What are the benefits of grenade for men’s health?

Granada is a popular fruit that surprises not only because of its appearance, but also for its health benefits. It is used in dishes, cosmetics, medical prepared and also in its pure form. It is useful for both children and men.

Granada’s chemical and vitamin composition

Granada is a fairly juicy fruit, since more than 70% of its composition is water. In 100 grams there are 18. 7 g of carbohydrates, 0. 7 g of protein, 0. 6 g of fats and 0. 5 g of ashes. The energy value of a grenade is 73 kcal per 100 grams. The average weight of a grenade is 120 grams, so its value is 90 kcal.

In addition, the product is rich in micronutrients and macronutrients, as well as vitamins. The greatest amount is vitamin B9 (folate), followed by phylloquinone (K), hill (B4), vitamin A (RE), ascorbic acid, vitamin B12 and others.

The macronutrients include potassium with sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, silicon, magnesium and sodium. Micronutrients include aluminum with copper, fluoride with boron and rubidium, zinc, as well as many other elements that do not exceed a few micrograms.

Granada properties for the male body

Granada has unique properties that are believed to have a positive effect on health. This is especially true for men. This berry contains all essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for daily consumption. Useful for the strongest half of humanity the juice of Granada and its mature grains.

The benefits of

The researchers showed that grenades are beneficial to male health:

  • Bayas consumption has a positive effect on power. This fruit helps to face even severe cases. Those who consume grenades regularly (at least 1-2 fruits a day) notice a positive change. Some even compare the effect with the wel l-known viagra;
  • Nitric oxide, whose level increases thanks to this berry, fills blood vessels. This also has a positive effect on male force, that is, power, and prevents the possibility of prostate and lung cancer;

In eastern countries, this berry is still considered a symbol of fertility and male health. Not in vain it is recommended to drink the juice of the Granada before the conception.

Apart from the above, the juice is also drinking those who suffer from baldness. Including it in the daily diet helps strengthen bulbs, restores the lost. The hair becomes strong and bright.

Damage and contraindications

But although Granada has many benefits for those who consume it, it can be contraindicated for some people. Granada and Granada juice are not recommended to those who

  • suffer gastric or duodenal ulcers;
  • that suffer hyperacidity. The consumption of grenade juice increases and causes burning;
  • suffer food allergies. Since grenade is considered an allergen, it is convenient to limit its consumption to allergic ones.

Granada juice and acidity are harmful to dental enamel, so it must drink with straw. The drink itself must be diluted with boiled and not pure water.

Granada effect on power

Vitamin B12, and B6 that are present in Granada. Positively influence the circulatory system. They favor hematopoiesis and improve blood circulation. And as they affect the power and male health, the consumption of Granada juice is not only recommended, but is mandatory in case of problems of this type or as a preventive measure.

How to choose the right one?

To choose the most juicy and mature pomegranate, you have to pay attention to the following details:

  • The fruit must have weight (the higher its weight, the more likely it will have to have more grains and less holes);
  • The upper part of the fruit, its crown, must be dry, without any greenery;
  • The skin of the fruit must be dry and smooth;
  • The skin must be intact.

Important: The natural maturation of Granada must occur between October and November. Therefore, it is not advisable to buy the fruit early in the store, since it might not be mature and juicy sufficiently.

How much and how to eat?

For Granada juice to fully manifest its healing properties, you have to drink at least 3 glasses of juice or eat a couple of grenades a day. To guarantee the health of men, grains of pomegranate should also be consumed. It is recommended to grind the grains of grenade with sugar.

What is the correct way to consume grenades and in what amounts?

If there are no contraindications or food allergies, Granada and its juice can be consumed both in a plate and in its purest form. Restrictions apply to those who suffer from stomach problems or hyperacidity.

If the fruit is consumed in its purest form, an adult should not eat more than two grenades per day. This dose can be lower. The same applies to Granada juice. It is more than normal to consume several glasses. This is enough to raise hemoglobin levels and improve male health.

Pure form

In its pure form, Granada can be consumed by those who do not have any contraindication in this regard. Allergies or hyperacidity limit the consumption of Granada.

Men are advised to eat newly squeezed or pure grenade. Even a handful of ingested grains can help prevent stagnation of blood circulation and improve power.

If the juice is very concentrated, it can be diluted with boiled water, since many people do not like their excessive acidity. They can help replace vitamins and feel better. Granada can also be eaten in Pepitas, but men should eat it with nuggets.

