What are red blueberries in the female organism?

The red blueberry is a perennial leaf bush with bittersweet red berries that grows in the northern hemisphere. In Russia, this berry is popular since ancient times and is widely used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

The red blueberry lives in wetlands. The flowers of this bush resemble the image of a crane, so it was popularly called “red blueberry.”Red blueberries are very useful, even traditional medicine recognizes this fact. The biochemical composition of these fruits determines its healing properties. Especially useful berry for the female organism.

Chemical and vitamin composition of red blueberries

The red blueberry contains many vitamins, minerals and other substances, the main components can be seen in the table:

Main macronutrients


The nutritional value of the healing berry per 100 g is the following

  • The caloric value is 26-28 kcal.
  • The water represents 88. 8 g of the total mass of the product.
  • The carbohydrates part is 3. 7 g. This component is one of the basic components of the cells and tissues of the living organisms of the planet.
  • The protein has a specific weight of 0. 6 g. It is the most important component of food. Proteins participate in all the organism’s chemical reactions. Under certain conditions, these substances can be transformed into fats and carbohydrates, while the reverse process is not possible.
  • Fats occupy 0. 2 g in the product, they have an energy and structural role.
  • Food fibers have a content of 3 g; They can retain water and have adsortive and excretory functions.
  • The specific weight of organic acids is 3. 1 g.
  • The mono- and disaccharides occupy 3. 7 g. Of the total mass, they are crystalline substances easily soluble in water.
  • Ash – 0. 3 g.

Properties of red blueberry for the woman’s body

No one doubts the benefits of red blueberry, it has many therapeutic effects, but this berry has characteristics that make it extremely useful for the female organism.

Useful properties

The useful properties of the berry are the following:

  • Decreases arterial hypertension
  • Relieve fever
  • has an ant i-inflammatory effect
  • Regulate cholesterol levels
  • It is a prophylactic agent against cancer
  • reinforces the immune system
  • reduces headaches;
  • It prevents caries because it kills the pathogens;
  • tone;
  • eliminates toxic substances;
  • Help to concentrate;
  • Calm the nervous system;
  • It helps to recover from colds, sore throats;
  • normalizes metabolism.

All previous actions are good for anyone, and of course for women, but there are actions of blueberries that are especially important for the beautiful half of humanity:

  • Blueberries help avoid a common disease among women, cystitis, thanks to the fact that they contain plant pigments – anthocyanins, which prevent the bacteria of the intestine from adhere to the walls of the bladder;
  • Reduces menstrual pain
  • favors the conservation of young skin
  • strengthens nails, hair;
  • Useful for pregnant women for their composition rich in vitamins.

Possible damage and contraindications.

All products, especially those with a strong therapeutic effect, should be used with caution. Like any medicine, blueberries have contraindications

  • Low blood pressure;
  • allergy to other foods, in particular to other berries; However, it is more likely to react to red blueberries
  • Urolithiasis;
  • Childhood (under three years)
  • drop;
  • ulcer, gastritis;
  • liver disease;
  • lactation.

Important: Although there are no contraindications, the following rules must be followed so that the use of red blueberries is not detrimental:

  • When using juice, dilute it with water;
  • Do not use blueberries or their juice before meals, since they can cause stomach mucosa irritation;
  • In case of cutaneous eruption, itching, discomfort or other adverse reactions after using the product, stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor.

How much should I eat to stay healthy?

For the prevention of various diseases and in the absence of contraindications, it is recommended to take ¼ cup of berry juice per day.

Therapeutic use options

For the health of the organism, it is necessary to know the different forms of use of the product.

For the health of the female body

For women’s health and not just women, you can use the recipes indicated in the table.

For skin, hair and nails

Red blueberries can be used both internally and externally to improve their appearance:

  • Acids and other trace elements that make up the blueberry accelerate cell renewal and organism cleaning processes, which at the same time favor the growth and strengthening of the nails, as well as hair.
  • To improve the hair status, you have to periodically rub the scalp with blueberry juice and then distribute it throughout the length. With regular use, hair becomes soft, bright and dandruff disappears.
  • Red blueberry juice can be used as a warm compress or add to creams and nutritional masks to take care of the skin and achieve a lifting effect. You can also spread your face with blueberry juice daily, and with your regular use you can get rid of acne. Ice cubes made with juice are a good skin tonic.

To treat female diseases

The most important effect on the female body, the red blueberry has in the treatment of cystitis due to antimicrobial and diuretic properties. To improve the status of this disease, it is necessary to take a blueberry blueberry juice (about 350 ml. A day), alternating it with a constant water intake.

Important: In case of cystitis, you always have to consult the doctor, it may be necessary to take antibiotics and use juice as a complement.

It is useful to use blueberry juice and menstruation, reduces painful sensations, improves the general state of the body in a stressful period for it.

When to collect and how to store correctly?

Red blueberries can be collected at different times:

  • Red blueberries are collected especially in September. During this period, the fruit is hard and not entirely ripe, so it is necessary to “mature” after the collection.
  • The healthiest berries can be collected at the end of autumn, together with the beginning of the first frost, in which case they acquire a more intense flavor.
  • The fruits that are not collected in autumn can withdraw from the bush in spring, after melting the snow; A berry like this is less acidic, but it is stored less.

Blueberries, thanks to their natural preservatives, can be stored for a long time only in the refrigerator (a few weeks), and if we fill it with water, much more.

The correct way to keep blueberries in the winery

To keep the red blueberries in the cellar, you have to put the washed berries and dry in jars and pour sugar boiled water. In this way, the fruit will be kept for a longer time, but it will contain more water.

How to correctly freeze red blueberries

Under current conditions, with the presence of all freezers, the simplest, comfortable method that retains the maximum vitamins to store berries is freezing. To correctly keep the fruit by this method, it is necessary to extend the dry and clean berries on a tray or other container, and place them in the freezer.

Only after blueberries have frozen can be introduced in hermetic bags.

How to grate blueberries with winter sugar

Another great way to keep red blueberries is to grate them with sugar. To do it correctly, you need to take clean and dry berries and twice the sugar.

Place the ingredients in a no n-metallic container and mixed by pressing with a spoon (ceramic or wood). It is not recommended to use a metal container (including the blender) to avoid oxidation.

The resulting mass extends in sterile bottles, leaving some space for the resulting juice, covering and putting in a cool place. If you do not have contraindications, then you should deal with this delicious and healthy berry, and always use it in your diet.

Remember that red blueberries are preventive, but do not trust them only when you have a health problem. You should consult a doctor to receive treatment and use blueberries as a complementary remedy. place the ingredients in a no n-metallic container and mix them by pressing with a spoon (ceramic or wood). It is not recommended to use a metal container (including the blender) to avoid oxidation.

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