What are the benefits of banana for men’s health?

Bananas are very popular among all fruits. They can be found on the shelves of any greengrocer. Many people prefer this fruit for their taste qualities. But apart from that, bananas have a series of health benefits they have on human health.

Especially, this fruit will be good for men. Those who are not yet adding them to their diet must definitely do it. This article will discuss the main benefits of bananas for the male body.

Banana’s chemical and vitamin composition

The yellow fruit composition contains a large number of vitamins. They are the ones who have a positive impact on human health. It is recommended to eat bananas to maintain a good physical form. They are rich in glucose, sucrose and other useful and important elements for the body.

100 grams of banana contain approximately

  • Vitamin C, 9 to 12 mg;
  • Vitamin E, about 0. 4 mg;
  • Vitamins B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9), around 1 gram for the entire group;
  • iron, 0. 58 mg;
  • Magnesium, 30 to 41 mg;
  • Potassium, from 350 to 360 g;
  • calcium, 5 to 8 mg;
  • Phosphorus, about 27 mg, and others.

It is consumed practically in all countries of the world. For the inhabitants of Ecuador, the fruit replaces its main food. The country’s population consumes up to 75 kilos per capita a year.


There is a lot of debate about the caloric content of the product. Some say that fruit is not good for health, others are convinced that it is too caloric. In fact, they contribute to weight gain, but it is not at all about calories.

People prone to weight gain must be very careful with their consumption. These fruits are not always suitable for daily consumption. But for those who practice sports and need to gain muscle mass, they must consume mature fruit after training. This is possible thanks to its high carbohydrate content.

A middle banana contains between 80 and 120 kilocalories. It may seem that this is not much, and that it will not affect your weight in any way. But it is not so, it is not calories but carbohydrates that have a special impact on the weight of a person.

Bananas allow mitigating the feeling of hunger for a long time, so they are a great snack when it is diet. But to prevent the benefits of fruit from becoming damages, it is convenient to limit itself to a mediu m-sized banana per day. More than that, it will have a negative impact on the weight of the person.

Banana properties for the male body

It is obvious that the product has a positive effect on human health. They contain many healthy ingredients and vitamins. In addition, they can be consumed by those who are losing weight and those who are gaining weight.

The main thing in this case, the correct dose. But bananas have a more positive effect on men than in women. In addition, not only fruit pulp is useful, but also the cortex.

What are the benefits of

This fruit is beneficial for body weight. It is good for the brain, stomach and even the power of men. The main beneficial properties of bananas are listed below:

  1. They are very good for the human nervous system, improving their functioning. In addition, after consuming a banana, man will remain active for an hour and a half. To all this is added an improvement in mood, thanks to the production of a hormone such as serotonin.
  2. They help lower blood pressure and improve the general health of blood. They also reinforce the walls of the blood vessels.
  3. They help the agency eliminate harmful substances such as toxins. In addition, they do not irritate the gastric mucosa. Therefore, they can be used safely for peptic ulcer, as well as for stomach burning.
  4. The product does not contain allergens. Consequently, all adults and children can use them without exception.
  5. For athletes, the use of these products is almost mandatory. They are an excellent medium to strengthen muscles and bones.
  6. They have a positive effect on the liver, helping to strengthen and regenerate it.
  7. Bananas are able to neutralize the effects of nicotine on the body. This property is very useful for those who are going to quit smoking.
  8. The most useful property of the product for men will be their ability to improve power. So that the strongest half of humanity does not have erection problems, it is recommended to add bananas to its daily diet. They will also have a positive impact on semen quality on men. In addition, unlike several medications, this fruit does not create addiction.
  9. The banana peel will help in case of insect bites. You have to put your inner face on the skin to prevent inflammation.

Although bananas are very beneficial, they can also be harmful to the body. Some of the negative properties of this fruit are the following:

  1. Bananas thick the blood, which reduces blood flow to vital organs. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with varicose veins, high blood coagulation and heart disease.
  2. It can contribute to stomach swelling.
  3. Bananas are not recommended for people with intestinal problems.
  4. Limit the consumption of bananas to people prone to obesity.
  5. Often, the fruit is transported to stores when it is not yet mature. Then, ripe bananas are manufactured artificially. The chemicals used in this process can be harmful to the human being.

To convert the damage of bananas into a benefit, it is necessary to correctly choose the fruit, as well as the daily consumption rate.

How to choose a good banana

Each trip to the fruit and vegetable store, very often ends with the purchase of bananas. But few people know exactly how to choose bananas. Below are the main characteristics in which you have to look at the time of choosing a banana.

