What advantages does mineral water with gas have?

Every modern person drinks mineral water with gas regularly or occasionally. Mineral water of natural origin has a positive effect on the body and facilitates the treatment of many ailments.

However, uncontrolled consumption of mineral water can worsen wel l-being in some chronic diseases. We invite you to know more about the damages or benefits of mineral water with gas in this article.

Chemical composition of mineral water with gas

The difference between mineral water and common fluid is the presence of many salts and minerals, namely magnesium, sodium, potassium, chlorine, boron, calcium, iodine, zinc and other substances. The chemical composition of the different sources of mineral water is not the same. It depends on the type of soil from which the liquid is extracted.

According to their mineralogical composition, liquids are divided into several groups:

  • bicarbonate (the most extensive group)
  • chloride;
  • sulfate.

Mineral liquids must contain sodium, calcium and magnesium. According to the predominant element type, water is called magnetic, calcium or sodium. There are liquids with greater presence of Boro (Elbrus), iodine (Lysogorskaya, Arkhyz). The effect of these drinks on the body will vary accordingly.

There are also liquids with complex composition: bicarbonate-sulfate, bicarbonate-clloride-sulfate. Mineral water also contains several gases: carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen.

The concentration of salts and minerals in the liquid is different. The more there are in a cubic decimeter, the greater the degree of mineralization and the effect of drinking in the body is stronger. Drinking natural mineral water can contain up to 36 g. Mineralization degrees can be divided into various types:

  • Table (the lowest degree of mineralization – up to 4 g), the drink can be used every day, the contraindications are minimal;
  • table and therapeutic (mineralization of up to 10 g per cubic decimeter), which is drink as a course to strengthen the body;
  • Medicinal (with a high content of active substances), the liquid is taken strictly under medical prescription.

Carbonic mineral water properties

The rich chemical composition of underground mineral water helps to compensate for the deficit of mineral substances in the body. However, a therapeutic or table drink should not be consumed thoughtlessly. There are certain indications and schemes of mineral water consumption that do not cause any damage to our body.


Years of research have demonstrated the positive effects of prolonged consumption of mineral water by people suffering from stomach and intestinal disorders. The therapeutic varieties of the drink are prescribed for diseases that depend on its composition:

  • decrease in gastric juice;
  • Slow function of the pancreas;
  • decrease in intestinal enzyme production;
  • Alteration of water and salt balance in the body;
  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • Metabolic disorders (iodine-bromo);
  • avitaminosis;
  • chronic constipation;
  • thyroid disorders (iodine-bromo drinks);
  • nervous overexertion, stress (mineral water rich in magnesium);
  • diabetes (bicarbonated alkaline water);
  • obesity (sulfated mineral water);
  • tuberculosis;
  • vascular diseases (chlorinated water is indicated)
  • anemia;
  • Urolithiasis;
  • Poor biliary flow (the sulfated variety helps).

Medicinal table mineral water can be drink without medical prescription, provided there are no contraindications. Daily consumption should not exceed 800 ml. The treatment course varies from 24 to 42 days. It is recommended to take 2-3 drinks of the drink to improve general health.


Natural mineral water can worsen some chronic diseases:

  • hypertension;
  • stomach hyperacidity
  • diarrhea;
  • gastric ulcers and 12 duodenals.

Large doses of mineral water are not recommended to pregnant and infant women. Mineral water sulfates prevent the body from absorbing calcium. This causes insufficient bone development in the child.

Special mention deserves mineral water with gas. Not all natural drinks are enriched with carbon dioxide. Some drinks are artificially carbonate in the plant during bottling. This increases the useful life of the drink several times, improves the flavor and prevents sediments from occurring. Is mineral water with gas harmful? The carbon dioxide of the drink has a harmful effect on the support of the stomach:

  • The production of gastric juices increases;
  • Increases gastric congestion (erutes).

In some cases, the intake of mineral water with cold gas by a hot person has caused an increase in gas production in the stomach, which has damaged its walls (breakage).

