Ways to clean a grenade

Many people believe how to clean a grenade. But they don’t like to peel it because splashes fly in all directions and spots are difficult to remove. In this article we will talk about how to peel this fruit correct and quickly.

How to peel a grenade

First, wash the pomegranate with warm or hot water to wash it well and get rid of the substances that usually cover the grenade to keep it for a longer time. Wash the grenade with warm or hot water, since cold water will not remove the wax layers. Once the fruit was washed, empake it with a dry cloth, without pressing it so as not to squeeze the juice. Now cut the top of the cortex and pode it gently. Then enter the knife in the center and gy it, taking out the heart.

Make some cuts on the sides, introducing the knife in the center, and from there cut along the membranes. Cut snowflake in snow. Now the grenade can be easily split. Which we do. The knife used to peel the grenade must be very sharp. The slices in which we have cut the fruit can be eaten.

But if we do not want slices, but grains, you have to cut the cut in a slightly different way. Put the fruit on a table and cut the upper part. Now make four incisions not very deep in the cortex. Take the grenade with your hands and press it, dividing it into four pieces. Remove these slices, the grains will now be easily separated.

How to peel a granada quickly

There are many ways to peel a grenade. But, of course, any of us will be satisfied only with the fastest possible forms. And that suppose a minimum of effort. Remember that everything is not always perfect to the first. Even so, it is worth trying. The most important thing is to remember it. If you want to peel a grenade as quickly as possible, you will need more than a sharp knife. You have to have a fine sheet.

How to peel a grenade in 6 movements.

As we remember, it is necessary to previously wash the fruit. For this method, we will need a cutting table and a very sharp knife with a fine sheet. Place the washed fruit on the cutting table. Cut the upper part of the Granada in a conical way. This will be the first movement. Reserve this upper part. The second movement is to make incisions along the cortex from top to bottom, taking care not to cut the grains too much. The first cut is the second movement. The second is the third. The third is the fourth. The room is the fifth. The sixth movement is to split the fruit in slices. That’s it! Granada is ready to eat.

Peel the Granada in 30 seconds!

Here are another method that will help you peel a grenade in just 30 seconds. Keep in mind that you just have to collect ripe fruit, not the one that has matured in warehouses and wineries.

IMPORTANT: To collect a ripe grenade you have to take into account two things. The skin of the fruit must be dry and not smeared with paraffin. It also has to be fine. This can be determined with touch. If the skin is fine, grains can easily feel.

There are 3 ways to peel a grenade in 30 seconds:

  1. Take a washed fruit. Copy the upper con e-shaped part. Insert the knife slightly at the top by the edge and gy it. Remove the upper part, we do not need it. Cut the grenade deeply along the rib. Do it carefully. When doing this, we cut only the skin of the grenade, without touching the seeds. Separate the slices a bit. Take a clean bowl. Dump the grenade in the bowl with the upper part cut. Now we need a tablespoon. We hit the grenade with her, holding the spoon with one hand and the grenade with the other. Little by little the grains will fall in our bowl.
  2. Take the grenade. We cut the upper part according to the previous scheme. Cut along, but deeper. Separate the slices. Take a clean plate with clean water. Invest the fruit in this container with water (it is not necessary to take a very large container). Right in the water, the hands give off the seeds of the skin. Throw the skin and water (with the seeds inside) in a strainer or sieve. The Granada is already peeled.
  3. Take the clean fruit and cut the upper part. Make a deep cut along the rib. Break the slices as much as possible. Now we need a bowl with a large mesh and a bowl. Put the bowl with the mesh on. Throw the crushed grenade with a spoon. Cover the upper part with a silicone mold. Hit the silicone mold with a spoon, hitting the grenade. Little by little the grains into the bowl. Discard the skins.

Peel without splashing

Now let’s see how to peel a grenade without splashing. It is very simple. You just have to use water to clean the grenade. Wash the fruit and be unleashed with a towel or a cloth. Use a sharp knife to make skin incisions, trying not to touch the seeds. This is done not to run out of juice. Pour water into a bowl and put the grenade. Leave it in the water for 15-20 minutes.

The fruit will absorb water and will be easier to peel. Dip your hands in the water and start separating the grenade in slices just in the bowl. There must be several individual slices in the water bowl. Aluminum foil despoguelas, thus releasing the grains of the Granada. Do not remove the grains immediately after, but let them rest in the water a couple more minutes. The entire sheet floats on the surface. Remove it. The grains stay at the bottom. Drain the water and put the grains on a plate.

How to Peel A Granada beautifully

Now we are going to see an easy way to peel a grenade beautifully. We need it to serve this fruit on the table on a festive occasion. Make a flower with the grenade. You can serve it on an independent dish or combine it with some other fruit to complete the box. Lava and dries very well the Granada. This is to make sure there are no remains of fluid in the fruit. Remove the top of the grenade with a sharp knife. Make a round hole in the center without damaging the interior.

Next, make wel l-defined incisions in the cortex. It is preferable to do them at regular intervals so that the flower has uniform petals. Cut the fruit skin through the center. You will get a kind of unopened petals. With a knife, gently separate each petal halfway. The other part stays on the skin. Now gently squeeze the center of the Granada and release it from the foil. That’s it. The flower is ready! You can decorate your table with her.

Another easy way to peel this soft fruit

To peel a grenade in a beautiful and easy way, carefully detach the skin from the upper part, avoiding the grains as much as possible. Make a round cut and gently peel the upper part. Now open the grenade and separate the grains with the fingers. You can also cut the fruit in half. Take a half with the peel up. Hold it on a bowl and beat it with a spoon until all seeds are in the bowl. Do the same with the other half. This method is more appropriate if you need pomegranate grains to decorate a salad or a cake.

Consider another method. This method of peeling a grenade, although it takes a little more time, gives a good result. Cut the skin from the top of the Granada. Pour water in a deep bowl and put the fruit inside. Leave for half. Now disassemble the pomegranate just below the water, separating the grains from the peel. Take out the peel and reserve it, and put the water and grains in a strainer.

How easy it is to peel a grenade if it has dried

If your fruit has dried after staying longer than you thought. Do not throw it immediately. Granada can still peel and consume. Next we will see how to peel a dry grenade. It is not hard to do. Then he will enjoy the great taste of the fruit. A dry and too mature grenade will have sweet grains. Wash these fruits with hot water and clean them with a napkin.

Ask them from any of the previous forms. Cut the grenade into several pieces and separate the grains from it. To do this, take a spoonful and hits the peel so that the pepitas fall into a bowl. It will take a little more than with fresh fruit. Some of the seeds will fall with aluminum foil. Don’t worry: it’s normal and you’re doing well. Do it with each slice. If a little of the membrane with the grains, simply take it out of the bowl.

Granada is a very useful fruit. Normalizes hemoglobin and blood pressure. It contains many necessary vitamins for our body. It is especially recommended for people with low immunity. Now we know how to peel a grenade in different ways. Clean, fast and beautiful. And enjoy your appetite.

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