What are apples good?

Apples are one of the most common and accessible fruits in Russia and many other countries. They are cultivated in Turkey, India, the USA, Brazil and Italy, and then distributed throughout the world.

In addition, it is one of the oldest fruits and has a long history. It is believed that apples originated in the mountains of Kazakhstan. But the fruit gained popularity thanks to the commercial relations of the Greeks, who brought it to them. The new fruit immediately attracted people’s attention for their succulence, but at the same time due to the ease of their cultivation.

Little by little, more and more varieties began to develop. Many of the ancient botanists of the fourth century B. C. They tried to describe the fruit.

But the dissemination of fruit accelerated especially in modern times, when scientists described more than fifty varieties of apple trees. At that time, they moved to the Byzantines, and from there to the principality of kyiv. An even greater step in the study was given by Andrei Timofeyevich Bolotov, Russian botanist and arboriculter. He described all the varieties of apples and pears known at that time. Thanks to his writings, today we know about ten thousand varieties of apples.

Chemical composition of apples

Apples do not contain many vitamins. They have a low vitamins B content1, B2, B9E and PP (from 0. 6% to 3. 2% of the daily value, according to variety and type of vitamin), they do not contain vitamin B12and vitamin D, but a lot of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), 24. 3% of the daily dose.

But despite its modesty in terms of vitamins, they are distinguished by many mineral elements. They are very rich in Boro (350%), Rubidio (63%), Vanadio (12. 5%) and potassium (9. 8%).

They are rich in glucose and fructose, but practically do not have starch or sucrose in their chemical composition. They are better consumed with their peel, which contains a lot of fiber that stabilizes and improves digestive processes.

Caloric value

The caloric value of the fruit depends on its composition, variety, sugar content and other factors. Apples have absolutely any fat, and most absorbs water. That is why they are very popular among those who want to lose weight or get shape. In addition, they are rich in slow carbohydrates, indicating the large amount of energy that occurs after eating an apple.

A data. On average, an apple contains 44 kcal (9. 8 g of carbohydrates, 0. 4 g of protein) per 100 grams.

Green apples are the least sugar. Instead of sucrose, they contain iron, vitamins and water. That is why they are healthier and less caloric: only 35 kcal/100g. In addition, due to their higher water content, green apples are good to calm thirst.

Red apples are the sweetest, but they also have less vitamins. Therefore, its caloric value is 44 kcal per 100 grams. However, fruits with red skin can cause allergies if a person is prone to them. In addition, they normalize cholesterol levels and prevent various diseases.

The properties of

Apples, a fruit that is cultivated everywhere, have many vitamins and beneficial elements. Therefore, this product has many beneficial medicinal properties.


Due to their high iron content, apples are used in the preparation of many medications. Especially popular is wading acid. It is used in the treatment of anemia. Fitancidas de la Fruta help combat Group A. viruses

Vitamin acids and apples are helped to prevent intestinal problems, and ascorbic acid contributes to strengthening blood vessels. Potassium helps fight urolithiasis.

In addition, apples are considered one of the most effective remedies in the fight against anemia. They help to heal wounds more quickly, and the organism is fully recovered during this time. This fruit is also an effective diuretic.

Dry apples

Dry apples contain a lot of dietary fiber and fiber. These useful elements significantly improve food digestion, in addition to improving and cleaning the intestines. Apart from all this, they prevent blood deficiencies.


During the baking many of the useful properties of the product are lost, but this does not apply to iron. Eating roasted apples regularly will improve the cardiovascular system. The presence of potassium and calcium in them also seems to have a positive effect on the state of the heart muscle, as well as on the state of hair and nails. They also help eliminate toxic substances from the organism.


Orinated apples have a general effect on the person’s immunity, relieve cough and colds and accelerate metabolism. They also improve appetite. This is due to the increase in gastric juice production. In addition, this dish has an ant i-inflammatory effect and improves intestinal function, as well as the digestive system in general, thus avoiding frequent constipation.

Damages and possible contraindications

However, apples also have contraindications in their use. As already mentioned, peeled red fruits can cause allergic reactions. This is due to an intolerance to the natural dye. Green apples are recommended for children under 3 years, since this dye can affect the tooth enamel and cause the teeth to become brittle and more sensitive.

Due to the high content of sugar and carbohydrates from apples, overweight and diabetic people should reduce their consumption. They have a fairly high glycemic index.

People with acute gastritis should also consult their doctor before, since the fruit can make the situation worse. People with excess of serious gases or intestinal problems should also avoid eating more than two apples per day.

