What are figs good for in the human body?

Figs not only have this name, but have also been called fig tree, wine berry, fig, or simply fig.

Attention. The reason why figs are called figs is because they are heated in the sun, they start to ferment and become wine.

Composition and caloric value of figs

In 100 grams of fruit there are 49 calories. The fruit contains fiber, fructose, glucose and many vitamins, micro and macro elements.

What is the difference between fresh and dried figs?

Fresh figs are considered healthy. The difference between dried and fresh figs is not big at all. Dried figs have fewer calories than fresh ones. The fresh fruit is very juicy and helps to quench thirst quickly. The dried fruit has a stringy, sweet flavor. Figs are often eaten fresh, but dried figs also have many health benefits. A large amount of fiber predominates in the fruit, which contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive tract and intestines.

Fruit in its dried form helps people get rid of unnecessary kilos: consuming a little fruit, it causes complete saturation of the body, so for dieting the fruit serves as an ideal dietary ingredient. Many useful elements predominate in dried figs. These elements normalize the proper functioning of the nervous system, increase alertness, also improve mood, relieve irritability and improve sleep.

Fruit properties

Figs have many health benefits:

  • Helps strengthen bones;
  • The fig berry has a large amount of iron, which can help people with anemia;
  • Magnesium and calcium can restore heart function;
  • It has properties that prevent the formation of blood clots;
  • It is good for dietary purposes;
  • The fruit is used to produce cancer drugs;
  • Fruit helps lift your spirits;
  • Helps protect the body against various colds;
  • It has positive effects on the kidneys and stomach and helps to purify the intestines;
  • It has laxative properties, so it has a positive effect on people with frequent constipation;
  • The fresh fruit is used to make face and neck masks to make the skin silky smooth;
  • Fig jam has a positive effect on exacerbation of gastritis;


If added to food or consumed daily, it has a large number of positive effects:

  • Improves the functioning of the heart. The presence of magnesium and potassium helps improve blood pressure and reduce blood clots;
  • It helps improve the digestive system. Figs have enzymes that help get rid of gastritis and poisoning.
  • It helps relieve respiratory diseases.
  • Help in the prevention of people with cancer.
  • Normalize the nervous system and improve sleep.

For the women.

Figs help solve the problem of vascular veins. Women suffer cramps when they wear high shoes, the fruit relieves them of such pain after taking their shoes. This is due to the presence of potassium and magnesium in the fruit, which helps to replace it in the body.

For children

If children do not have allergies, this fruit helps improve digestion and will bring energy to the child for the rest of the day. Figs contain folic acid, beneficial for the development of the child’s immune, nervous and circulatory systems.

For man

For men, figs have a positive effect on heart muscle. They also help accelerate physical and mental recovery.

Possible damage and contraindications

Any fruit has positive and negative properties. That is why the fruit is contraindicated for some people, because it can worsen the course of their diseases. It is forbidden to consume the pulp of the fruit in case of pancreatic disease, because it cannot cope with the decomposition of the sugar it contains;

  • It is forbidden to consume this fruit to people with a serious form of diabetes, because it contains a lot of sugar, which can lead to bad consequences;
  • Figs have good anticoagulant properties, so if blood clotting is bad, it is very prohibited to eat this fruit;
  • It is forbidden to eat the fruit pulp because it is quite caloric, so you can quickly earn kilos of more, so this fruit is not suitable as a dietary fruit;

How to choose fresh and healthy figs

To choose a good and fresh fruit it is better to take it with your hand. And it can be known by the cortex, if it is wrinkled and the fruit itself is light, it can be concluded that the fruit has been stored here for a long time, such fruit is better to rule it out. The good fruit usually has a smooth form and without slit. If the fruit is hard, it is immature and, therefore, it is better not to buy it.

It is better to keep the figs in the refrigerator for a few days, because the fresh fruit is very juicy, but after being a long time, it will not be so fresh and juicy, so it must eat them immediately after buying them.

How many figs can be eaten up to date

Dry figs are available in stores at different times of the year. But that dry fruit is very caloric, so it is convenient to consume a few berries a day.

Use characteristics

In kitchen

Figs are often used to elaborate desserts, cakes and sorbets. The fruit is an excellent and specific seasoning for meat and fish dishes. It brings sweetness and a richer flavor to the plate. This fruit can become a very tasty garnish if the berries are soaked in honey and then black pepper is used.

Fig jam

Our mothers often make jam with traditional fruits and berries. But fig jam is very tasty and has an extraordinary flavor. Figs grow in southern countries and love warm climate. If a syrup is prepared with the fruit of this fruit, it is very useful for constipation. In addition, jam is used for cough and bronchitis. A few berries are added and milk is added, which helps to stand up quickly. You can use jam as sauce for various meat dishes.

