What are fruit and vegetables good?

Several fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and other healthy elements in their composition. Eating these foods is an obligation to everyone.

Without fruits and vegetables, the human body cannot work properly, such as without meat products. Different foods contain different amounts of nutrients. It is advisable to know what fruits should be eaten to improve digestion or functioning of the heart.

Why you have to eat fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables is beneficial for human health. They can prevent cardiovascular diseases, improve blood pressure, increase immunity and much more.

All this is possible thanks to the presence of vitamins of different groups, as well as various micro and macroelements. People who include these products in their daily diet are much less likely to get sick or feel bad. Many fruits and vegetables are consumed for medicinal and preventive purposes.

Important: It is better to consume fresh foods. Frozen fruits or vegetables can also conserve their healthy properties.

Benefits of fruits and vegetables for the body

Fruits and vegetables are practically unable to cause serious damage to the body. Moreover, no one better promotes health than the consumption of adequate plant foods.

Given the first symptoms of any ailment, in most cases, people immediately use popular medicine, which consists of adding healthy fruits and vegetables to their diet.

For example, given the first symptoms of a cold, a tea with raspberries is prepared. In winter, as prophylaxis, the body with vitamin C is enriched eating oranges. In summer, no one will reject a tasty fresh vegetable salad.

Cardiovascular diseases

The main factor of these diseases is the low consumption of fruits and vegetables. To do this, you must add about 300-400 grams of fresh vegetables to your daily diet.

These help improve the body’s cardiovascular system. Among them are broccoli, garlic and pumpkin. Fruits, meanwhile, will enrich the body with healthy vitamins and antioxidants. Among them are apples, avocados and grenades. For example, apricot will help normalize the functioning of the heart.

Blood pressure

In case of hypertension, it is advisable to eat a lot of fruit, which can normalize blood pressure. This is possible because they contain large amounts of potassium, which eliminates sodium salts.

Thus, excess fluid is eliminated from the organism and blood pressure returns to normal. Often, hypertension is caused by excess weight. Adding fruit to the diet can help treat or prevent this problem.

Many studies have confirmed that the consumption of fruits and vegetables prevents the development of malignant tumors in the human body. For example, peppers, apricot, green onions or spinach contain carotenus, which prevents lung or stomach cancer. To help prevent intestine cancer, it is important to consume lemon, which contains D-Limonene.


Not all foods can be consumed by people suffering from a disease such as diabetes. For them, an adequate diet plays a fundamental role in the fight against the disease. In this case, there are patients with high blood sugar levels.

For people suffering from a high level of sugar, it is advisable to add foods such as: corn, pumpkin and beets to their diet. For those who have a low level of sugar, tomatoes, zucchini, onions and radishes, among others are adequate.

Gastrointestinal tract

In the case of gastrointestinal diseases, the diet must be reconsidered. It is often inappropriate foods that cause these ailments. If the acidity of the organism is high, you have to eat more potatoes.

Rabies, cucumbers and peppers can also serve to stimulate appetite. Strawberries and blueberries can be especially useful for stomach and intestinal ulcers. All these fruits and vegetables are useful not only to cure diseases that have already appeared, but also for the prevention of healthy people.

For healthy eyes

Carrots are not the only thing that can improve the view. To prevent various eye diseases, it is convenient to eat blueberries, pumpkin and spinach from childhood. They will help avoid cataracts and other diseases. In addition, it is worth adding garlic and broccoli to your menu to help tired eyes and maintain good vision.

What are the healthiest fruits and vegetables

In general, fruits and vegetables of the same color have similar components in their composition. Greens, for example, have a positive effect on hair and nails and prevent the development of diabetes. The foods of the Reds Group, such as grenades, help the cardiovascular system.

Each fruit or vegetables has its own positive characteristics and its own composition. This means that there is a different product for each group of diseases, and vice versa, each group of vegetables or fruits can prevent a certain disease.


Almost all vitamins are present only in cabbage. Your juice helps clean the toxins and infections agency. The cabbage is also good for the stomach. It can help in case of ulcers, gastritis and various liver diseases.

The newly squeezed Col Col juice is recommended for cough and sore throat. It can also be used externally, for example to treat burns applying cabbage leaves. A mask of this vegetable applied to the hair will strengthen its structure.


