Useful Red Baya Properties

The name of red berry is based on its appearance: it is distinguished by its small berries (up to a centimeter in diameter) of intense red. The skin is smooth to touch and bright. The juicy pulp is edible, but it does not usually eat raw. They bear an alternative name, Klopovka, due to their characteristic smell.

The bush is found in mountainous areas, taiga and mixed forests. The habitat regions of the wild berrya include Kamchatka, the territory of Jabárovsk, Sajalín and the Kuriles.

Composition and calories

The berries are known for their healing and col d-resistant properties. Blueberries owe their beneficial qualities to their rich vitamin composition.

The list of pulp components and the skin of red blueberries includes:

  • ascorbic acid
  • benzoic acid;
  • manganese;
  • flavonoids;
  • copper.

The caloric value of 100 grams of this berry does not exceed 28 kcal. It has 0. 5 g of protein, 3. 7 g of carbohydrates and 0. 2 g of fats.

Sajalín Colirroja Baya Properties

The red centidonia is originally from fresh areas and grows in swampy and mossy areas. In the territory of Sajalín, numerous shrubs grow, so the Klopovka berry is considered a symbol and a visiting card of the island.

With its fruits a medicinal syrup is prepared. The consumption is recommended in cases of high and low pressure, diseases of the circulatory system.

made! The berries help eliminate the usual headaches, palpitations and venous thrombosis. The properties of berries are used to normalize blood pressure, strengthen arterial walls.

There are certain restrictions on the use of syrup. Redberry is used twice a day diluted: a glass of water per teaspoon of the medication. After three months of regular use, stop taking it, pause four weeks.

Useful and medicinal properties

Up to 80% of the content of the berries is ascorbic acid, useful in the prevention of colds. Together with benzoic acid, the body protects the effects of viruses, prevents the spread of infection. Vitamin C relieves the nervous system, giving strength. This is manifested in a stress reduction, apathy, irritation and an increase in energy reserves, vigor, efficacy.

The berries help normalize the digestive system. The components of the curious pulp accelerate the process of absorbing substances useful in the stomach walls and the intestines. Vitamins are completely absorbed in the blood, which saturates the internal organs. Improves metabolism, reduce appetite. Klopovka consumption slows down the course of gastrointestinal tract diseases, helps with obesity.

It has a positive effect on the amount of melanin in the body. Regular consumption of red klopovka products (juice, compote, jam) improves sleep quality, fights insomnia, favors easy awakening in the morning.

Manganese turns red berries into a remedy against hypotension and hypertension. The properties of the element normalizes blood pressure, improves the function of the circulatory system. Manganese helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, clean them with excess cholesterol. The consumption of berries eliminates obstacles to the free circulation of the blood, which helps reduce the overload of the heart. It also helps maintain normal glucose levels and prevents the development of diabetes.

For the women

The red blueberry contains flavonoids, antioxidants of food quality. These substances protect the body of the organism from toxic elements, heavy metals. Due to the high content of flavonoids, Klopovka has a tonic effect. The berries keep the skin flexible, tense the body and clean the toxins organism.

The consumption of blueberry juice accelerates the digestion process, improving the capacity of the organs to absorb useful elements. Fast metabolism prevents the body from accumulating large amounts of fat, decomposing its excess. This berry property promotes weight loss, weight loss.

It is a fact. The medicinal qualities of insects are used to improve reproductive health. The use of fruits helps improve the work of female reproductive organs, the treatment of problems associated with the menstrual cycle (dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea).

The red berry is on the list of prohibited products during pregnancy. The berries can cause serious allergies, raise blood pressure and affect the development of the fetus.

For men

The use of red berries in food has a beneficial effect on the operation of the male reproductive system. The berries are useful for genital diseases (helplessness).

The content of the fruit helps to combat hemorrhoids. The properties of the red blueberry are used in the treatment of urogenital diseases. For men, berries are recommended for prostatitis, prostate hypertrophy.

For children

The beneficial properties of bed bugs do not apply to growing bodies. Young children can suffer allergies (burning, rashes, itching) and increasing body temperature if they eat fruit. Red berry can raise blood pressure.

Older children bay with caution, in a limited amount. Allowed to include in the diet of juices, jams, bone blackberry compotes. Ascorbic acid in the fruit strengthens the child’s immune system, helps to resist infection of viral and infectious diseases. However, in the first manifestations of allergic reactions, the deterioration of health must stop eating blueberry.

Damage and contraindications

The berries should not eat raw due to their negative effects on the organism. In its fresh form, lo w-calorie red blueberries are difficult to digest, which causes intestinal and stomach disorders. The side effect of fruit is manifested in the appearance of diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain. To neutralize the inconvenience it is necessary to clean the body vomiting or defining. After eliminating the content of the berries it is recommended to drink a glass of boiled warm water and adopt the fetal position until the State improves.

