What are the benefits of Brazil’s nut for men’s health?

The Brazilian nut has useful properties and contraindications for men and women, which will be described below. It contains many beneficial substances, whose effects will be discussed below.

This nut is useful for asthma, cardiovascular diseases, severe systemic diseases, hypertension, infertility, liver diseases, immunity improvement, ant i-aging, fatigue, skin diseases and even sepsis.

Chemical and vitamin composition of the Brazilian nut

In 100 g it contains 680 kcal.

Mass, g Proteins, g Fat, g Carbohydrates, G
100 17 65 14

It also contains water. These nuts are considered quite fatty. It is also observed that they can easily spoil, which harms their beneficial health properties.

Contains the following vitamins and minerals

  • Vitamins E and B
  • sodium, potassium (500 mg)
  • calcium (140 mg)
  • Magnesium (350 mg)
  • match;
  • iron (2. 5 mg)
  • copper; zinc (4) mg)
  • manganese
  • iodine (very low);
  • selenium.

The properties of Brazil nuts for the male organism

One of the most controversial and beneficial aspects is its surprising high content of unsaturated fats, known as “good” cholesterol forms.

It includes omega-3 fatty acids, as well as oleic acid and palmithic acid, which influence the process of equilibrium of cholesterol in the body and the general health of the heart, especially when eliminating dangerous amounts of saturated acids from the organism and the cardiovascular system.

However, nuts contain the largest number of dangerous saturated fats, so you have to be careful not to consume obsolete foods. They have many calories, so the daily dose is only 2 to 6 medium pieces.

What is it for

100 grams contain up to 1, 900 µg of selenium, and the recommended daily dose is 55 µg. In comparison, the other recommended source of selenium, the tuna, contains about 70 µg in 100 grams of product.

The selenium has the following effects on the body

  • activates antioxidants responsible for immunity and youth;
  • Protect damage cells caused by autoimmune diseases, among others;
  • favors the absorption and action of several vitamins (including vitamin E)
  • Improves the operation of the circulatory system
  • reduces the risk of many types of cancer;
  • It contributes to the elimination of heavy metals of the body;
  • suppresses the growth of viruses and bacteria;
  • It improves cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases and even depression;
  • Improve cognitive abilities.

It also contains vitamin E and zinc, reduces acne symptoms and psoriasis, facilitates hair growth and accelerates its growth.

For power

Brazil’s nut has many health benefits. The benefits for men are mainly that the quality of male sperm significantly improves, accelerates and improves the movement of sperm. This is because this exotic type of nut contains the largest amount of selenium of all available products. The average human body only needs 55 micrograms of this element.

It helps to increase testosterone levels, which also affects libido. With the same purpose, women can also consume this product daily. It should be noted that the fetus of a pregnant woman who eats this dry fruit develops fully, receiving useful microelements.

This useful dry fruit is also rich in L-Arginine, which has the property of increasing blood flow through the genitals, that is, it improves erection. In addition, the selenium and zinc containing improve the quality and amount of sperm produced.

It has been shown that diets rich in monounsaturated fats (for example, Mediterranean) prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of stroke, atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis.

For the thyroid gland

Brazil nuts for men are also essential due to the high concentration of selenium, which not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improves the immune system, male fertility (spermatogenesis), reduces the intensity of pain and the risk of certain certainTypes of cancer (antioxidant protection, protection against free radicals), but can also reduce the risk of thyroid disease. However, we must remember that an excess can increase the risk of insulin resistance.

The selenium, present in the nuts in Brazil, is used in the treatment of autoimmune thyroid diseases. Two or three nuts a day are the best solution to maintain a normal thyroid function. They are much healthier and more safe than the intake of supplements and medications. In addition, people who take iodine for thyroid function should consider adding selenium to their diet, since a side effect of iodine oxidation is the formation of free radicals (oxidants) and selenium is an antioxidant.

People with thyroid problems describe that after introducing large amounts of nuts in the daily diet, the symptoms are much less serious.

Use in Oncology

Selenium – inhibits the growth of cancer cells in different stages of carcinogenesis. It is a component of many enzymes with antioxidant activity, intervenes in the metabolism of thyroid hormones and testosterone. An association has been found between selenium intake and the incidence of lung cancer: a higher selenium intake reduces the risk of cancer.

