What are the benefits of an oxygen cocktail

In addition to inhalations, oxygen is used today to enrich the liquids consumed. An oxygen cocktail is a mixture of any adequate fruit juice and free oxygen bubbles, it has a foamy consistency, it can be consumed with a spoon or drink with straw. The benefits of an oxygen cocktail for the body and its refreshing effect are immediately evident. Its preparation does not require more equipment than a special container.

What is an oxygen cocktail

It is a foamy mixture that contains a drink enriched with oxygen. The drink is included in several national medical centers; Recent studies show that it has a positive effect on health, favors the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, eliminates hypoxia and activates metabolism.

The beneficial cocktail was developed in 1960 by academic N. N. Syrotinin. While investigating the possibility of supplying oxygen to the body through the gastrointestinal tract, Soviet doctors introduced probes in the patient’s stomach, through which approximately 2 liters of oxygen were supplied to the body. Although a visible positive effect was found, this method was abandoned due to the problematic use of the probe. It has been replaced by an alternative option, an oxygen enriched solution that is taken orally through a probe.

In more recent research on aerotherapy, the benefits of an oxygen cocktail have been suggested by adding oxygen to drinks. The drinking with it was called “oxygen cocktail”. It was mainly used in nursing homes and medical clinics. Since 1970, the preparation method has not changed, but ingredients and oxygen enrichment method have been improved.

Composition and caloric content

The first cocktails were prepared with well beaten egg whites. Its flavor was not the most pleasant (it is not surprising, because the main ingredient was made with raw eggs) and the foam loaded with oxygen began to curdle quickly. So the main ingredient was replaced by licorice root. In combination with various berries, fruit syrups, the prevention and treatment of diseases with oral oxygen therapy became more pleasant.

Modern healing drinks contain licorice root, egg whites or a gelatin solution. Each of the previous products is found as a base, but the licorice is the most used.

The caloric content of the drink is determined by the main ingredient used in the preparation and additional ingredients. The average value is 150 kcal. The same goes for the composition of vitamins and minerals. The licoric e-based cocktail contains

  • saponins (5-15%);
  • flavonoids;
  • oxumarins;
  • estrogenic steroid hormones;
  • Carbohydrates.


The benefits of the human body include effects on several organs and systems:

  • Adequate for children and adults.
  • Compensation of the lack of oxygen in the body.
  • Relieves the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Stimulation and support of the appropriate metabolic rate, with the consequent weight loss.
  • Improvement of general wel l-being (oxygen penetrates blood through gastric mucosa much faster than conventional inhalation oxygen therapy).
  • ½ l of drink = 3-4 hours of outdoor walk.
  • Improves mood, relieves headaches, eliminates sleep problems.
  • Eliminates hypoxia and its negative effects on the heart and brain (if used regularly).
  • Reduce fatigue, provides energy.

Oxygen drink activates the enzymatic and secretory functions of the gastrointestinal tract, restores microflora, thus improving digestion, accelerates nutrient absorption. The drink supports the treatment of gastric diseases, in particular the following

  • colitis;
  • gastritis regardless of acidity;
  • gastric ulcers and 12 duodenals.

The drink is effective for CNS disorders caused by mental, physical overload, a series of diseases (high or low blood pressure, liver disorders, heart disease).

In our country oxygen cocktails are recommended for many population groups, including:

  • pregnant women
  • athletes
  • children
  • teenagers;
  • people living in unfavorable environmental conditions.

The drink is useful for problems such as

  • hypoxia;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • Digestive tract diseases;
  • immune system disorders;
  • insomnia;
  • prolonged fatigue;
  • excess body weight.

For children

In 2005, the Center for Child Health Research studied the effectiveness of oral oxygen as part of complex therapy in children and adolescents with respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal disorders. Patients received 200 ml from the drink a day. The researchers concluded that it had beneficial effects on metabolism, reduced fatigue, stimulated physical performance and increased immunity.

Its consumption has no visible side effects. An improvement has been found in all patients suffering from respiratory diseases and in almost 90% of children with gastrointestinal disorders. A positive effect of the oxygen cocktail in the prevention and treatment of placental insufficiency and fetal hypoxia has also been verified.

Studies have also demonstrated the following effects of drinks on children

  • Fatigue reduction, increased learning capacity
  • Improvement of sleep quality
  • Improvement of metabolism;
  • Improvement of respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and CNS function;
  • Improvement of blood flow to the heart and brain
  • Standardization of glycemic levels
  • increase in blood hemoglobin levels;
  • Immunity support.

For men

Oral oral supplementation defenders are convinced that it increases energy by supplying large amounts of oxygen to the bloodstream. It is also said that drinks that contain it help prevent cancer and viral and bacterial infections. Its positive effects on the immune system, the improvement of nutrient absorption and the improvement of digestion have been demonstrated.

Doctors claim that oxygenated liquids also help in sport: by increasing oxygen levels in the body, it improves physical resistance.