Dishes with Granada

Granada is used in many dishes as a component and as a decorative element. It is used in salads, salads and main plates. Even desserts are not saved. On the network you can find many recipes of first and second dishes and snacks containing Granada.

The most common variant is to use grenade as meat sauce. The acid and sour flavor of the berry confers the flesh a unique flavor and aroma. In addition to its usefulness, it has a pleasant sweet and acid taste with a touch of acidity that combines well with other foods of the plate.

Special uses in cosmetology

Granada is not only used in food, but also in cosmetic masks for skin and hair. Granada is used both in grain and juice. The former must be cool, and the squeezed juice must be added to the mixture mixture.

Despite the usefulness of this product, some nuances must take into account:

  • You can use grains and grenade juice for discoloration and problematic skin, with pigmentation or acne;
  • Keep the mask, which includes grenade, no more than 20 minutes (applied to problematic skin, fat) and 10 minutes for dry skin;
  • apply it only on clean skin;
  • Do not use it more than twice a week;
  • In fatty skin, Granada juice can be washed daily;
  • It is contraindicated to carry out cosmetic procedures with grenades in the presence of wounds or facial inflammations.

Mask against hair loss

The pomegranate is a versatile fruit that has positive effects on the health of men and women. Hair loss, which is faced by both men and women, can be eliminated with masks containing the juice of the berry.

The mixture nourishes, moisturizes dry hair and strengthens the roots. To prepare one of these masks, you have to mix 20 ml of burdock oil with three tablespoons of natural yogurt. Next, add 50 ml of aloe juice and three tablespoons of pomegranate seed pulp.

You can apply the mixture not only to the roots, but also to the entire length. Then cover it with a hat or bag to create extra warmth. Keep the mask on your head for at least an hour. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. Wash your head with shampoo.

Pomegranate juice mask for dry skin

To moisturize dry or flaky skin, a pomegranate juice mask with sour cream is recommended. Add a few tablespoons of juice to half a glass of sour cream. Mix and apply the mixture on the skin. Leave the mask to act for 10 minutes. After the time, wash the face with cold water. The procedure should be repeated at least once a week.

The second recipe consists of pomegranate juice, egg, milk and fat cream. To obtain the composition, mix a tablespoon of juice with milk, squeeze half a tablespoon of cream and beat an egg. Mix the composition well and apply for 10-15 minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water.

Pomegranate mask for oily skin

For oily skin and prone to the appearance of comedones suitable mask with pomegranate, lemon and honey. The composition is prepared immediately before use. The mixture consists of 2 tablespoons of pomegranate juice, a tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of liquid honey. Mix the ingredients well. Apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water.

The combination of ingredients helps to eliminate oily shine and dry skin. To maintain the effect, apply the mask twice a week.

Equally effective is a mask against acne, which includes pomegranate juice, low-fat sour cream and cinnamon. To prepare it, you need 15 ml of juice, 50 ml of sour cream and 10 g of cinnamon. This blend is suitable for oily, pimple-prone skin with blackheads.

Conservation and conditions

Store the grenade in a dry basement or bottom compartment of the fridge. These places have the optimal temperature to prolong the useful properties of the fruit.

They can be kept for up to 12 months in the refrigerator. To enjoy the pomegranate as long as possible, you must follow the recommendations:

  • Granada should not present skin defects or be too mature;
  • Do not wash the product, since this accelerates the rotting process;
  • If a grenade begins to rot in a compartment or box, it must be removed, since it will cause the process of rotting other grenades;
  • Peel the rotten fruit and freeze the grains.

The conservation time depends directly on the variety of Granada. The most acidic can be kept at the right temperature for 9 months. The sweeter the minor fruit is conservation time. Sweet grenades cannot be kept more than 5 months. If the conservation temperature rises to more or less 5, the storage is reduced to two months.

In addition to the refrigerator and the winery, grenades can also be stored in the lodge. It is best to place them in wooden boxes, on supports. To prevent the moisture from the fruit from escaping, it must be wrapped in paper. The optimal storage temperature is 1 degree Center.

Important: Storage at room temperature will make the product dry quickly and deteriorate. The berries are preserved a maximum of two weeks without cooling.

Granada can also freeze, but the inconvenience of this process is that it loses its useful properties. Therefore, the best option for these fruits is to save them in the refrigerator, on the lower shelf.

Granada is one of the most beneficial foods that must be included in the diet. It is worth paying special attention to her for strong sex.

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