For intestinal recovery

Their high fiber content makes them ideal for regulating the digestive system. Consuming fiber facilitates movement in the digestive system, helps digest food faster and extract as many nutrients as possible. It can also help prevent stomach ulcers, constipation, flatulence, cramps and more serious diseases such as colon cancer. The fiber also increases energy levels and improves weight loss by maintaining the digestive system clean and in good functioning.

The high levels of fiber, concentrated nutrients, proteins and complex carbohydrates containing each Brazilian nut provide a feeling of satiety. However, it should be remembered that 100 g contain almost 600 calories, so it is convenient to pay attention to consume them correctly. Actually, a moderate amount can increase the effectiveness of weight loss, but it is not convenient to exceed.

Foods so rich in the proper concentration of nutrients and minerals will always be good for the immune system. Antioxidants, vitamin C, adequate selenium and zinc levels help stimulate the production of white blood cells and antioxidant compounds in the body and neutralize free radicals. They help prevent many chronic diseases, such as cancer and coronary heart disease. Glutathione, activated in the presence of selenium, is an enzymatic antioxidant that eliminates the body with cancer free radicals.

High levels of magnesium present in Brazil’s nuts also help stimulate the effective absorption of nutrients in the digestive system, which means that people can obtain as much nutrients as possible. Zinc is one of the most digestible elements and Brazil nuts contain it in abundance. They facilitate the absorption of many nutrients and help compensate for deficiencies.

A remedy against depression

However, it is necessary to be careful when consumed selenium, since an excess can have toxic effects. Already a nut of Brazil contains a large dose that improves mood by producing serotonin. Two nuts a day, more whole wheat bread and poultry, will undoubtedly contribute the daily needs of the body in this element.

Damages and contraindications

The recommended daily dose of selenium is 45-55 µg. A Brazilian nut should completely replenish the daily dose of selenium. In addition, selenium is distributed unequally in nuts depending on the region in which they are grown.

Men should consume it as a selenium prophylactic supplement. Consuming large quantities (10-12) can cause unpleasant consequences of selenium overdose. An excess of this lon g-term element can cause the development of type II diabetes. Long-term selenium supplements (in dose of 100-200 µg) expose cardiovascular diseases.

Of course, not only an excess, but also a lack of selenium can cause serious diseases. The most important thing is to maintain moderation and contribute to the body a safe dose of selenium through an adequate diet.

Some experts warn against the consumption of nuts in Brazil because they have the ability to accumulate radioactive elements: barium and radio. However, amounts are so insignificant that they cannot harm health.

Selenium overdose can cause headache, nausea, vomiting, while regular overdose of this element causes insulin resistance, alopecia, anemia. Contraindications: nuts to nuts, its consumption can also cause symptoms of food allergy, so you should not eat them if you are allergic to them.

How to choose a Brazil nut when buying it

Being composed mainly of healthy proteins and fats, they are prone to roam, so any unpleasant smell makes it necessary to buy them. Many dietary and overseas stores have nuts in Brazil in their assortment, since there is demand for them. Make sure, however, they are hard and not “gums.”

The benefits and damages for the male organism described above must be preserved in a fresh and dry place and consumed within a relatively short period. Therefore, it is not advisable to buy them in open containers for collection.

Can you eat on an empty stomach and during the night?

Its fasting consumption is perfectly acceptable. In a mixture of nuts, they will be even healthier. To make it, you will need 100 grams of almonds, pinions, flax seeds and dry sunflower pipes.

Crush all the ingredients, mix them and take a tablespoon for 20 days on an empty stomach. This product eliminates harmful cholesterol and strengthens its body.

Its night consumption is not recommended, since it is caloric. The damage of consuming it before bedtime is to win kilos of more.

Characteristics and conservation period

Wife fruits must be stored in a dry place and not expose themselves to direct sunlight. They should not be stored for a long time since they spoil quickly. your fasting consumption is perfectly acceptable. In a mixture of nuts, they will be even healthier. To make it, you will need 100 grams of almonds, pinions, flax seeds and dry sunflower pipes.

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