What are cherries for?

Cherries are very popular. They are very requested for their juicy and sweet flavor. Cherries also have great health benefits. There are about 1, 000 species of this berry and all have different benefits.

Chemical composition and caloric content of cherries per 100 gr.

Throughout the variety of cherries, it is difficult to say its exact composition. There are more than 1, 000 varieties, and they all differ in color and size. And consequently, they have different compositions.

They are famous for their rich vitamin composition: B1, B2, B3, C and A. Cherries are also appreciated by carotene and silicic acid they contain.

Chemical composition of the product:

  • Proteins: 1. 2 gr.
  • Fats: 0. 2 gr.
  • Carbohydrates: 10. 4 g.

A natural cherry does not have many calories: only 52 kilocalories. After thermal treatment, the caloric value of the cherry increases to 77 kilocalories.

Dry cherries have a slightly different composition, so their nutritional value changes. This type of cherry contains 89-95 kilocalories (everything depends on how the product is processed).

Cherry Properties for the Agency

The man uses all parts of the cherry: from the tree cortex to the bone of the berry. But still, berries represent the most significant value for man. Here are some of the properties that cherry has:

  • They are dietary and help get rid of overweight.
  • They are excellent for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.
  • They reduce the probability of formation of various types of tumors.
  • They help maintain body youth.
  • They delay the aging of the skin and wrinkles.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • It helps normalize hemoglobin levels.
  • Stimulates intestinal function and helps to deal with constipation.
  • It favors the elimination of toxins and radionuclides of the organism.
  • The compote or cherry juice produces an analgesic effect.
  • Normalizes metabolism.
  • Relieve nervous tension.
  • Normalize the hormonal background.

The benefits

You can talk about endless cherry benefits. This berry can help in many situations. In addition to vitamins, it also contains components such as:

  • Pectin.
  • Ascorbic acid.
  • Cumarina
  • Carotenoids
  • Amino acids.

For women it is extremely useful during the beginning of menopause. Eating this berry will help relieve fever. For women after 40 years it can help their rejuvenating effect. The berry has a particularly good effect when used in cosmetology.

Cherries are very rich in acid, which can enrich blood with pectins, which in turn nourish the skin from the inside and help maintain hydrolypidal balance.

Cherries are also very useful during pregnancy, but only in small quantities and in the absence of medical contraindications. During this period the woman only needs to obtain a sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Especially in the second and third semester of pregnancy, it is worth considering the berry. During pregnancy, taking this berry will help a woman to eliminate excess water from the body, as well as to establish the work of the kidneys.

Pregnant women, and those who have given birth recently and are still breastfeeding, should use berry with caution. But it is better to give up the sweet berry for a while in the first 4 months after the child’s birth. The point is that women should not eat red berries and fruits in the first months.

It is also worth highlighting the benefits of this product for men. Cherries prevent premature decline in male sexual function. This berry is especially useful for men with bad habits: due to addiction they endanger the fertility of their sperm.

Mature men should pay attention to this berry, since it accelerates metabolism and digestive tract, and also helps break down fats.

This red berry favors weight loss. Although it is quite caloric compared to other berries. But the merit of helping to lose weight is attributed because it eliminates excess liquid from the body and improves digestion, which makes the body work faster.

Cherries are a very tasty and healthy product. They are a treasure of vitamins and nutrients. This berry can only harm the body by itself.

Eating a berry, you should still consider the daily rate, otherwise eating this berry threatens the appearance of swelling and diarrhea.

Losing weight with the help of cherries is also loaded with consequences. If the amount of berries eaten is abused, you cannot miss the hated pounds, but rather add them. This opposite effect is achieved due to the higher content of kilocalories and sugars containing cherries.


The contraindications of this berry are not many, but there are:

  • Bad intestinal permeability.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Individual intolerance.
  • Mellitus diabetes.

Warning. This berry is also contraindicated if the body is too acidic.

What is the correct way to eat them and in what amounts?

Perhaps there is no definitive answer to the question of how many cherries should be eaten up to date. It all depends on the age and purpose of the person. The average intake of this sweet berry is 300 grams. For some people, a little less is enough to improve blood circulation.

Children from 3 years can be offered 100-150 g of cherries. To get rid of skin diseases you can eat regularly 50-100 g of mature berries. To detoxify the organism and improve the intestinal function, you have to eat 150 g of cherries at night.

Important: mature cherries, that is, darker, contain more sugar.

Cherries are eaten without nuggets or rabitos. They must be washed with running water.

Where are cherries used?

Cherries are used a lot in fields such as cosmetology, traditional medicine and cooking for their properties. This is because it has rejuvenating properties, it helps to put hemoglobin, smoothes wrinkles, cleanses the skin and normalizes blood pressure.