Beet contains vitamins A, C and B, as well as copper and phosphorus. Thanks to this, beet can prevent heart disease and purify the liver and kidneys. Beet consumption helps get rid of overweight.

It has a diuretic effect, which in turn frees the body from excess fluid. Beet has a positive effect on the brain. It favors the rejuvenation of the entire organism and good psychological health.


Carrots are rich in vitamin A. They also contain potassium, iron, essential oils and many other ingredients that the body needs to work properly.

Carrot consumption helps clean the blood and improve all organs of the body in general. It helps to face the inflammations of the mouth. It is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. They should also consume carrots people who have kidney or liver problems.


Tomatoes not only affect heart or blood. They also help improve bones and muscles and the human body. Thanks to the presence of folic acid in its composition, tomato lovers should not worry about a heart attack.

In addition, tomatoes also have a positive effect on neurological diseases. They can repair brain cells and liver damaged by alcohol and lungs damaged by smokers. In the case of men, tomatoes must be consumed to prevent prostate cancer.


Pepinos are as light as possible for the stomach and pancreas, because they are composed of 95% water. At the same time, they are perfect to quench hunger without stretching the stomach walls. They contain a lot of potassium, which has a diuretic effect.

People usually make cucumber diet for a time to lose weight and purify the body. These vegetables, thanks to their composition, are able to release the body of poisons and toxic substances. Therefore, they are not only tasty, but also incredibly healthy.


This berry has a positive effect not only on the internal organs of the human body, but also on the skin. There are many facial masks recipes with strawberries. It stimulates blood circulation, which is very useful for women fighting cellulite.

Strawberries are rich in minerals and vitamins. However, this tasty fruit has a large number of contraindications. Strawberries are not recommended for people with digestive system diseases. Strawberries can cause allergic reactions. For people with hypertension, strawberries can be an unnecessary effort for kidneys.


Pomelos help reduce cholesterol levels, stimulate metabolism and put the nervous system in order. All this is possible thanks to the composition rich in vitamins of the grapefruit.

But despite all its useful properties, this fruit cannot be combined with many medications, including antibiotics and analgesics. It is not recommended to eat grapefruit if digestive system disorders are suffered. Its high acid content will further irritate the mucous membranes.


Only mature and fresh pineapple is good for the body: it contains many vitamins. It is able to lower blood pressure, improve digestion and eliminate toxins from the organism.

In addition, pineapple is excellent for fighting various inflammations of the organism. Pineapple helps to rejuvenate the entire organism and prevents various heart disease. However, it is not recommended to consume large amounts of this fruit.

It can damage the oral mucosa. In addition, the diet pineapple of people with digestive tract diseases should be excluded.


Apples help strengthen the entire organism. They are great to increase immunity and fight colds. They are rich in vitamins not only the fruit pulp, but also the shell and seeds.

The shell helps eliminate toxins from blood and liver, and seeds are recommended to prevent cancer. Apples are excellent for treating skin and intestinal diseases.


Avocados have both beneficial and dangerous properties. Avocado benefits the cardiovascular and nervous system. It helps improve skin status. Among the negatives are the dangers for the digestive system.

Pregnant women should not consume avocados, since they can cause problems to the baby. It is worth paying attention to the choice of avocado. There is the possibility that your juice is contaminated with bacteria. This is dangerous for people with low immunity.

What is the right intake of fruit and vegetables?

It should be known that fruit and vegetables should be consumed separately from the main food. In addition, there are different times to eat the different fruits. This must be respected to obtain the maximum benefit of plant foods.

The daily intake of fruit and vegetables for men, women and children will be slightly different.

For children

Children under three years of age should not take more than 100 grams of fruit and 200 grams of vegetables a day. This amount must be distributed in several meals. If the fruit can cause allergies, it is better not to give it to the child, or be gradual and very careful. In this case, it is important to monitor the child’s reaction.

For adult men and women

The daily ration of adult fruit and vegetables is approximately 400 grams. It is recommended to distribute this amount in at least five meals. A ration can consist, for example, in half a grapefruit, a medium carrot or a plate of vegetable salad. It is better to combine different types of fruit and vegetables during the same day.

Eating fruit and vegetables should be a daily routine for anyone who cares about their health. Without the nutrients and vitamins they contain, the human body cannot work properly.

If there are vegetables that a person does not like or cannot eat, it is recommended to replace them with similar ones. But you have to make sure the body has access to a vitamin and mineral complex.

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