Scientists question the s o-called “apple diet”. Eating apples alone can cause an overdose. Eating more than five apple pepitas per day has the same effect.

Basic food rules

Before consuming the fruit you have to wash it carefully to eliminate the germs and bacteria of your peel. After washing them with running water, you have to pour boiling water on them to completely eliminate pesticides. In addition, hot water is necessary to eliminate the special wax with which the fruit is treated in the store to make it attractive.

How many should I eat up to date?

Apples are known for their ability to quench hunger quickly, so in situations where a snack is desired but you can’t eat a complete meal, an apple is excellent. Such a situation can occur before going to bed, when you should not eat fatty or calorie foods, because energy will not have time to spend and the surplus of it will go to fats.

It is better to eat a green apple at night. It is less caloric and contains less sugar. If you have digestive problems, it is better to peel the apple. Despite containing fiber and many vitamins, it is a great effort for the digestive system.

Important: it is recommended not to eat more than 3 apples in one day. Such an amount will avoid overdose and, at the same time, will provide energy and nutrients to your body.

A study by scientists discovered that if you eat an apple up to date, the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke is minimized.

If a person suffers from type 2 diabetes, he can eat half apple per day. This is because its relatively low glycemic index makes insulin slowly in the bloodstream, which avoids glucose peaks. It is better to choose the greens for their lower sucrose content. Dry apples should be avoided completely due to their high caloric content.

At what age should my baby give them?

Babies should get used to the taste of apples from childhood, once breastfeeding is over. The growing body needs the healthy elements and vitamins it contains. The large amount of vitamin C helps improve the immune system and strengthens blood vessels and tissues.

Apples are very good for dentition. Its composition massages the gums and prevents the plate.

Important: It is best to start giving apples to the baby from six months. But remember that at first the rations must be small. At first it is better to offer crushed apples.

If the child follows an artificial diet, complementary foods can be given from four months.

To avoid allergic reactions at such an early age, doctors do not recommend giving apples with red skin. It is a good idea to start with green apples. If it is decided by red apples, it is advisable to cut the skin, since it is there where most allergens are found.

Culinary use

Apart from the flavor and goodness of fresh apples, they are often bought to cook. With them you can prepare both drinks and complete meals and delicious desserts. The popularity of this fruit among kitchen fans is due to its simple and uncomplicated preparation.

How to bake light sights?

One of the most common and simple improvements of the simple fresh apple are roasted apples. But their disadvantage is that they have many calories. However, there is also a recipe of dry dietary apple.

It is the fruit itself that will create the main sweetness, so it is better to choose a sweet variety.

  • Rinse the fruit under the tap
  • core
  • Fill the holes that appear with sugar and a little water
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes at 180 0 C

The caloric content is 80 kcal per 100 grams. For an even greater reduction you can simply add some cinnamon or honey instead of sugar.

Data This dessert is not only tasty, but also healthy. It is ideal for people with heart disease.

How and how long bake apples with cottage cheese and honey?

To create an even healthier product than fresh apples, you can add cottage cheese, another very healthy and tasty product.

The cooking process is practically the same, unless the cottage cheese is added inside instead of water and sugar. A mixture of cottage cheese and honey is placed in the heart, and you can add one more spoonful of honey on top.

If desired, nuts, sultanas, cinnamon or any berry can be added.

Bake apples of 15 to 20 minutes in an oven preheated at 180 0 C.

Baked puff pastry apples

  • Prepare previously the mixture of sugar and cinnamon.
  • Sprinkle or dip the peeled apple in the mixture
  • Cut the heart and pour caramel sauce into it.
  • Long strips of puff pastry and wrap them around the fruit.
  • Bake for 25 minutes.

The result is a very tasty and delicious dish, which can be served quietly with tea.

Special uses in traditional medicine

Thanks to their vitamin C content, apples are good to eliminate toxins from the human body. This helps improve health in general and inhibit virus development.

In popular medicine, fruit is used as a remedy for arthritis. A solution composed of a glass of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is created. It also helps with insomnia. A mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar is created that must drink before bedtime to calm and improve sleep.

How to choose and conserve apples

Before buying the fruit, inspect it in search of abolish, rot and other deformations. If it has been cultivated in an environmentally dirty zone, it is advisable to wash the fruit with soap and water, since the cortex absorbs all air toxins.

One of the valuable properties of this fruit is its long conservation. Apples can be kept in the refrigerator of 3 to 5 months, according to the variety.

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