Useful Properties of SEMEENKO apples

Many have heard and tested the Suerenko apples. But not everyone knows how they are, their benefits and damages for the agency. SEMEENKO apples are rich in various nutrients and minerals.

They are recommended for diet. This variety is a success among the owners of Dachas and the horticulturists, since it has proven to be a good choice.

History of origin

SEMEENKO apples are properly known as Plato Simirenko renetta. The exact origin of this variety is unknown. His description and registration in the catalog was carried out by L. P. Simirenko, a famous Ukrainian scientist-scientist.

The variety was discovered by his father, P. F. Simirenko, at the end of the 19th century. In addition, he also dedicated himself to the breeding of this species. The son baptized the apple with the name of his father. The Platon Simirenko Renet variety was registered in the USSR State Registry in 1947.

Attention: This variety does not bear the exact name of the discoverer. It has changed slightly for comfort. But both spellings are correct.

Characteristics of the variety

The apple is high and has an extended, wide and rounded glass. The bark is dark gray in the trunk and branches. It can become orange when exposed to direct sunlight.

The outbreaks are green-gross, with average thickness, with small and scarce slowdies. The outbreaks of a young tree grow 50-60 cm annually and 45-55 cm of adult.

The leaves are elongated, ovate, curved at right angles and have a boat shape. The surface of the leaf is smooth and light green. The edges of the leaves are finely teeth.

SEMEENKO apples grow from medium to large size. The shape of the fruit is regular rounded, with a smooth and uniform surface. Mature apples are light green.

When they are exposed to the direct light of the sun, they can show a pink blush. If stored, its color changes to yellow.

The average weight of an apple Serrenko is 160-180 g. Under the bark there are clear points, with a diameter of 2-3 mm. The fruits are sweet, with a creamy white pulp, delicate and juicy.

SEMEENKO apples are stored and transported well. In winter, they have good demand in stores.

Attention. This variety of apple does not tolerate low temperatures, but behaves well in drought and wind conditions. It is recommended to cultivate it in southern Russia. In addition, other varieties must grow next to the tree for pollination, since the Sindko variety does not sel f-political.

Calories per 100 grams

100 grams of sinerenko apple contain

  1. Protein – 0. 40 g;
  2. Fat – 0. 40 g ;;
  3. Carbohydrates – 9. 00 g

100 g of fruit pulp contains:

  1. Sugar – 8-12 %;
  2. acids – 0. 4-0. 7 %;
  3. Ascorbic acid – 8 mg.

Calories per 100 gr. It is 37. 01 kcal (154 kj).

SEMEENKO apples properties

This variety of apples has many useful properties. The main thing is to observe the norm of its consumption and the hygiene rules. The proper and regular consumption of SEMEENKO apples produces positive and beneficial effects for the health of the human body.


The consumption of apples Sererenko provides the following benefits:

  1. Fat metabolism is activated and the body gets rid of the extra kilos;
  2. The proper functioning and state of the heart, the nervous system and blood vessels are maintained;
  3. The immune function of the organism is normalized
  4. Hemoglobin production is stimulated;
  5. The blood sugar content is normalized;
  6. It helps improve the appearance of nails, skin and hair. Reinforces your health;
  7. Due to their low caloric content, SEMEENKO apples are used in many dietary dishes;
  8. The pectin of fruit helps eliminate excess cholesterol and heavy metal compounds from the body;
  9. Due to the fiber content of the fruit, it helps to effectively combat constipation;
  10. Apple acids are good for diabetics and help stimulate blood flow in gums;
  11. Apples contain a large number of vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc., which makes them useful not only for adults, but also for children.

IMPORTANT: American scientists showed that drinking a glass of sindeko apples juice every day greatly reduces the probability of suffering from senile dementia.

Possible damage and contraindications

SEMEENKO apples can cause damage to the body only in case of eating them excessively or consuming them inadequately:

  • In large quantities, apples are harmful to diabetics, since they contain a lot of sugar. This also makes them contraindicated for people with gastritis or stomach or duodenum problems.
  • Due to their thick fiber, Suerenko apples can cause acute colitis and cause flatulence.
  • Fruit pepitas contain cyanhydric acid. But at the same time they can compensate for the lack of iodine. Therefore, doctors recommend not consuming more than 3-4 pepitas per day.

Attention. Apples should not be taken in combination with other foods, to minimize the possibility of swelling.

What is the correct way to eat them and in what amounts?

Eating apples Sererenko helps enrich the organism with essential micronutrients and various essential substances. In this way, the organism remains in good shape. Apples are also antioxidants.

The standard recommended by doctors is 2-3 apples per day. Be sure to wash the fruit before consuming it. You must eat with the shell, since it contains a large number of useful substances.

It is good to use this variety soaked or dry. Also of the apples Sererenko cook compotes, jams and simply add pieces to the tea.

You have to know after eating Suerenko apples, your mouth must be rinsed. The acid contained in the fruit has a negative impact on the enamel of the teeth and can lead to its destruction.

If you cultivate this variety in your own garden, you can supply yourself and your family of tasty and healthy fruit without great efforts or expenses.< Span> Eating apples Sererenko helps enrich the organism with essential micronutrients and various essential substances. In this way, the organism remains in good shape. Apples are also antioxidants.

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