What are dates for good?

The dates are an oriental sweet delicacy, appreciated by both adults and children. The fruit of the datile palm is famous for its numerous health benefits, so it is widely used in traditional medicine. It has been scientifically demonstrated that several dates per day improve brain function, relieve bad mood and give energy. What other benefits provide dates to the human body?

Chemical composition and caloric value of dates

The dates contain many healthy chemical components that remain in them even after drying.

The fruit of the datile palm contains the following substances

  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E;
  • Minerals – Magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, sodium, selenium, copper;
  • amino acids;
  • vegetable fiber;
  • glucose, fructose.

The dates are quite caloric: there are 280 calories in 100 g of fruit. They are rich in carbohydrates. In 200 g of dates pulp there are approximately 30% of the daily carbohydrate standard, recommended for a mediu m-sized person. Therefore, people who want to lose a few extra kilos should eat dates in limited quantity.

Dates properties

The main characteristic of dates is its rich composition in vitamins and minerals, which also includes amino acids and the s o-called “rapid” carbohydrates. Thanks to them a person feels satiated after 2-3 fruits. This makes dates into an ideal dietary food.

The dates are known for their ability to eliminate the mucus of the respiratory tract, which is very useful in cases of pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. The fruit also has a soft laxative effect on the body, which allows them to use for constipation.

The benefits

Regular dates use has a positive effect on the human body, normalizing the functioning of internal organs.

The benefits of the Datilee Palmus Fruit:

  1. Strengthen the walls of blood vessels, preventing the development of varicose veins.
  2. They accelerate disease recovery.
  3. They help fight helminths.
  4. Increase immunity.
  5. Normalize blood sugar levels.
  6. Increase hemoglobin.
  7. Positive effects on the respiratory system.

Datiles have powerful antioxidant properties that allow them to fight aging and rejuvenate.

For the women

Regular consumption of fresh or dry dates is very beneficial for women. They have a positive effect on their wel l-being and appearance.

How the female body affects:

  • for anorexia – to increase body weight;
  • Reduce the negative effects of menopause
  • Minimize premenstrual syndrome symptoms;
  • Calm the nervous system after severe stress;
  • relax the body after strenuous physical activity
  • Increase sexual activity.

Fresh or dry dates in the diet help fight the first signs of aging, improve the status of the skin, hair and nails.

For children

Pediatricians recommend parents to include dates in the children’s menu. However, you have to remember that babies can only eat them from the year and a half. Like any other fruit, dates can also cause an allergic reaction, so they must be introduced into the child’s diet gradually, starting with a small piece. If adverse reactions are not produced, the amount of fruit can be increased.

Frequent dotile consumption helps strengthen bone tissues, improves the work of the brain and digestive system and reinforces the immune system. The child’s hyperactivity decreases and sleep problems disappear.

For men

It is recommended to include dates in the menu of men who practice strength sports or perform heavy physical work. Thanks to its rich biochemical composition, they regenerate the body, increase the capacity for work and resistance. Men become active and energetic.

  • Reduce the risk of stroke;
  • hemorrhoid development prevention;
  • increases power;
  • increases the quantity and quality of seminal fluid;
  • fights the symptoms of alcoholic poisoning;
  • Improve the cardiovascular system
  • stimulates the brain.

Dates perfectly eliminate the negative effects of stress situations and intense physical activity, contributing to the relaxation of the nervous system and muscle tissues. As a result, men feel awake and rested.

Possible damage and contraindications

Datiles have enormous benefits for the human body, but should be consumed with caution. Like any other fruit, they have several contraindications of use:

  • Insuli n-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • Serious forms of renal dysfunction
  • Obesity of varying degrees
  • migraine;
  • intestinal anomalies;
  • Urolithiasis

That is why it is advisable to eat dates in limited amounts. This will help avoid undesirable effects and improve wel l-being.

The dates fruit contains a lot of sugar, which can cause the appearance of the antiestics yellow plate on the surface of the teeth. To avoid this problem, it does not have to give up this healthy fruit: it is enough to rinse your mouth after eating dates.

Dates: How to choose them?

The fruit of the datile palm is exported above all in a dried way. They can be hard, soft or semiblaonds. This is not a measure of quality, but of the degree of maturity of the rolled fruit.

The basic rules to choose dates

  1. The fruit must be firm and slightly soft.
  2. The dates should not be wrinkled or damaged.
  3. You should not have a white or gray layer on the surface.
  4. The skin of the fruit must be intact and without spots.
  5. Excessive shine in a gift is indicated that it has been previously stained with paraffin or fat.

The correct choice of dates is a guarantee that a person will obtain the maximum load of useful vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients.

Special characteristics and consumer rates

The dates belong to the number of calorie products, so consuming them in unlimited amounts can cause rapid increase in body weight. The consumption rate recommended by nutritionists is 4-5 fruits. The daily ration for a child should not overcome 1-2 dates. The consumption of more dates can cause stool problems.

What can be done with dates

Datiles are usually consumed fresh or dry. In the kitchen they are added to the Macedonias, the pastry and the desserts. A cereal breakfast with dates or a snack between hours consisting of cottage cheese or yogurt would be very useful.

Special use in traditional medicine

Due to its useful properties and their rich composition, dates have found use in the field of popular medicine. They are used to treat cough and acute respiratory infections, diabetes, obesity and digestive tract disorders. In addition, the frequent use of dates strengthens the body, increases resistance and activity.

For diabetes

In case of diabetes, all sweets and confectionery products are avoided. The dates contain a minimum amount of sugar, so they can be consumed with diabetes, but no more than 2 a day. They are approved for type 1 diabetes and type 2.

It is strictly forbidden to eat dates in elderly diabetic patients or if the disease is serious or insuli n-dependent.

For cough

From ancient times, dates are used to treat cough, due to their positive effect on the respiratory system. In popular medicine there are many recipes for the treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia. The most popular and effective is considered a decoction of dates in milk – relieves inflammation, favors expectoration and rapid elimination of mucus, stops coughing attacks.

With breastfeeding

Datiles are a unique source of useful vitamins and trace elements that women need during breastfeeding. This sweet product helps the female organism to recover after childbirth.

Regular consumption of juicy fruits increases the production of breast milk, calms the nervous system, helping the young mother overcome a phenomenon as unpleasant as postpartum depression. Datiles during breastfeeding must be gradually introduced, closely monitoring the baby’s reaction. If eruptions or other allergic reactions appear, the fragrant fruit must be discarded.

Dates help strengthen the child’s bone tissue, improve immunity, develop muscles and brain activity, favor harmonious and adequate growth.

For constipation

In case of constipation, dates can be consumed fresh or dry, prepare decoctions, infusions, compotes. They have a gentle laxative effect, normalize intestinal peristalsism, improve the functioning of the digestive tract. In addition, the regular use of dates helps reduce the number of rotten bacteria in the intestines and improve microflora.

How to keep dates at home?

At home, aromatic dates can be stored in the refrigerator, in the fruit and vegetable shelf. To keep them fresh and juicy for a longer time, they can be put in a plastic container with lid and save them in a cool place. Dates can also be kept frozen in the freezer, where up to 3-4 years can be kept.

Datiles are a juicy, tasty and tasty fruit with many health benefits. Regular consumption of this exotic fruit strengthens the body and helps fight many diseases. With dates you can also prepare delicious desserts, sweet maceedonias and many other original dishes.

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