What are the benefits and damages of Noni juice and how to take it?

Noni’s juice comes from the fruit of a perennial plant also known as India Morera. It is commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions. The botanical name of the tree is morinda citrifolia. It is one of the oldest plant species that grow in fresh lava fields, especially in Hawaii.

What is noni juice

What is Noni’s juice characteristic? What does it consist of? It is one of the products that is gaining popularity. It is obtained from the fruit of the Morinda Citropholia tree. His second name is Indian Morera. The tree grows mainly in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

It is a large tropical bush, which reaches 5 m high. Its flowers are small, white and the leaves resemble those of a lemon. The fruits are green, larger and oval. Each of the flowers of the plant gives rise to a fruit, but in reality they merge to form a large one.

When mature, the fruit gives off an unpleasant and acre smell that remembers cheese. Hence the name of “vomitive fruits”, which means “fruit that causes vomit.”Its flavor is acidic. They consume raw or boiled, and Australian aborigines liked to season with spices from Curry.

Composition and caloric content of juice

Noni contains many healthy substances. In addition to vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12) they include the following components

  • iron
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • zinc
  • copper
  • match;
  • selenium;
  • 18 amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids;
  • fiber;
  • enzymes

Other very important substances present in the composition

  • Escoletine;
  • Damnacantal;
  • proxeronin (xeronine decomposes in the liver);
  • Beta-Sitosterol;
  • Oligo- and polysaccharides;
  • fatty acids;
  • linoleic acid;
  • Alcaloids


It is a substance that favors the operation of the pineal gland, increasing serotonin levels (which helps improve mood) and melatonin (responsible for good quality dream) in the organism. Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant (20 times more effective than vitamins C and E). In addition, scopolietin favors the production of nitric oxide in the body, which, together with the muscular spasmolytic effect of the substance itself, helps to relax the arteries.

It plays an important role in the standardization of blood pressure. In addition, nitric oxide helps improve blood circulation in tissues, reduces the tendency to form blood clots, thus protecting the body against myocardial infarction, and reduces the risk of strokes.


Another active substance that controls the differentiation of cells and tissues and the correct course of cell division. It guarantees optimal levels of T and B cells, lymphocytes and phagocytes, helping the immune system effectively fighting diseases.

Xeronin and proxeronin

These components have an excellent antidepressant effect. They increase the production of endorphins, reduce the intense pain caused by inflammation, the wear of the joints, for example, without creating addiction. In the presence of a tumor, xeronine, proxeronine and proxerogenase enzymes are reduced, but the noni contains these enzymes in large quantities. Thanks to their adaptogen effect, they return to mutated cells to their normal state.

Xeronine is able to start the ant i-inflammatory process in the body, has antiallergic effects and increases body defenses against viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to consume Noni based products to people who often suffer from higher respiratory diseases. In addition, by favoring the formation of digestive juices, it has a positive effect on various digestive problems.

Noni juice properties

Noni’s positive effects on health include

  • Improvement of physical and mental wel l-being (acts as a tonic);
  • Improvement of mood (serotonin);
  • Improvement of sleep quality (melatonin)
  • Standardization of blood sugar levels and cholesterol
  • support for healthy blood pressure levels
  • Improvement of digestive tract activity (enzymes)
  • reinforces the immune system
  • Increase blood flow and many other effects.

It can also be used externally (when used externally, the beneficial properties and contraindications of the noni juice are attributed to linolenic acid) in the form of ointments, creams for acne, other skin problems. This natural remedy also favors wound healing.

It should be noted that due to its relatively high potassium content, the use of Noni juice is not recommended for people with kidney or hepatic disease.

It is interesting to note that the Indian Morera has been used in the traditional natural medicine of Polynesia and China, which indicates its great popularity and wide use.

As a natural remedy, you can buy a concentrate – fruit juice, dry fruit crushed in dust, consumed according to the indications, 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach, or capsules.


The noni contains a large number of substances, to which its beneficial properties for the human body are due. Fight fungi, has antibacterial properties and is prophylactic against tumors. The juice helps in the treatment of a series of ailments, including:

  • depression, humor changes, migraines;
  • insomnia, phobias;
  • Dolores of various origins (headaches, menstrual)
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • Reduced immunity;
  • allergies, asthma;
  • Inflammatory tendons, tonsils;
  • digestive disorders.

Noni based products are a good complement to the treatment of addictions (for example, smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction).

Noni juice – Product benefits:

  • Revitalization of cells, energy supply to the body;
  • stress relief;
  • blood purification
  • Immune system stimulation
  • Regulation of cellular functions
  • Skin support, hair and scalp
  • elimination of toxins and harmful substances of the organism;
  • Memory improvement, concentration;
  • pain relief; inflammation reduction
  • Cancer risk reduction;
  • Inhibition of tumor cell growth;
  • prevention of premature aging (suppression of ag e-related diseases, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, stroke)
  • protection against viruses and bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics;
  • Action at the molecular level
  • Rejuvenation of the organism.

