner. The following formula is excellent for cell renewal:

  • ¼ cup of decoction;
  • 1 medium banana;
  • A few drops of olive oil;
  • Pearl powder.

The ingredients are mixed until smooth and the mixture is applied to the face and neck. After 15 minutes, rinse with cold water. It is advisable to repeat the procedure twice a week.

Mask against acne or pimples

Rice water is excellent for treating problem skin. It serves to take care of not only the skin of the face, but also that of the body. An acne mask is made with just three ingredients: rice flour, aloe vera, and honey. The ingredients are mixed before use.

The mixture should be applied to clean skin for 15 minutes and rinsed off with lukewarm water.

hands mask

It is good to make hand masks regularly. They help soften and soften the skin of the hands. To prepare the mixture, the rice is boiled and the liquid is drained. The mixture is mixed with equal parts of honey and milk and applied to clean hands.

Let the mask dry and then you can wash your hands with normal or rice water. The composition is excellent for moisturizing the skin of the hands.

Rice broth is an excellent remedy for the treatment and maintenance of skin and hair in a healthy state. Any woman is sure to appreciate the useful properties of this natural composition, getting amazing results from its use!

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