Excessive consumption of bush fruits will cause stomach heaviness, poisoning symptoms and increased blood pressure. The red blueberry can cause allergies. The reaction is manifested by the spread of a characteristic eruption, the appearance of burning and itching. To eliminate the symptoms, antiallergic agents are used. If it is hypersensitive to bed bugs, you must completely eliminate the product of your diet.

Caution. The properties of the berries are not combined with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It does not consume red currants during an acute form of gastritis, ulcer, colitis.

Special uses

The components of the red curious give you medicinal properties. The beneficial effect of fruit on the human body allows to use the berry in the manufacture of decoctions, syrups.

The bittersweet taste of the red berry also makes it an ingredient of culinary recipes. With their fruits juices, preserves, jams and compotes are made.

Traditional medicine

The medicinal properties of berries are widely used in the preparation of medicinal decoctions and tinctures. Red blueberry preparations are popularly known as astringent and antiseptics. Brayas juices and compotes are useful for ethyl poisoning.

You can prepare the Sikhalin Klopovka syrup at home. A kilo of fresh berries with two sugar is filled and removed. The syrup is left infusion for approximately a week. To release the juice, the mixture is removed daily. The finished medication must sneak into.

The seeds and leaves of the plant are used in medicine. The decoction of red blueberry seeds serves to treat rheumatism. To prepare the medicine, follow the recipe:

  1. Take 300 ml of water per teaspoon of crushed seeds.
  2. The liquid is boiled for 15 minutes.
  3. The decoction is left infusion for an hour.
  4. After the indicated time, the medicine sneaks.

You must drink a spoonful of decoction three times a day to improve wel l-being.

In case of male prostate hypertrophy, a klopovka grass tincture is prepared. The medicine is prepared as follows:

  1. Two tablespoons of dry and previously crushed grass pour boiling water of 0. 7 liters.
  2. Cover the bottle with the infusion and leave for two hours.
  3. After a period of strain.

Tinura is drink daily a half cup before meals. The drug is consumed three times a day.

In kitchen

Red curious is used to make jams and jams. In some recipes, berries are mixed with fruits.

A strawberry jam rich in vitamins is prepared following the following instructions:

  1. The berries are boiled.
  2. A kilogram of fruit is covered with 1. 5 kg of granulated sugar. The mixture is infused for two hours in this state.
  3. The berries are cooked with sugar for an hour and a half, stirring all the time.
  4. The jam is poured into jars and preserved at room temperature up to three days. Then it is stored in the refrigerator.

Herbs are raw edible and can be added to salads. The seeds are used as a spice.

With blueberries you can make a puree of fruits from the forest. Use the following recipe:

  1. The fruit (a banana, two apples, a pear) must peel.
  2. Crush them in a blender until you get a puree.
  3. Add fresh berries Klopovka.
  4. Watch it with natural yogurt.
  5. Decorate with nuts, crumbled cookies.

Use the Fraîche crème for cottage cheese. It has a bittersweet taste with a pink color and is served as dessert.

The mousse is prepared following the following instructions:

  1. Crush half a cup of oats until you get a powder.
  2. Add 300 g of cottage cheese (fat) and a tablespoon of icing sugar. Beat the ingredients in a blender.
  3. Crush the Klopovka and Lingonberry berries (200 g of each) and pour 80 g of cream.
  4. Add the mixture of berries to the rest of the mousse and beat.

The bush fruit is used to make compotes and juices. Sweet syrups that have medicinal properties are made.

How to collect and how long to keep

The red grinder grows near the trees in mixed forests and swamps. Plant outbreaks can be found on the ground surface, hidden between herbs, mosses. The bushes are usually isolated from each other, but in certain areas they can be very close.

The time of collection of berries is at the end of summer and early fall. The fruits acquire a characteristic shiny red dye in August; In September you can find more dark or garnet specimens. It is then that the currants reaches its maximum point of maturity. The berries collected between August and September have a high concentration of healthy substances.

Fresh berries spoil quickly, so they freeze for winter. The usefulness of freezer berries lasts a year.

Important: do not keep them much in the freezer, otherwise the currants will begin to lose its flavor and its medicinal properties.

To preserve the quality of the berries at low temperatures, rinses and sequence them well. Place the berries in tightly closed containers and wrap them in transparent film.

The red berrya has a vitami n-rich composition that is used for medicinal purposes. The berries reinforce the immune system, cure colds and lower blood pressure. With them, syrups, jams, juices and desserts are made.

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