How to correctly choose mineral water with gas

The supply of mineral water with gas available to the consumer is huge. On the shelves there are hundreds of different varieties of this healthy drink. To make sure you choose the correct one, look good on the bottle label. Natural mineral water is bottled in the same place where it is extracted. In addition to the name, on the label it must appear

  • the direction of the place where the water is extracted (sometimes the drilling number is also indicated);
  • the degree of mineralization;
  • The composition of the water, listing all its components;
  • The diseases for which the drink is indicated, as well as the possible contraindications;
  • the manufacturing date and expiration date.

According to its composition, the drink can be transparent, yellowish, bluish or greenish. Its flavor is brackish and can have a sour or bitter taste.

Mineral water is available in plastic and glass bottles. Water in glass bottles is more expensive. But it is in glass where the liquid retains better and for longer its properties.

How Carbonatar Water at home

Making a carbonated drink from a simple drink or mineral water is not difficult at home. There are several ways to prepare it.

  1. For water carbonation, we must add the usual sodium bicarbonate and the citric acid. For 1 liter of mineral water, 2. 5 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate without sugar and 5 tablespoons of citric acid are needed (in its place the hal f-lemon juice can be used). The powders are mixed and poured on the water.

After stirring, the drink is ready to drink.

  1. If a carbonater siphon is purchased in a store, the water saturation process with carbon dioxide lasts a few seconds. Fill the siphon with the carbonate fluid without filling it. A can of gas is fixed to a special support. The gas fills the empty space of the jug. By pressing the siphon button, the liquid comes under pressure, enriching with carbon dioxide.

Not only can carbonated mineral water be produced, but also sweet soft drinks. Just add sugar or fruit syrup.

Specific characteristics of use

Therapeutic mineral water is prescribed by the treating doctor, who recommends the quantity and frequency of its consumption. It is recommended to take the table therapeutic drink under the following scheme

  • 20-30 minutes before a meal, small sips, to increase the secretion of gastric juice;
  • 60-90 minutes before a meal, in a volley, for hyperacidity and constipation;
  • 30 minutes after a meal, in case of gastric ulcers.

A unique dose of therapeutic table water is 100-200 ml, the daily dose is 600-1000 ml. Therapeutic water is drink in smaller doses of 30-100 ml.

For the treatment of constipation and stomach stimulation and intestines, the drink is taken cold (temperature of +12 to +20 degrees). In other cases, the liquid is heated to a pleasant temperature of +28 +38 degrees. A hot drink is good to relieve stomach and intestinal cramps and calm pain.

Women (during pregnancy and breastfeeding)

The limited consumption of table mineral water without gas and medicinal mineral water will benefit the pregnant woman body. Mineral water will help to calm toxicosis (it will relieve nausea), strengthen the immune system during the cold station (it is recommended to make gargling and rinse the nose with the liquid). It is an excellent drink to calm thirst and saturate the nutrient organism.

Mineral water during pregnancy can drink 2-2. 5 glasses a day for 15-20 days.

An infant woman can drink up to 3 glasses of alkaline and magnetic mineral water without gas. These drinks relieve and improve intestinal function (constipation is a problem for many women during childbirth).


Mineral water has many benefits for male health:

  • Relieves tiredness and tones
  • normalizes low blood pressure
  • reinforces the walls of the blood vessels
  • normalizes metabolism.

After sports activities, when the body sweats and loses minerals and salts, it is recommended to drink mineral water. It is recommended to drink it does not cold (optimal +15 +18 degrees) and small sips.

How to keep mineral water with gas

Once tightly closed, mineral water can be kept until the expiration date, which is usually 1-2 years. The bottles must be kept in a dark and fresh place, without exposing the liquid to freezing.

Once the bottle is opened, mineral water retains its quality for 2 days at room temperature. Then, sedimentation and flavor changes may occur. It can be kept in the refrigerator in a closed container up to 5 days.

The reasonable consumption of this natural mineral liquid is beneficial for the body. The unlimited consumption of drinking drinks is harmful.

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