  1. Shape. A banana knows better if its shape is rounded.
  2. Color. A mature banana must be intense yellow.
  3. Smell. The banana aroma is clearly sweet. If it is different, it is worth questioning its composition.
  4. Size. It does not influence the taste of fruit, but in general bananas measure about 20 cm long.
  5. A mature banana will be firm to touch, while mature are softer.
  6. Integrity. Bananas should not have imperfections in the skin, such as cracks or lack of stems.

The maturity level determines the degree of maturity of the banana. For example, green bananas contain more sodium, while mature have more potassium.

The correct way to eat bananas

Eating it correctly can play an important role in its benefits for the body. Often, the factors to add to the diet depend on each person and are strictly individual. But it is possible to highlight the main points to which a person can adhere.

Everyone should know that for some people it will be normal to eat a banana before bedtime, while for others it is not acceptable. The same goes for the amount of that fruit per day. For a person it is not allowed to eat more than one unit per day, while another can eat several without causing damage to the body.

How much can you eat

To replace the daily ration of some elements, you will not need more than three bananas. However, even this amount can be harmful to the person. Therefore, a banana per day is optimal.

Before deciding how many bananas you can consume, the following factors must be taken into account:

  1. Due to the large number of bananas ingested, weight problems may arise.
  2. It is a heavy food for the stomach. About 3-4 hours are needed to digest them.
  3. Eating more than three yellow fruits can cause headaches.

If you think of eating an integer cluster of bananas in one day, that does not panic. Nothing bad will happen. However, it is better not to repeat the experiment. An excess of calcium and magnesium in the body can have negative health effects.

When is better: on an empty stomach or to bed

The question of when it is better to consume this product has a clear answer. Since this product is very digested by the digestive system, it is better to give preference to daytime consumption.

Banana with an empty stomach can cause an alteration of the potassium-magnesium relationship in the body. Therefore, it is not recommended at all consuming the product with an empty stomach. In addition, it can cause the body to become lazy throughout the day. Nor should this fruit be eaten before bedtime. This is because this product will be very heavy for the body.

Useful and delicious recipes for men

Only many plates can be prepared with bananas. And if other ingredients are added, a whole menu will be obtained. But for men who do not want to spend the whole day in the kitchen for a fruit macedonia, here are some healthy and, above all, delicious recipes.

If you take bananas, lemon and yogurt, you can make a great cream in 10 minutes. To do it you will need

  • 2 bananas;
  • Half lemon;
  • 300 g of yogurt;
  • cinnamon.

First, the skin of the lemon rala. Peel bananas and cut them in circles. Place them on a plate and spray the lemon juice on top. This will obtain a cream of the same color.

The next step is to chop it with a fork or blender. You can add a pinch of cinnamon or chocolate to the finished dish. To make the cream even tastier, you can get in the fridge for 30 minutes.

The banana parfait is very simple to do. Will need

  • three bananas;
  • 300 g of cottage cheese;
  • 0. 5 cup of thick sour cream;
  • cinnamon;
  • powdered sugar.

To prepare this dessert, put the cottage cheese, the sour cream, the icing sugar, the cinnamon and the bananas in a blender and beat until you get a homogeneous mixture. Put the mixture in the molds and cool in the refrigerator until it hardens. The frozen dish is ready to serve.

Banana ice cream. For this you only need bananas and milk. First, freeze the bananas peeled and chopped into circles. Then add the milk and crush everything until it is soft. When ready, you can add cinnamon, grated chocolate or chopped nuts.

In summer you can prepare a great salad with bananas and other fruits. You need

  • bananas;
  • pears;
  • peaches;
  • grapes;
  • apples;
  • yoghurt.

All the fruit must be washed and cut in dice. Next, all the ingredients are placed in a deep container and mix. Pour the yogurt on top. Sprinkle above chopped nuts or other tasty accessories.

Any of these dishes do not have much preparation, but everyone has a delicious taste.

Possible contraindications

Bananas have many health benefits. But do not forget the contraindications of this exotic fruit. After all, very quickly all its benefits will become damages to health.

First, it is necessary to take into account the health of man. Some heart disease should refuse to eat the product. This also applies to people with a sick intestine. In addition, eating fruit with milk can cause intestinal discomfort, even if it is perfectly healthy.

Overweight people should avoid eating fruit frequently. You always have to rinse it before eating it. The shell can contain harmful chemical elements that are used to treat fruit.

Bananas have a positive effect on men, especially due to their composition. They are able to improve the functioning of the organism and the personal life of strong sex. Athletes just have to add them to their diet to increase physical force. However, it is important to know what bananas to choose in the store or in the market. In addition, inappropriate consumption will only end with harmful consequences for the entire body.

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