Utility of Achricoria coffee drink

Achicoria drink has been very popular for many years. You can completely replace coffee. Supporters of a healthy diet often completely exclude caffeine and go to achicoria.

The drink has numerous health benefits and a minimum of contraindications. It is important to know what it is and how you can benefit the chicory drink.

What is the chicory drink?

Chicory is a herbaceous plant that has numerous health benefits. It acts as a natural substitute and coffee safe. The root of the plant has been used for a long time to prepare a practically harmless healing and aromatic drink.

Unlike coffee, the composition of the plant does not contain caffeine, although its flavor is very similar. Unlike coffee, it has few contraindications, so it has so many fans.

Advantages of drinking

The advantage of the drink is that all useful vitamins and trace elements are also preserved in instantaneous achicoria, which is made from the processed root without any chemical treatment. According to various studies, the pure product, without artificial impurities, has numerous beneficial substances and vitamins. Achicultoria drink properties:

  1. Reinforces the immune system thanks to the inulin.
  2. Dissolve toxins, prevents cancer development.
  3. It reduces cholesterol, serves as a prophylactic hypertension and atherosclerosis.
  4. It has analgesic and ant i-inflammatory properties, prevents articulations and muscles diseases.
  5. It helps reduce weight due to its low caloric content.
  6. It has choretic effect, fights urolitiasis.
  7. Effective in the fight against diabetes, helps reduce sugar levels.
  8. It has an effect on the nervous system, depending on the moment of ingestion, creates an intoxicating or sedative effect.
  9. It has a gentle laxative effect, helps with constipation.

The benefits of

The industry uses the root of the plant, which has many beneficial vitamins. Inulin has beneficial effects on digestive tract and improves metabolism. The root of the plant contains vitamins B, E, which have a beneficial effect on skin and hair, nervous system, fight against premature aging.

Caroteno helps in the fight against cancer. Tiamine is good for the psychological state of the person. Ascorbic acid reinforces the immune system and fights colds. Retinol improves view and strengthens teeth. Folic acid favors the cardiovascular system.

Damages and contraindications

As with any product, achicoria is not only good, but also bad. It is important to know the optimal daily dose of consumption. The substances and vitamins contained in the plant have a threshold, and excessive consumption can only be harmful to health. The plant does not harm healthy people if the norm is respected. Those who suffer from a chronic disease should consult their doctor before consuming it.

People who suffer from digestive disorders and gastritis should take chicory in moderation.

How to choose when buying

It is worth paying attention to the container itself. Like any other product, achicoria has a period of expiration. The composition of the product is important, it must be free of chemical and preservatives.

The insoluble product is presented in a crushed root form, the content must be dry and brown. If it is an instantaneous achicoria, you must have a homogeneous and lum p-free texture. It is best to take a product manufactured in France. When choosing a product with aromas, it is important that they be of natural origin.

How to prepare drinking

The instantaneous achicoria is easy to prepare, it is enough to pour hot water and remove. To vary the taste, you can buy the product with blueberries, ginseng or skirmish.

Instantaneous achicoria with milk

Although its flavor is similar to that of coffee, achicoria is not everyone’s taste. The best option is to add milk or cream to the drink to help soften the taste. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with digestive disorders or peptic ulcers should not add milk.


The “green drink” with skirmish is useful because, thanks to vitamin C, it reinforces the immune system. Rosemake has bactericidal properties and good detoxification.

Instantaneous achicoria with blueberries

Chicory with blueberries is equally beneficial. The berries contain potassium, iron, phosphorus and other micro and macronutrients. Chicory and blueberries complement and mutually reinforce their properties.

Soluble achicoria with ginseng

The ginseng root is rich in palmitic and linoleic acids, which favor brain activity. Ginseng is also rich in group B vitamins, which increase stress tolerance and normalize the psychological state. The ginseng increases the health benefits of drinking, making it a richer ingredient.

Malta bread with instantaneous achicoria

The beneficial properties of chicory are also used in bakery. The composition of this bread includes grains of wheat, oats and barley, malt, yeast and chicory. The combination of cereals and chicory is beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract and the normalization of metabolic processes.

How to use it correctly

Lactating and pregnant women should strictly follow the rule of drinking coffee drinks. It is best to limit it to two glasses a day. If chicory is taken in dosed amounts, it helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and normalize the emotional state.

To lose weight

It’s no secret that chicory is an effective weight loss treatment. Inulin increases insulin sensitivity and helps sugar to be absorbed more quickly. The plant has the ability to adjust the digestive system and digestibility. Its bitter taste is capable of reducing the taste sensation and reducing hunger.

for pancreatitis

Chicory is good to take in chronic pancreatitis. During exacerbations it is better to avoid it. For pancreatitis a slightly concentrated solution should be prepared. Chicory favors the exit of bile and relieves the symptoms of the disease. It has a positive effect on the nervous system and strengthens a weakened immune system.

for hypertension

Chicory has been shown to lower blood pressure and normalize it when consumed daily. A couple of cups a day can normalize the health of hypertensives and improve their well-being.

in liver diseases

Chicory is used as a choleretic in liver diseases. The main thing is not to abuse it. Helps cleanse the liver of toxins and excrete bile. The plant normalizes the stool and improves digestion.

For type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Due to its inulin content, the product is indicated for type 2 diabetes. Inulin helps reduce glucose levels, normalizes metabolism, reduces appetite, and strengthens the heart.

In case of anemia

Due to its rich iron content, the plant is capable of raising hemoglobin levels in a short time. Anemia is best controlled by drinking the drink neat, without adding milk. The calcium it contains can slow down the absorption of iron and reduce its effectiveness. Soy or coconut milk can be an alternative to cow’s milk.

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