What are bananas good?

Bananas are very popular among residents. The fruit can be purchased at any time of the year at a low price. In addition, bananas contain many minerals and useful elements that are very beneficial for the female organism. According to recent studies, bananas are very beneficial and help protect against diseases.

What are the benefits of banana for women?

  1. Protection and prevention against stress. The fruit consists of carbohydrates that are digested rapidly, which improves mood.
  2. Elimination of fatigue. Banana is rich in vitamin B6, which helps the body quickly recover after a hard physical or mental work in a short period of time.
  3. Vitamin B6 helps women prevent the appearance of premenstrual syndrome.
  4. Banana contains a lot of calcium, which strengthens bones and prevents the development of female diseases.
  5. The fruit contains a lot of natural sugar, which has a favorable effect on nerve cells, so that strength and mood are maintained.
  6. The digestive system gladly accepts fruit and digests it well.

Banana is a true vitamin treasure, beneficial substances for female sex. If you consume it regularly, this fruit can stay healthy and free your disease body.

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Banana composition

A banana has many beneficial substances in its composition, namely

  1. Betacarotene
  2. Pectin
  3. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, PP
  4. Potassium, Magnesium
  5. Iron, fluorine, phosphorus
  6. Sodium
  7. Fructose
  8. Cellulose

Caloric content of bananas

A banana has only 95 calories per 100 grams. The average banana contains 105 calories.

What are the benefits of banana for female health?

  1. Doctors believe that bananas help with gastrointestinal diseases. They are even prescribed for duodenal ulcers.
  2. Fruit improves fertility and increases desire in women.
  3. The fruit saturates the brain of active oxygen, helps to accelerate their work, so bananas should be eaten during periods of intense brain activity.
  4. The iron that contains the banana helps stabilize the level of hemoglobin and prevents the appearance of anemia. Its regular consumption improves blood count.
  5. Banana porridge is also recommended for cough. To do this, the fruit is crushed until a puree is obtained, boiling water is poured and taken in small doses. This popular remedy has an expectorant effect and reduces throat pain.

It is a fact. The beneficial properties of banana are not only used to promote health, but also to rejuvenate.

What are the benefits of banana during pregnancy?

Banana and the elements it contains have positive effects during pregnancy:

  1. First, potassium helps the functioning of the heart muscle. Banana relieves swelling and improves the general state.
  2. Folic acid has a positive effect on the nervous system and also helps the correct development of the fetus.
  3. Zinc helps form the appropriate taste papillae.
  4. The pregnant woman, thanks to banana, can improve intestinal function and deal with constipation.
  5. If there are humor changes, banana helps improve them.

What are the benefits of banana during breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is one of the most important periods in the life of a mother. A woman should always control her diet and take as many vitamins as possible. After giving birth, it is necessary to compensate for lost minerals.

You probably know the existence of the miniplátanos, so we have found out what bananas are healthier: normal or mini!

The benefits of a banana during breastfeeding:

  1. Improve the mood of the mother
  2. Solve the problem of constipation.
  3. A great option for a fast snack during the day.
  4. Enzymes help improve digestion

What can the banana to women’s health harm?

This fruit is much more beneficial than harmful, so it is important not to abuse it and eat it in moderation. If you regularly eat too many bananas, you will develop avitaminosis. It rarely occurs, but you have to protect yourself. Excessive consumption can cause allergies in people prone to them. The bananas properties are beneficial, the main thing is to take them in dose and not eating in excess.

How are bananas to lose weight?

There are special three or four days monodietas based on bananas. The diet base is this fruit, water and green tea. It is not necessary to consume additives. Nuts and honey are excluded.

The fruit is very nutritious and consumption is recommended to those who practice sports and any physical activity. If a person wants to lose weight and restricts, a banana can help satisfy hunger and keep satiety. Of course, we must not abuse the fruit and know the limits.

Bananas are also often used for diet days. It is better to eat fruit without thermal or other processing. Add to a healthy sports diet, exercise, abandon bad habits. To avoid gasps it is necessary to choose some immature fruit. Do not replace it with dry or dried fruit. Its caloric value is five or even six times higher. If a person suffers from hyperacidity or diabetes, you should consult a doctor about the mono-dieta.

On the use of banana in cosmetology

Bananas are actively used in cosmetology.

  1. A cleansing mask for dry and sensitive skin. For their preparation oats are used soaked in milk. A chopped banana is added to the mixture. The mixture is applied hot for 20 minutes.
  2. A mask for mature skin will help eliminate expression lines and return elasticity to the skin. The fruit and honey are mixed and an egg yolk is added. The mask is applied for 20 minutes and then clarifies with water.
  3. Mask to blur the skin with mashed curd and soft banana. The mixture applies to the face in a uniform layer and is allowed to act for 20 minutes. Then it is clarified with water and a slight facial massage is given.
  4. The nourishing banana pulp mask helps the skin be soft, firm and elastic. The complexion will be uniform and fresh, dryness and peeling will disappear.

The banana is one of the healthiest fruits, but you have to monitor its intake. Eating it in excess can cause allergies. Diabetic people should remember that very ripe bananas raise blood sugar levels. They must prefer an immature fruit.

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