In popular medicine for some diseases

The cherry has found its application very soon in popular medicine. They are used to treat many ailments. For example, there are many wel l-received remedies, such as a tincture for the sand and kidney calculations, a cough decoction and a compress for headache.

To prepare a tincture against renal calculations, you have to take 15 to 20 stems, pour boiling water on them and let stand 30 minutes. Tincture should drink throughout the day, little by little.

Cherr y-based cough compote is an excellent way to cope with any type of cough in children and adults. To prepare such a compote, just boil the berries in water and add sugar if desired. The sputum of said compote will disappear towards the second day. And the dry cough will disappear on the third day.

The compress of headache cherries will even help get rid of strong headaches. Fresh berries are placed on gauze, are completely wrapped and applied to the forehead. Maintain said compress for a few minutes.

Useful and therapeutic properties have not only cherries, but also nuggets and leaves. They prepare teas, decoctions and tinctures.

Cherries are useful for more serious diseases. But whatever the disease, we must not abuse treatment only with berries. It is essential to consult a doctor to advise us and give us the proper treatment.

For diabetes mellitus

Cherry consumption is beneficial for the body in case of diabetes. However, before it was categorically prohibited for diabetics. Now they have become part of the “conditionally” products.

First, it maintains the proper level of blood glucose. Secondly, it fills the human body of special substances (anthocyanins), which in turn contribute to insulin production.

Do not forget the daily ration of this wonderful berry. Diabetic patients can eat 100 grams per day, taking into account the blood sugar level.

In pancreatitis

The patient who suffers from pancreatic inflammation should take into account his diet. Cherries can be included in this diet, but with caution: because thick skin will irritate the membranes of the digestive tract.

In pancreatitis it is more appropriate to eat cherries in the oven or as part of another dish. Once recovered from the disease, the berry is allowed from the second week. But they will eat better in the form of pudines, mousses, compotes, berries and decoctions.

In the drop

Drop is a disease caused by incorrect feeding. The cherry, which is capable of eliminating excess liquid from the body and has a diuretic property, as no other is adequate in this disease as a cure.

For treatment with this berry you must eat 15 berries a day or 1 tablespoon a day to drink compote or decoction. In a serious case of this disease it is allowed to increase the dose up to 3 times a day. The pain associated with the disease should disappear on the second day.

Gastritis and peptic ulcer

Cherries are essential for these diseases. The fiber, which also contain cherries, activates the gastrointestinal tract. They do not cause stomach burning and stimulate the production of nicotinic acid.

When these diseases are aggravated, it is necessary to use this berry in the form of decoctions and compotes.

In cosmetology

In recent years you can see the cherry more and more often in cosmetic products. One of the main properties of this berry:

  • Remove perfectly inflammations of various kinds: grains, pimples and redness.
  • Free the aging process.
  • Normalizes the hydrolyzic balance of the skin.

In traditional medicine, it is used above all to make remedies for hair and nails. In industrial cosmetics, cherries can be seen in face and body creams.

How to keep them for the winter

Unfortunately, the flowering of cherries is short, one month maximum. However, they begin to ripen among the first, already in mid-June. So it’s all about preserving the berries for the winter. There are several ways to preserve berries for a longer time:

  • Preserving the product.
  • Preserving the dried product.
  • Keeping the product frozen.

Each method has its pros and cons. The first method that comes to mind is canning. This berry product is used in the preparation of: berry puree, cherry jam, jam, compote, juice and many other products.

Store the preserves in a cool and dry place, without the need to use the refrigerator. A cellar or pantry is a good idea.

Attention. Immediately discard any canned food with a swollen top.

Berry drying is really easy. You can do it with the help of an electric dryer or an oven. This is supposed to be effective in preserving berries for a long time and preserving vitamins and minerals.

Attention. Regularly check dried cherries for insects, they love them.

Freezing berries is also considered a great way to keep berries fresh for an entire year. They retain all their health benefits and vitamins. Frozen product in the freezer can be kept for almost a year.

The berries can be defrosted naturally, that is, by leaving them for a while in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Or you can use the “defrost” function of the microwave.

Caution. It is strictly forbidden to refreeze cherries multiple times. In this case, the product loses all its healthy properties and qualities. It becomes tasteless and useless.

Cherries, like any other berry-based product, have their benefits and contraindications. There are few harms from this berry, but it is worth familiarizing yourself in advance with the contraindications to eating the juicy berry.

People who regularly consume this berry know firsthand that cherry is very beneficial for health.

This berry can replace many medicines, get rid of some diseases and ailments. It can also be used to strengthen the immune system, and with its regular consumption, respecting the daily norm, it is also possible to lose weight.

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