Vitamins in fruits and vegetables

All fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, fiber and micronutrients, so they should be included in the daily diet. Many fruits can be consumed without heat treatment, which keeps all useful substances intact. Heat destroys them largely.

What and how much do fruits and vegetables contain?

Fruits have different nutrient compositions. Read more about your amounts in the table.



Like vitamins, people must obtain the traces of minerals from their food. Knowing the amount that each food contains allows you to control your intake.

Daily intake

According to doctors, vitamins should be taken in reasonable doses. They say that both excess and shortage can be harmful to the body.

Attention. The daily dose differs according to age and sex.

Vitamin For women (mg) For men (mg) Children (mg)
А 0,8

How to correctly cook food?

In order not to deprive a dish of vitamins and trace elements, you have to follow the rules when cooking it:

  1. Boil vegetables and fruit in little water: it should not cover more than 1 cm. The optimal is to steamed them.
  2. If the fruit is large, it loses less nutrients when boiling it. The entire fruit and vegetables better retain their vitamins than chopped.
  3. It is advisable to add vegetables only in boiling water.
  4. It is advisable to use an enamel source that has no defects.
  5. Close the lid well during cooking.
  6. During cooking, putting the vegetables in the pot one by one, depending on their cooking time. Fruits that require long cooking time must be placed first.
  7. Retinol tolerates thermal treatment, but not the action of acids. Therefore, vinegar or citric acid are added only at the time of serving the plate.

How can I keep fruit and vegetables without losing their vitamins?

Useful substances can easily lose their properties if they are exposed to light or air for a long time. That is why it is considered better to keep them in a dark and fresh place, with an ambient temperature of about 2 degrees Celsius.

Only firm and whole fruits and vegetables should be selected. Pay attention to them dry. Guard them preferably in baskets or wooden boxes. The fruit should be stacked in small layers to prevent steam.

Familiarize yourself with frost resistance of fruits and vegetables before storing them. Otherwise, they will crack and rot. Root vegetables (carrots, turnips and beets) should preferably be placed in sand drawers. Place the potatoes in a dark place, dry and protected from the cold.

Apples are well preserved in a cool place. Each fruit must be previously wrapped in paper.

Caution. Sun drying has a detrimental effect on vitamins, so that they are largely destroyed. That is why a drying closet is better for this purpose. The fruit should be scald previously with boiling water to conserve as many as possible of its nutrients.

Fruits retain their vitamins very well if they can be canned and freezed.

Can vitamins be harmful?

Nutritionists claim that these nutrients are not as harmless as they seem. Of course, if they are not taken in sufficient quantity, symptoms of hypovitaminosis may appear. But its greatest intake can also cause adverse effects.

  1. Liver damageIn hypervitaminosis it can occur
  2. Gastrointestinal discomfort (diarrhea, nausea with vomiting, stomach cramps). Often causes an increase in the intake of vitamins A, C, of Group B.
  3. Allergic reactions (cutaneous, urticaria itching). It can be a consequence of an excessive daily dose of thiamine and niacin.
  4. Sleep alterations (with increased vitamins of group B).
  5. Loss of essential vitamins. This happens if a person takes tocopherol in large quantities.

Gastrointestinal tumors development. The process can be triggered by taking high concentrations of vitamin A.


Vitamins are essential minerals in the human body. They intervene in the most important biochemical reactions. To prevent disorders it is necessary to know the daily intake of nutrients. You also have to take into account the foods that contain them. Following the basic conservation standards of vitamins, a person can obtain them throughout the year.

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