Antispasmodic effect on muscles

It is advisable to take noni juice to relieve muscle pain. Scientific studies have revealed their antispasmodic effect, which is explained by their ability to block voltage controlled calcium channels and intracellular calcium secretion. As a consequence of the relief of muscle spasm, pain and discomfort are relieved.

Cardiovascular health

Noni’s juice has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It favors vasodilation when relaxing smooth muscle cells at the level of the cell wall, thus improving blood flow to arteries. The vasodilator effect helps regulate blood pressure and maintain normal heart functioning.

Studies carried out at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Illinois in Rockford (USA) have shown that their consumption helps reduce cholesterol levels and homocysteine in the body.

Fight fatigue

Noni’s juice is a medicine for a long time. Polynesians usually used it to combat general weakness, improve the quality of life and increase energy. In several studies it has been shown that it has ergogenic effects, increasing the resistance of the organism and improving general physical wel l-being.

Liver protection

Noni’s fruit is known for its ability to treat liver diseases. Studies have demonstrated hepatoprotective effects when drinking drinks, protecting the liver from prolonged exposure to exogenous chemicals and counteracting serious diseases.


The healing properties of noni juice relieve inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. The scientific evaluation has provided evidence of the analgesic effects of the drink, the relief of the pain and sensitivity of the organism. Reduces the risk of joint damage associated with arthritis. The study also showed that juice had effects similar to those of chemical analgesics.

Help with the deterioration of memory

Noni juice can be used to treat problems related to memory deterioration. Studies in people with memory problems have shown that the consumption of this drink favors cerebral blood flow, favoring memory functions.


Patients suffering from diabetes can also benefit from the healing power of Morinda or Noni extracts. Studies have demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing the risk of developing type 2. Scientific evidence confirms that their consumption helps reduce glucosylated hemoglobin, triglycerides and cholesterol levels. It also improves sensitivity to insulin and glucose absorption.

Stomach emptying

Drink ingredients favor digestion, thus favoring regular emptying. It also favors the secretion of digestive enzymes and cholecystoquinine, without causing a diuretic activity, which translates into a greater frequency of deposits, which affects intestinal transit.

Wound healing

Noni juice helps accelerate wound healing. A study that evaluated the healing effects of the drink yielded positive results in terms of gaining tissue weight, support for collagen function, hydroxiproline and protein content.

Immune system protection

Another benefit of noni juice is the resistance of the immune system. It can be used to effectively combat infections and other ailments thanks to its content in valuable polysaccharides.

These beneficial health substances stimulate the activity of white blood cells, which contribute significantly to the functioning of the immune system. Happy has antibacterial, ant i-inflammatory, antifungal and antihistamin effects, which contribute significantly to the organism’s defenses.

Damage and contraindications

Studies that have evaluated the safety and efficacy of noni juice depending on the dose have yield positive results. Only isolated cases and damages that require attention have been notified. Some of them are listed below.

High potassium content

Noni juice contains a relatively high potassium content, so it can affect the effectiveness of various drugs used for arterial hypertension, such as potassium savers diuretics and angiotensin receptors blockers. The combination of juice with these drugs can cause excessive potassium levels in the body, causing nausea, cardiac arrhythmia.

Renal problems

Due to the above, contraindications include kidney disease. The patient’s condition can get worse.

Although Noni’s juice security has been confirmed in several studies, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor before consuming it, especially during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Where to buy it and how to choose it

Medicinal juice is sold mainly in Intrenet stores or online pharmacies. When choosing, it is important to focus on an important aspect: the supplier. It must have a good reputation, which can be judged by the reviews. In addition, the drink must be 100% pure and not contain additives.

How to consume it correctly

Adults are advised to take the medicinal drink 4-5 tablespoons before meals. During pregnancy and breastfeeding consumption is reduced to 2 tablespoons.

Characteristics in cosmetology

Noni juice can be considered a natural remedy for skin care. Studies have shown that it contains a series of chemical substances with protective effects, antraquinones that stimulate collagen production and inhibit the appearance of wrinkles. The antibacterial and ant i-inflammatory effects of the plant act at the cellular level and are beneficial in holistic medicine.

Its indications include various skin problems, such as acne, burns, allergic and urticaria reactions. The presence of essential fatty acids and a high concentration of proxeronine, a precursor of the xeronin alkaloid, helps to the normal functioning of cell membranes, counteracts the abnormal training of cells and favors the youth and skin health.

Opinions of patients and doctors

Noni’s positive effects have been tested by both doctors and users. It is due to amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, xeronin, proxeronin, spicy and other components. Its ability to delay blood vessels is indicated, regulate blood pressure, relieve asthma symptoms, allergies, inflammations, swelling and bone and joint diseases.

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