For the women

The use of an oxygen cocktail by women has been studied in several studies. Experiments have shown that their use is beneficial for women who suffer cervical inflammation and metabolic disorders. This result has been confirmed in specialized clinics.

During pregnancy, the use of an oxygen cocktail is beneficial for the healthy development of the fetus, its organs and systems.

How to prepare your own at home

Today, this useful drink can be consumed not only in medical institutions. It can be prepared in a 2 ways: technically (oxygen and blender cocktail) and manually (tube with aerator or blowing agent).

Technical methods are usually used in social institutions, such as:

  • preschool centers and other educational institutions
  • nursing homes;
  • Sanatoriums, etc.

Technical drinks preparation devices provide dense and thick foam. In the preparation, various additives are used.

  1. When preparing an oxygen cocktail, it is important to respect the following standards:
  2. The liquid temperature (syrup, juice, milk, etc.) must be the ambient temperature.
  3. Do not press the bottle valve strongly: oxygen must leave slowly; Only in this way you get a thick foam.
  4. If syrup is used, it is advisable to dilute it with water (1: 3).
  5. The cocktail is drinking with a spoon or a straw, little by little.
  6. Pulp juices are not suitable for preparing cocktails.

Oxygen cocktails mixture

Today it is possible to use a special spum mixture (oxygen mixer) to prepare a healthy drink.

Standard characteristics:

Packaging: 2 grams sachets (1 bag – a use).

Number of sachets: 100 units.

Taste: neutral (the final taste depends on the additional ingredients used).

Approximate composition of the mixture:

  • proteins;
  • vitamin C;
  • pectin;
  • sugar.

Approximate nutritional value:

  • Proteins – 10 g;
  • Carbohydrates – 80 g;
  • Fats – 0. 5 g;
  • Energy value (Kcal) – 300.

What syrups can be used

The juices (cherry, apple, grapes, raspberry, etc.), water and milk are the most common. Aceitous and effervescent liquids are not adequate because they give rise to a poorly formed and irregular consistency. The base fluid can contain plants and herbs extracts such as white thorn, strawberry, agripalma or rose mosqueta. An important component of an oxygen cocktail is a sparkling agent (gelatin, licorice, egg white).

To improve the taste of the drink, different syrups are used. The most used types are:

  • blueberry;
  • raspberry;
  • strawberry;
  • citrus;
  • candy;
  • Chocolate, etc.

Main consumption standards

The optimal moment to consume an oxygen shake is 1. 5 hours before food, preferably before lunch. If you forget to drink the drink before the food, wait 2 hours after the food. The drink is consumed with a spoon or through a straw for about 5 minutes.

It is not advisable to overcome the dose of the drink recommended by nutritionists: 2 rations per day. Take her for at least 2 weeks, after consulting your doctor.

Side effects and contraindications

Despite the benefits of the oxygen cocktail described above, there are people for whom their consumption can be harmful. Therefore, before including it in a therapeutic or preventive process, find out if you belong to this category.

An allergic person to one of the components of the cocktail would be harmed by the drink. Similarly, patients at risk of suffering an acute attack of bronchial asthma should also be cautious.

Among the clear contraindications for the use of an oxygen drink, the following conditions are included:

  • acute bronchial asthma;
  • choleloitiasis and urolithiasis;
  • hypertemia;
  • respiratory insufficiency
  • poisoning (poisoning) of the organism;
  • Allergy to the products used in the preparation of the cocktail.

Doctors’ opinions

To conclude the above, we will see what doctors’ opinions are about the benefits and damage of the oxygen cocktail. There is a lot of discussion and debate on this subject. Even on Facebook there are groups that criticize the drink, describing it as placebo without proven efficacy. The issue of oxygen milkshakes has divided people, including specialists and doctors, in two sides, defenders who try to demonstrate the positive effects of drinking in the body and the detractors of their consumption.

But the problem is much more complicated than it seems. The National Health Institutes commented on the effects of oxygenated liquids as follows:

“Although the positive effects of oxygenated hydrogen orally are considered theoretically possible, they are not yet scientifically proven. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether such a drink will help in the treatment of a series of diseases. However, as a preventive measure, its consumption is advisable.

The mechanisms that lead to an increase in reactive oxygen in the blood have not yet been explained. The studies on the speed of chemical reactions have shown that the increase in active oxygen concentration begins at 10 minutes and ends after about 60 minutes. Two hours after the ingestion of oxygenated liquid, its level in venous blood has been normalized. It is, on average, an increase of approximately 40% of the concentration of oxygen in the venous blood, which corresponds to the concentrations of active oxygen that would be expected after training with approximately 40-50% of O2.

The antioxidant capacity of the shakes has been demonstrated in studies. It has been shown that the consumption of oxygenated liquids produces a stimulation of the antioxidant capacity of the organism. When comparing the antioxidant capacity of people who regularly take oxygenated smoothies with those who do not, it was discovered that drinkers had a much greater antioxidant capacity. This means that this group of people can face oxidative stress better.

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