What are mandarins good?

At any New Year’s table you can miss mandarins. Mandarins are associated with the New Year and the Fiestas. But one thing is to eat a couple of fruits at the festive table and another to know the useful properties and the low caloric value of the mandarins and include them in the diet regularly.

The chemical composition of mandarin

Orange fruit is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Among the fa t-soluble vitamins are vitamins A (34 µg) and E (0. 2 µg), bet a-carotene (155 µg) and alphacotene (101 µg). As for hydrosolubles, it contains vitamins B1 (0. 1 µg), B2, B3 (0. 4 µg), B4 (10. 2 µg), B5 (0. 2 µg), B6 (0. 1 µg) andB9 (16 µg), and C (26. 7 µg).

IMPORTANT: Despite the rich vitamin composition of mandarins, eat them in large quantities can yellow the skin and cause unpleasant consequences.

The “New Year” citrus also contains minerals. Calcium is 37 mg, which represents 4% of the daily needs. The copper is 42 micrograms (4. 5%), the iron of 0. 15mg (2%of the daily needs), the magnesium of 12mg (3%), the manganese of 0. 039mg (1. 5%) and theZinc of 0. 07mg, which is fresh without bark.

If we take a ration of 100 g, the caloric value of a fresh tangerine would be about 38 kilocalories. But a tangerine weighs between 25 and 100 grams. This means that in a piece of orange fruit, the calorie count would be 12-38 units.

A 100 grams ration also contains 0. 8 g of proteins, 0. 2 g of fats and 7. 5 g of carbohydrates. The dietary fiber is about 1. 9 g. Despite its low caloric content, orange has a high sugar content, 10. 6 grams. The fiber is about 1. 8 grams.


Dehydrated mandarin, unlike the fresh, has a high caloric content of about 252 kilocalories. For this reason, the use of dry citrus fruits is avoided in thinning diets.

A ration of 100 grams contains about 2 grams of proteins, 0 grams of fats and 53 grams of carbohydrates. There is no dietary fiber in the composition.

In mandarin juice

The caloric content of mandarin juice corresponds to that of a fresh tangerine: it is approximately 38-45 kilocalories per 100 grams. It contains 0. 8 grams of proteins, 0. 2 grams of fats and 9. 8 grams of carbohydrates per ration of 100 grams. The dietary fiber amounts to 0. 2 grams.

Properties of mandarin for the organism

  • Normalize the work of the nervous system.
  • Some of their beneficial substances form erythrocytes and the neural tube in the embryo.
  • Normalizes blood pressure and keeps blood vessels calm.
  • Boosts the immune system and destroys cancer-causing free radicals.
  • Improves the condition of hair and skin, increases their growth and gives shine.
  • Improves digestion and prevents constipation.
  • It frees the lungs of mucus, relieves coughing and produces an expectorant effect.
  • The juice of the fruit can cure oral candidiasis.
  • Cures kidney and bladder stones.
  • Its high antioxidant content is an effective preventative against cancer.

benefits of

Tangerines have extensive positive effects on humans. They contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Despite their high allergenicity, eating them will do more good than harm.


The benefits of tangerines for women, especially after the age of 40, cannot be underestimated. Tangerine is very useful during pregnancy for its B vitamins and folic acid. They are also effective against fever, alcohol poisoning and cough. It is a good help for anorexia, since the substances in this orange fruit increase appetite.

Vitamin D is very necessary for women, especially after the age of 40. Vitamin K will bring flexibility to blood vessels. Tangerine essential oil improves digestion and helps relieve bloating and abdominal heaviness. The juice of this fruit is also an excellent antifungal. Tangerine is also good for the skin: it makes it supple and firm, and gives it a healthy appearance and color.

Warning. In case of canker sores or constipation, citrus fruits should be avoided.


This citrus will make the man strong, robust and balanced. It will also increase his potency and improve his fertility by increasing the number of sperm. Consuming these orange colored fruits will improve the performance of the prostate gland and help the body to recover faster after various strength training and exercises. They will also help to lose weight, removing toxins and unwanted substances from the human body.


Vitamin D prevents rickets, and organic acids suppress cold symptoms and reduce body temperature. Large amounts of pectin and enzymes relieve preschoolers of the constipation to which they are more prone.

Harms and possible contraindications

Despite the rich health benefits of this wonderful fruit, you should avoid it if you suffer from intestinal inflammation or any anomaly of the gastrointestinal tract.

People with gastritis, ulcers or hyperacidity are against these sweet citrus.

Fact. When you eat mandarins, you must take into account your intake rate. Only then will the fruit do rather than bad.

How to choose appropriate mandarins

The choice of a sweet and juicy fruit is not difficult, as it seems at first glance. First, you must pay attention to the skin. Avoid fruits with rotten, moldy and stained peels.

If possible, the citrus fruits must be peel to confirm their good quality. A mature tangerine will peel easily and in large pieces.

Uses of mandarins

The uses of tangerines will surprise anyone for their diversity. They are used for everything, from the kitchen to medicine, through cosmetics. The fruit itself is healthy and tasty, both alone and combined with any other fruit or vegetables. The decoctions, infusions and tinctures of this citrus have almost the same range of beneficial vitamins and minerals, and exert beneficial effects on the human body.

In the kitchen

Mandarins, unlike other citrus, are much less common in the kitchen. However, with them you can prepare tasty and healthy dishes that will constitute a worthy dinner or dessert.