But you must wear jam with caution to people suffering from diabetes, pancreatitis and acute gastritis. Boil jam in an aluminum bowl. To prevent the berries from cracking during cooking, it is better to dry. Boil over medium heat so that the jam is clear and does not dark. When choosing berries for jam, you have to focus on those that are softer and have an acidic flavor.

Fig rolls

To make fig rolls you need

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees;
  2. Pour hot water on the fruit to soften it;
  3. Separate the yolks from the whites; Beat the rolls with a blender until you get a lush foam and add the sugar;
  4. Beat the yolks with the sugar so that the dough rises;
  5. Cut the fruit into small pieces;
  6. Add the figs to the clear beaters and mix again;
  7. Next, mix the flour, the powder yeast, the bicarbonate and the salt, and add the whites and the figs; mix everything well;
  8. Put in a fine layer in the oven, bake for about 5 minutes, then sprinkle with sugar and cream.
  9. The result is a very tasty and unusual dessert.

Fig Smoothie

Smoothies with different ingredients are gaining popularity in modern times. A fool of figs has a very unusual and tasty flavor.

To make a shake, you have to take a few fruits, also the one that best suits your liking. Then, milk is poured into a blender, the entire fruit is crushed and beat with a blender.

In popular medicine

The use of figs for medicinal purposes has been discovered:

  • Decoction of dry leaves is used to make prepared that help with problematic skin;
  • It helps to treat anemia because it contains iron;
  • The fruit helps to relieve throat pains because it has an expectorant effect;
  • The fig pulp is antipyretic;
  • This fruit improves the digestive system;

Figs in type 2 diabetes

In this type of diabetes, it is a slight way, so people can eat fresh figs, but eating them in a few. The berries are very sweet and can help reduce high blood glucose.

In addition, a positive aspect is that fruit has pectin, which has the function of absorbing harmful components such as cholesterol. The consumption of fruit in serious diabetes forms is strictly contraindicated.

For the heart and blood vessels

The fig fruit has a positive effect on the heart system and many other organs:

  • You can relieve vasopasmos;
  • Reduces blood pressure;
  • It can reduce the probability of hypertension;
  • Reduce cholesterol levels;
  • It helps increase hemoglobin.

For gastritis

The fruit fiber content helps clean the digestive tract. If a couple of berries are consumed before food, digestion and assimilation are faster.

For gastritis, figs have an enveloping effect that helps reduce inflammation. Therefore, this fruit is very useful even for gastritis.

Antitumor effect

If you consume figs constantly, you can protect yourself from some types of cancer. Figs contain flavonoids and antioxidants that can lead to the reduction of free radicals that can form some types of cancerous growth.

For the liver and kidneys.

D has a hematopoietic effect. Therefore, it is used to treat the liver. Normally, you have to infuse the berries, boil them over low heat and add milk. Then he mixes everything with a blender.

For dyskinesia of bile ducts, bile calculations and cholecystitis, the following treatment is used. Lemons and figs are shown in a blender, then mix with honey and sugar and apply for four weeks.

Reduce cholesterol levels

In this type of diabetes, it is a slight way, so people can include fresh figs in their diet, but it is better to consume a few berries a day. The berries are very sweet, which causes a reduction in high blood glucose.

A positive aspect is that the fruit has pectin, which fulfills the function of absorbing the harmful components, including cholestyran, moving through the body and eliminating it.

For colds

Figs have many health benefits, but it is convenient to consult the doctor before consuming them.

Coughing treatments with figs

It is not very difficult to prepare a cure. It is necessary to take a couple of berries and pour milk on them, then put on the fire. And boil for 30 minutes. Next, let the solution to infuse. Then put it in the fridge. You must take a spoonful of the remedy for a week.

Figs for constipation

You must use 5 berries every day and the effect will be noticed on the second day after the start of treatment and all intestinal problems will disappear.

Important! This popular remedy is contraindicated for people suffering from a serious form of diabetes, as well as for those suffering from ulcerative disease.


Figs have regenerative properties. Therefore, they are often used in cosmetology such as creams and masks. Some ideas for skin care with the help of figs:

  1. You need 20 g of fresh fruit, peeled from the skin, pour a glass of hot water, infuse and strain.
  2. Then crush and apply on the skin of the face.

This mask moisturizes the skin well.

  1. It is necessary to take 2 nuts and soak for 15 minutes in hot milk, then grind in a blender.
  2. Then add an egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey and olive oil and beat at the same time.
  3. Spread the face and neck for 15 minutes.

The fig is a very useful fruit with an extraordinary flavor and aroma and can help with many ailments. It is a medicinal fruit. You can make jams and medicinal tinctures with it to relieve diseases or simply use it as an appetizer, which has a multitude of health benefits.

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