There is no lack of ways to combine this citrus with other foods. Orange can be used as well as cakes and cakes decoration as a component of garrisons and sauces with meat.

Apple and tangerine drink

To prepare the drink you have to drink 400 grams of apples, 6-8 tangerines (depending on the size of the fruit), 1. 5 glasses of sugar and 5 glasses of water.

Peel tangerines and chop the apples. Put apples, tangerines and their skin in a saucepan. Then add the water and cook over low heat for about 15 minutes. When time has passed, the drink sneaks, add the sugar and put it on the fire. Wait until the sugar has been completely dissolved. Remove it from the fire, let it cool and watch it in portions. Adorns with mint or pieces of apricot.

Mandarin shake

All fruit varieties and flavors are suitable for this recipe. You can even use bittersweet fruit. For this shake you will need 5 tangerines, 2 bananas and 2 apples.

First you have to peel the tangerine, remove the seeds and, if possible, eliminate the white veins. After splitting the fruit in segments, put it in the blender bowl.

The banana also has to peel it and cut it into small pieces so that it is easier to chop it. From the apples peel them, remove the seeds and cut them into small pieces. Put everything in the blender bowl and drill everything for a minute. The result must be a homogeneous drink.

Carrot and mandarin juice

For this recipe, you will need 150 grams of carrots and 2-3 pieces (depending on the size) of tangerines. First you have to remove the skin from the carrots, cut them into small pieces and pass them through a squeezer.

Next, squeeze the juice of the mandarins with a special squeezer for citrus.(They can also be squeezed by hand). Next, it is enough to mix carrot and tangerine juices in equal proportions.


Not only the mandarin pulp, but also its seeds, the peel and even the leaves are used medicinally to cure or prevent many ailments.

Important: Consume citrus before dinner.

Tinturas and infusions

There are a large number of different infusions and decoctions for treatment, prevention or at least the relief of symptoms of various diseases. All these drinks differ from each other by their formulation and proportions.

For example, to cure cough and get rid of phlegm, prepare the following decoction: add 2-3 tablespoons of 300 ml of boiling water. The resulting mixture must be boiled for 15-20 minutes over low heat and drink throughout the day.

For the prevention of colds and the flu use another tincture: fresh peel must be crushed, and take 2 tablespoons. Pour a glass of vodka and have infusion for 1. 5-2 weeks. At the end of this time, strain this drink. Use such a tincture should be used twice a day for 20 minutes before meals at 20 drops.

There are many tangerine teas to choose from. But the best known is probably the tangerine peel tea. To prepare the famous drink, the first thing to do is wash and peel the citrus skin. Then cut the skins into slices and spread them out on a towel. Dry at room temperature until brittle. Store the dried peels in a tightly closed jar in a dark place.

Below is the recipe itself. Pour the peels of 2-3 mandarins into 500 ml of water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, add 2-3 teaspoons of your favorite tea (black or green). Cover the pot with a lid and let it infuse for 5 minutes. Strain the tea before drinking it.

alcoholic tincture

A multitude of spirit tinctures have been created. For example, here is a recipe for a classic tangerine tincture. The peel of 10 tangerines is extracted, a liter of alcohol is poured and left to infuse for 2-3 weeks.

After time, about 100 ml of juice should be squeezed from the fresh mandarins. The resulting freshly squeezed juice must be mixed with 3 teaspoons of sugar. Then, it is left to rest for 2-3 weeks, the tincture is strained and 100 ml of sweet juice is added. Let it sit for another couple of days.


Tangerine has been used in cosmetology for many years. It can be used in different ways, from its peel to its juice. It is enriched with vitamins and has gathered so many beneficial properties and functions that it is used almost everywhere.

Tangerine juice is very well used in home cosmetology. Enough, for 2 weeks rub it on the face before going to bed. The effect will begin to appear immediately. Your skin will be clean, rejuvenated and glowing. The same juice is used to strengthen hair. It is necessary to rub tangerine juice into the hair for a long time and the hair becomes thick and strong.

Tangerine peel makes a good facial mask. It has a rejuvenating effect and is prepared very simply. Take the peel of the tangerine. The shell is crushed in a blender. It is mixed with raw egg. Stir until smooth. When the mask is ready, it is necessary to apply it on the face for 10-15 minutes.

How to store at home

To maximize the life of mandarins, the fruit temperature conditions must be respected. He doesn’t like cold or heat. The optimal conservation temperature ranges between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius. In this way, fruit can be kept fresh up to 2 weeks. Mandarins must be kept in the refrigerator. They are not suitable for any other type of storage and will perish very quickly.

Moisture also influences the duration of the product. The value usually depends on the birthplace of the mandarin and can vary. However, as a general rule, moisture should not exceed 85%.

If stored at a higher temperature, the fruit will last between 3 and 7 days. It will not be possible to squeeze more than that. To last as much as possible, you have to take into account your whim and store it according to the rules.

Mandarin is not famous for its demand on New Year’s Eve, but for its healthy and nutritious properties. The vitamin composition of this fruit is very varied and few rival its health benefits. This citrus is man’s best friend against colds, flu and other infectious diseases.

Its high vitamin C content helps protect the organism, which the orange does for a long time. It is also used in kitchen, medicine and cosmetics. Its properties have a wide application and remains an indispensable fruit for the human being.

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